Incognito Braces for over Two Weeks

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I'm writing a review, because I found them so...

I'm writing a review, because I found them so helpful before I made my decision to go with lingual braces. I'm 34 and had traditional braces when I was younger. I was completely against regular braces right now, probably because of my age. (vanity maybe:) So I got Incognitos just on top, but I may have to get them on the bottom as well, we will see (my bottom teeth are still perfect from braces before) My experience has been very similar to others. Day 1: eating was very difficult, speaking was actually pretty good. Days 2-5: very bad headache, lots of pain, speaking horrible. Days 6-9: no pain, eating soft foods, speaking still really bad. (I admit lots of tears because I tried to practice the rainbow passage, singing, etc, but didn't do any good. I started regretting my decision, because how could I live without being able to talk!). Day 10: Amazingly my tongue has adjusted, and speaking has gotten better all of the sudden, eating is ok. Currently: no pain, just annoying to have in your mouth sometimes, speech is good. When I'm tired, speaking is definitely harder, but i'm mostly the one who notices. At this point, I'm happy with my decision to go with Incognito. For me it's worth putting up with some discomfort to be free of visible braces. I will say that I can't just eat anything I want anymore, but i'm willing to put up with that. If you just got Incognito, give it a good 2 weeks before you freak out, trust me! Hope this review helps someone:)

Almost 3 months

I still have just upper braces, still not sure if I will have to add the bottom eventually. I'm so glad I got this kind! No one knows I have them which is so great! Also, when I'm out and about with friends, I'm able to pick up a bite to eat with them whenever. Having to take out/clean a retainer would be so annoying. I had a tooth extraction a few weeks ago, and had a empty space for about a week. Then the ortho bonded a fake tooth on to kinda fill the space. They will shave it down as my teeth move. The fake tooth looks a little strange, but way better then nothing. I just had my first real wire change on Monday, and it was pretty easy. The put a little thicker chain wire on to help pull my teeth over, so it's a little thicker feeling behind some of my teeth. But still, you can't see anything from the front. I trust my ortho, and am definitely spending a lot for this, but happy so far! My teeth are kinda hurting lately, but no pain no gain! Just means they are moving.
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