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Surgery is scheduled tomorrow and I am starting to...

Surgery is scheduled tomorrow and I am starting to get nervous. I'm having 4 areas done, upper and lower abs, hips and my butt shelf :) This site has been so helpful in preparing me though! My arnica is on order so I won't have it until 2 days after surgery but I figure better late then never! I have puppy pads and a shower curtain to use on my couch and bed, perscriptions are all picked up. Surgery isn't until 2:00 tomorrow which means I get to be anxious about it all day. It seems like everyone's experience is a little different. Some much more difficult than others so hopefully my recovery is one of the easier ones :)

Little about me... I am 37, 5'3 and 208 pounds. I suffer from hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue so even eating a healthy 1200-1500 calorie diet and general exercise I cannot lost weight. Over the last year and a half I have steadily gained about 60 pounds overall. Pretty much averaging nearly a pound a week. I carry most of my extra weight in my spare tire so what I am really hoping for is just to get my shape back. Until we can get my thyroid and insomnia under control so that I can actually lose weight, I at least want to see my body shape. I think that alone will be a tremendous boost to my self esteem. Thankfully I found an all natural dietary supplement called ACE that gives me great energy and appetite control. Since starting to take ACE in February I actually stopped gaining weight and have actually lost a few pounds. Thank God because at the rate I was going I'd probably be 20 pounds heavier by now!

Excited to see my surgery results! I'm planning on wearing my compression garments longer then is necessary. Sounds like others have found that beneficial. I have to say I am least looking forward to the leaking : /

I'll get some pictures up after surgery for before and afters.Any other tips and tricks for a speedy recovery are welcome :) I know to eat low sodium and drink lots of water.

June 4, Well I am extremely disappointed to...

June 4,

Well I am extremely disappointed to say that my surgery did not happen. I have had high blood pressure for about a year now but only slightly elevated, nothing to be extrememly concerned over. Apparently the stress and anxiety of the procedure pushed me over the top. When I arrived by BP was 171/17!! After giving me all my medications, and waiting an hour it was down to 133/98. Much better but the bottom number was still too high. Since one of the ingredients in the tumescent solution raises your BP a bit, they couldnt take any chances. So after weeks of build up and mentally preparing myself, I was sent home. I'm unable to come back until I can get my BP down within normal range. What's most disheartening is that the BP medications my doctor prescribed me a few months ago, made me gain weight. So now I am at a cross roads. The doctor I was scheduled with is leaving mid June for an undetermined period of time and with my work schedule I can't do this until end of June so I can take advantage of the 4th of July holiday. I don't want to have to see another doctor and even if they could work me in with my regular doctor I'm not sure I can make it work with my work schedule. Either way, I have to start keeping a log of my BP and have my primary doctor sign a consent form before they will do the procedure. I did not expect any of this, it's all upsetting. Hopefully I can get my BP under control, if not, hopefully I get my money back.

Well surgery was rescheduled for June 13th....

Well surgery was rescheduled for June 13th. Thankfully my BP meds worked as it was fine when I went in. I had 4 areas done, upper and lower abs, flanks and butt shelf (aka lower back) :). The procedure itself wasnt too bed but recovery has been quite painful. The doctor removed 15 pounds of fat and they tried to give me an IV there for fluids but couldnt find a vein so we were under strict instruction to pick up gatorade on the way home and chug it :)

Even using arnica i have a ton of bruising and I very sore. I jave to either stand or lay down... Nowhere in between. I have so much pain I cant even reach to wipe myself : / my fiance says he thinks its going to look amazing when all the swelling is gone which is great because all I see is the swelling and bruises lol. Most all the leaking is done except from one hole, the others really itch which I assime is good, means healing right?

So anyhow I still on the fence about whether it was worth it. Probably take a month or 2 to really tell but I can say this... The staff at Sono Bello in Portland and Dr Sharma were all amazing!

Hoping to post some pictures soon!

After looking at some before and after pictures...

After looking at some before and after pictures and taking my measurements I am shocked! Posting a few pictures now but waiting to post other "after" photos until my crazy aunt flo leaves :)

June 30, 2012 OK, finally managed to get some...

June 30, 2012

OK, finally managed to get some photo's up! I have to say that I am loving my results so far but am a little suprised and disappointed in how the recovery pain and swelling is going. One day I feel great, no pain, it doesnt have that "brick belt" feeling... the next day everything is all painful and tight again. I stopped taking pain medication during the day last Tuesday so I wouldnt overdue it by having the pain masked. There have been a couple days where come evening time I would take one to help me relax and sleep good.

I have been wearing my original supersuit that was a 2xl to sleep in, and my 2nd stage garment which is an XL during the day. The original ones design is so much more comfortable, if it didnt have the zipper.. it irritates my stomach, but the SSG is one that is mid thigh and then comes up to your bust line. Where the straps are located makes it uncomfortable but if I dont wear the straps the thing rolls down when I sit and stand, like nylons do ( I HATE THOSE! lol). I think I am going to try a different design with the next garment I get. Still wearing the compression band on my waist at bedtime occassionally as well. I did discover however, that you should not wear panties under your supersuit! My original garment was not fully crotchless, you had to pull the fabric apart to expose that area. Trying to wear a liner with it was a joke! So I was just wearing panties underneath. One day when I was undressing to shower, I had really bad impression marks from where the elastic on the panties was.. needless to say, I suffered an akwardness there for a few days!

My post op was yesterday, I was thinking it would be with the doctor but it wasnt, it was with one of the nurses. But she said I am healing up nicely. Took some pics and then printed me out my before and afters along with a photo of all the canisters with all my fat in it. I still can't believe he took out 15 pounds! I was 210 going in, I was 202 when I weighed morning before last. But right after surgery I was 217! Apparently he took out the max he could and I am pretty sure ended up getting a little more then just the 4 areas. based on where my holes were I think he was able to get some of my mid back as well, not just the lower back (which they consider as from the top of your crack to your waistline.

I will say this, I definitely don't want to lose my curves but I am definitely noticing the saddle bags more now. I'm not opposed to having another procedure in the future for my inner/outter thighs and banana roll but won't do anything else until I lose more weight. I want to see how my body changes as I lose the weight along with the continued results... if all goes well, I won't need anything else done :) Because lets face it, I am definitely glad I did this, but not so sure about going through the recovery again. Maybe it's like having kids.. after long enough, you forget how bad the labor was...

Oh also wanted to share... I came across a product...

Oh also wanted to share... I came across a product a couple months back, it is amazing! For anyone who struggles with energy and appetite control it is amazing! I am hypothyroid so my body fights my ability to lose weight and causes extreme fatigue. It is all natural and called ACE. Before a friend of mine told me about it I had been steadily gaining weight to where I put on 60 pounds over the span of a year. My thyroid meds werent working and no matter how I ate, or what I did I could not lose weight, I would continue to gain. I was so tired all the time there were days when I would literally have to skip work because all I could do was sleep. So being the girl who has tried everything since having my kids (10 & 17) to lose weight figured what the hell, I'll buy a trial pack and give it a whirl. Loved that it was all natural! Well I haven't gone back, in fact I loved it so much I became a distributor. There is a huge customer group on facebook that was created by a couple distributors who wanted a support page for their customers to ask questions, share results, etc. There are now over 4000 people in the group who are on ACE journeys and it is so inspiring! Over a 2 month period I was able to lose 9 pounds, which was really not much compared to the results so many others in the group were having but I was ecstatic not to be GAINING anymore! But what I love the most was the energy. It gives me GREAT energy! No jitters, it makes me feel normal again! The appetite control is amazing. I have to remind myself to eat at times and I no longer crave sweets or fast food. It's really been a blessing for me. Lot's of people don't even take it for weightloss, they take it for the energy. Clark Bartram is the ACE spokesperson and he takes it for a pre-work out energy boost. I know there are a million things out there and they all have the same claims but what is different about this for me, I know a lot of the people in the facebook group personally, these are real people having real results. It's not a magazine ad or cheesy infomercial with actors.

Anyhow, ACE is really changing peoples lives so it's hard not to want to share when you find something you believe in. Sorry to anyone this may have offended as far as my "soliciting" on here but the majority of people in this forum are trying to improve their health, personal image and self esteem. So if this even touches one person, it is worth it! You can send me a message if you want more info on how to get trial packs or if you want to check out the group page on Facebook. You can also order online at www.ACE-StartLivingToday.com They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on bottles and it's really no hassle. The company is so great and easy to deal with. Your first order comes with 7 FREE trial packs too (a $14 value) and once you place an order online, you are able to purchase it at wholesale! Most people only take 1 sometimes 2 per day so at $1-$2 a day and a money back guarantee, it's worth the risk :)

Having to quit taking ACE for the week before surgery was rough, I was right back to the old tired me. Taking the 2 weeks off after the surgery wasnt so bad because I wanted to be able to rest but let me tell you, I am so happy to be able to start taking it again!!!

July 2 - I think I need to get me some more...

July 2 - I think I need to get me some more Arnica! I ran out and it really seems to help. Think I will keep taking it until I'm no longer having pain :) It will be 3 weeks wednesday.... Sure seems like longer though! Just ordered a couple additional garments in the next size down. One for day, and one to sleep in.. It's funny how one brand the measurements are an XL, in another they are L and in yet another they are a 2xl.. Just goes to show every designer is different....

July 4 - ONEderland!!! 199.7 today. I havent seen...

July 4 - ONEderland!!! 199.7 today. I havent seen that number in probably a year! Very excited!! When I went in for surgery I was 209, they said they took out 15 lbs so looks like I've almost lost all the retention :) considering I was 217 a couple days after surgery I am feeling great!

Still have soreness off and on and some hard areas but overall doing MUCH better than I was a week ago :)

July 12 - So I received my 2 new supersuits in...

July 12 - So I received my 2 new supersuits in size Large, which was based on the measurements listed on the site. One looked like it would fit a 6 year old, the other a 10 year old! The one that was larger looking I couldnt even get past my thighs!! The teeny one took me about 10 minutes to get into but I did it!! Think I probably burned some calories while I did :) It's relatively comfortable but I don't like the way it shapes me as much as the more expensive one does. Guess you get what you pay for... It was 4 weeks yesterday, a lot of the hardness is going away and just a little pain now and then but nothing terrible. I am definitely ready to start getting in some exercise. I believe they said nothing really strenuous until 6 weeks but I'm ready to get some wogging (walk/jog).
Dr Sharma

The staff was so great, everyone was so helpful and never once did I feel judged or out of place. Highly recommended!!

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