Mommy Makeover: Tall 155 Lbs, 3 Pregnancies Incld Full Term Twins

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I've known I've wanted a TT (& lipo on my love...

I've known I've wanted a TT (& lipo on my love handles) since the twins. And, of course, I've wished for fuller breasts ever since puberty (with the exception to my breastfeeding days). I am still a bit on the fence about the BA - not necessarily because I don't want it, but more because I have two daughters (both teens) and I am uncertain what the impact would be on them if I were to go through with it.

I wear either a 34 B 1/2 - 36 A 1/2 depending on the bra. I've definitely lost fullness with breastfeeding four, although it doesn't sound like I will need a lift. I had my first appointment with Dr. Aaron Gorin last Friday. I did not ask about my measurements, but we did discuss the low and moderate profiles and I tried two sizers on (<300~ cc). Both were Allergan impants and I am assuming that they were the 10 and 15 profiles. The doc steered me away from the teardrop shaped implants as he didn't think they would work for my body type. If I do go through with the BA, I would be looking for something on the conservative / natural side. I just don't know what conservative means with my height and build, and I am scared to bring my husband in to answering the sizing question. ;)

I wasn't as prepared for my first consultation as I would have liked to have been. The office had a cancellation so I snuck in early and didn't have a chance to research like I would have liked to prior. Dr Gorin was great and provided a lot of valuable information that I've been mulling over. I came into the appointment thinking I could just feel it out, but blanked out a bit with my questions. I am now compiling a list that cannot be answered by online searches. I'm excited to get through a couple more consultations and see what the other docs have to say (Portland OR - Burgess & Gabriel).

If any one has any tips for people just starting out, or any local doc suggestions, I am all ears! :-)

Wish Boobs 1

Boy...seeing my nude selfie and then flipping through others 'after' pictures definitely makes the heart want...

Posting my first round of wish boobs. Then, on to looking up belly buttons. ;)

2nd Consult - Different Implant Options

My 2nd Consult really impressed me - I mean the overall business process was super dialed in and professional. I am confused though now as this PS recommend the anatomical gummies to me when my previous PS consult steered me away from them due to my nipple placement.

The 2nd PS recommended either a 410 MF 310 cc or a 410 MM 360 cc. I wasn't really paying attention to all of my measurements so only overheard a 13.75 and 14 called out, missing the rib cage measurement. I'm super tall and have an athletic/lean build. I'm just worried that my nipple placement will be too high if I go for the tear drop implants. I do want a natural result that borders on the "are those real or possibly implants?" look. ;)

Attaching the Vectra images for the two implant options. I only wish I would have virtually tried on some round implants while I was there. Arrg. What do you think about the nipple placement on the side view - is it too high?

More BA wish pics

These are probably bordering on too big, but still nice shape and a good goal nevertheless. :)
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