38 Yrs Old, 1 Child, 270cc Natrelle Style 10 - Portland, Maine

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Hello, thought it was my turn to share my...

Hello, thought it was my turn to share my augmentation journey. My stats: 5'2", 118 lbs, BW 12.5 and 13. Pre augmentation size probably a very small deflated B, but I didn't fill up my bras so not sure. First I'll note that prior to pregnancy and nursing I was very happy with the size and shape of my breasts. However, after nursing for 14 months and the removal of a benign cyst from my left breast I started to feel very different about my appearance and decided to start researching augmentation. My desire was to regain fullness and also even out nipple height which became significantly different after nursing. I had no desire to go big as I am very active. I just wanted to throw away my padded bras. Surgery was yesterday and, although very sore, I'm feeling pretty well and already think I will love the size. I had a Benelli lift on the left to help correct nipple height and so far I'm very pleased with what seeing as well. I couldn't bring myself to post before pics, but will try to keep up with some after photos as I've noticed it's much harder to find posts about smaller implants and low profile. I apologize to the quality of day 1 photos, but the selfies are a little painful to try and take at present :-). I really like my plastic surgeon and have had nothing but positive experiences. I'd be happy to share that info via private message if anyone has questions

1 week post op

Well, a week has gone by since surgery and I'm feeling pretty good. I have good range of motion, but still a lot of soreness (worse at night) which I think is to be expected. So far I'm very happy with my results and glad about my size choice. The little bit of extra width that the lower profile offered was exactly what suited my wider ribcage and shoulders. I'm still quite swollen but look totally normal in clothes which is great. I'm finding that my clothes fit a bit better, but so far only a couple of my more fitted shirts are really too small. The difference without clothes, however, is amazing. Especially the side I had lifted. So far they look very even and I couldn't be happier. Sorry for the photo quality....I didn't realize how short my arms are! :-) Very happy I did this.
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