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Had laser assisted lipo yesterday. He removed 8...

Had laser assisted lipo yesterday. He removed 8 pounds of fat. I'm a fat woman, who carries most of it in the midsect so this is the area I targeted. I told him I want a waste. Always looked like a boy, even when lower in to have a figure would be a gift. I wanted to write this in order to provide answers I tried to find prior to the surgery. I intend to share how many inches I lost in each area, what size pants I went from and to, that type of thing. As I said, I'm a big girl. Alot bigger than most on here. I am hoping I can help others my size to make a decision of whether to do this or not. So, today I'm posting my Before pictures. As for healing, I wasn't put out. I talked with them throughout the procedure. The Xanax they gave me made that work out Today is day 1 healing and I got up this morning and did dishes and started laundry (the towels I had on the bed that were now wet). Getting up, sitting down, and bending down all hurt. Once I'm up or sitting still I feel fine. Tomorrow morning I take my first shower and see what I look like. Had to wait becuase I didn't have anyone to assist me (which is recommended), Procedure took 2. hours. Lastly, I am 46 and have 4 kids. 3 are grown and one is preteen.

Today is now day 3 post lipo. I'd have to say pain...

Today is now day 3 post lipo. I'd have to say pain was a bit worse on day 2 than day 1, but still nothing too difficult. Only a tiny amount of drainage now, not needing any pads anymore for it. Saw my body when I took my first shower and was shocked at how wonderful I look already. I have a figure! A middle! Can't wait to see the final result somewhere down the line., My waste is measuring 3 inches smaller already. no idea how much swelling I have.

Today is the 4th day post op. I am working, but...

Today is the 4th day post op. I am working, but from home. it's going ok. I have a desk job so I sit, talk and type. Tylenol is enough to allow me to do this. Tomorrow I'll be going into the office. I thinkit'll be a long day but I can do it. Yes, I hurt... but I'm dealing.
Trying to order my stage 2 garment and really having trouble determining size. If I buy the size I am right now, will it be too large in a couple weeks? Those are expensive garments so I just don't know what to do. I guess I'll wait a week and then order.

Well today is day 5 post procedure. I didn't make...

Well today is day 5 post procedure. I didn't make it to work today. Swelling increased and I"m now the size I was before Lipo. I know it's temporary, but it does hurt more now. What kept me home from work, however, is the lack of being able to have a bowel movement. Don't see alot of comments about that on these reviews but the doctor mentioned twice that it can be an issue. Well, apparently the painkillers do it. So, I've been eating dulcolax like it's candy for the last three days and this morning my gut was so distended that it actually increased the lipo pain. I promptly called into work. No WAY do I want to finally have that problem come to a head at WORK. So, lots of fruit, water, and stool softeners, and no pain killers. I really need to go in to the office tomorrow, so wish me luck. I'm running out of excuses. I told them I had a "woman type" procedure, and left it at that, but they are starting to be very curious. Ugh.

Well I've learned a valuable lesson. People differ...

Well I've learned a valuable lesson. People differ in terms of how long to wear the compression garment for 24/7. My Dr said after day 3 to wear it at least 12 hours a day. I'm back to 24/7. Most of my pain was because I stopped wearing the garment at night and really swelled up and hurt alot. With the garment on I'm hurting way less and swelling is going down. Made me a believer.

Day 9 post surgery- well, I have to say yesterday...

Day 9 post surgery- well, I have to say yesterday was the best day in terms of pain. There was an overnight improvement from day 7 and 8. Took my measurements. Waist is 3 inches down and the rest is same as prior. I know it'll change, I'm not worried that it won't. More worried about what the heck I'm going to wear to work since my jeans still don't fit again yet because they were too tight to begin with and my hips are still swollen. I may need to hit the goodwill this I am guessing I only need something for a few weeks. Anyway, my bra roll isn't as painful since I use fleece socks now between myself and the compression garment.
When I look in the mirror, my dimensions may be the same but my shape is WAY different. My sides go in instead of out or straight down. THAT is awesome. I'll take pics this weekend.

Posting 3 week pics. My hips are down 1.5 inches,...

Posting 3 week pics. My hips are down 1.5 inches, braroll is gone, waist is down a 4.5 inches, and belly is the same.
Sonobello, Dr Sharma

Sonobello is on the radio alot and they have a very good reputation and rating.

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