Lip and Cheek Enhancement - Portland, OR

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I've always felt my lips needed help and after...

I've always felt my lips needed help and after years of wasting money on every plumper on the market, i finally decided to do the real thing. I also wanted to improve the appearance of my undereyes. It was suggested that enhancing the area in the apples of my cheeks would improve the contour around my eyes so we are going to do that first with the option of adding more filler either in the cheeks or in the tear troughs later.

Day 3

The swelling is starting to go down but I still feel (and look) like I got punched in the face. I can feel the extra fluid in my lips and cheeks but again it's not as tight and swollen as yesterday.

Swelling almost gone

Still a bit of bruising on the left side of my lips and a bit of swelling on the left bottom side but I can talk normally again, yay! Haha. I feel like I'm very close to my final result as the tenderness and stiff "injected " feelings are almost gone. I did develop some small bumps on the underside of my top lip which from what I've read are not uncommon and should also go away within a few days so I'll be keeping an eye on that. Meanwhile they really don't show at all especially if I am wearing any kind of lip tint; which I am anyways due to the bruising.

Side by side photo

I put my earliest an last photos next to each other so that the difference is easier to see. I'm pretty happy with how conservative Amber agreed to be. We talked beforehand and agreed that the goal was to just look really refreshed. I may gradually increase my fillers but I didn't want to walk in a room and have people immediately notice that I have had something done, ya know? I am currently so happy with my results. Even looking at myself in the mirror I almost don't notice unless I specifically compare it to a befor picture. I look like myself, just better!

Update 2 days post additional

I've answered this in the comments but peeps are still asking: I have two different fillers. Restylane in the lips and Voluma(a type of juvederm) in the cheekbones. I've been feeling a bit sick the past few days but here are some update pics for ya :) I did decide to go with the recommendation to get another syringe in my cheekbones, this time a little higher up, like the area you'd use a highlighter on. I also wanted a smidge more on my lips. I liked the way they looked about a week after but apparently there was still a little swelling at that point. This time was a lot more painful both for the cheek and lip areas. For the cheekbone, it was closer to my eye and temples so the sound of the filler going in was super weird, and I'm still sore. No bruising there though. On the lips she went more around the border this time, instead of just in the center. This will hopefully give a more defined look. Im also attempting to get a bit of that "dent" in the bottom lip. I think I see a shadow of it but I'm still not totally sure that it was communicated accurately since I tried to ask for that last time and didn't get it at all. She was hesitant to look at pictures but I wasn't sure how else to communicate since I wasn't seeming to be able to put it into words. I probably will eventually get surgery anyways, but this makes me feel extra cautious about making sure we have the same vision. I definitely look more duck-lipped this time around since there is filler all the way around my lips so I'm feeling really nervous. Last time i did have more outrageous swelling that this time, but it didn't look bad. This time... I'm just sitting at home hoping the swelling is the reason it looks so bad. Also have more bruising.

Not happy this time with lips.

After the swelling went all the way down I just wanted a touchup. I feel like my lips are back to the shape they used to be, they are just bigger now!!! I don't want a big mouth, just FULLNESS. My upper lip is still hollow with an inward curve, it's just all over bigger. Crossing my fingers that it will look better post swelling.
Amber Lewis

Dr Bensimon Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Bensimon himself seems very kind, however, Amber... While I am totally an injections convert, I will not go back to Amber for my lips. She is very strong willed and borderline rude when the other doctors are out of sight. She seemed to take it as a personal affront when I asked questions about the procedure ("Dont worry about it, you're in good hands") or when I was specific with my requests; she wanted me to just let her do whatever she wanted. She had the same attitude when I was unhappy with my second round of results, and even though we specifically agreed on the smallest amount of dissolver possible, she injected it twice on each side and then massaged it into my entire lip. I felt like she was taking her frustration out on my face and wanted to teach me a lesson. Repeatedly said "Well you asked for more volume and you got more volume..." Altering someones face is an art. You can't just shove a needle anywhere and call it good. And the clients own personal asthetic should be the most important- I'm the one that has to live with this face!! Also... she also has dildos in her office??? Just sitting on the desk??? Twice I've noticed this. Maybe she uses the vibrating feature for some medical application (I'm trying to find a possible non-creepy explanation here) but surely there is another option besides bright pink rubber dildos. Very unprofessional.

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