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After reading all the negative reviews (and some...

After reading all the negative reviews (and some horror stories) on here, I was VERY reluctant to get Coolsclupting. I am pretty close to my weight but I have battled a belly bulge since my late 20's. Only one time was it ever flat and that was when I lost a DRAMATIC amount of weight after my divorce 10 years ago. Even then, I was too skinny and looked gross. I pretty much gain evenly but my belly has always been a trouble spot.

I had traditional lipo of my inner, outer thighs, whole abdomen, love handles, back of thighs and knees back in 2009. Let me tell you about pain!!! I was walking like a grandma for 2 weeks and ate Vicoden like candy. UGH! I had that done in La Jolla, California and while the doctor had a good reputation, I felt he was fairly conservative. So much so, I had to go back and redo my belly area because even he agreed he didn't get enough the first time. I look back now and wonder what the hell was I thinking. I still have small scars from the procedure which aren't that bad but I would never do anything like that again.

Now I live in the Portland, Oregon area so good plastic surgery is not as abundant as it is in Southern California. However, the place I go to is the same place where I get botox and some fillers on occasion.

They were having a "banish the belly" special plus 20 percent off for the month of April so I decided to take the plunge. Four areas for 2400. Seems like a lot to me but keep in mind, I live in a place that doesn't have that much competition.

My first day I was scheduled to have my love handles done but when I got there, they only had me down for an hour which left me picking which place on my abdomen I wanted to do first. I was a bit annoyed by this because I wanted to start easy with the less sensitive place.

In the end, I did my upper abdomen. The machine and attachment were a bit intimidating and when I climbed on the table, I was pretty damn nervous. First she was looking at which attachment to use. She ended up going with the straight shaped one. She drew a marker on my belly and mind you, I am so self conscious of this area that having anyone focus on it makes me uncomfortable One on the table, she draped this wet, jelly like cloth (which was COLD!) on my upper abdomen. The next thing I knew, my belly was being pinched HARD. If any of you ladies have had a mammogram, it's sort of like that feeling only harder and not on your breast. I had to breathe a bit and she assured me that after the first few minutes, I wouldn't feel anything. She was right, I would say after the first 7 minutes, I was texting and checking out my FB on my phone. It just felt weird and a bit cold but not painful. The hour flew by and when she pulled it off, there was the famous blue bulge that everyone talks about. It was kind of gross. But when she had to massage that.. WHOOOO HAAAAAA! She gave me a timer and told me to hit the button. Two LONG minutes. That was not comfortable for sure but I must say, the most painful part is after the massage. It's like your skin is thawing out. That for me is the worst part but again, this lasts at the most for about 5 to 8 minutes and then it's almost as if you had nothing done.

If I can make a recommendation, I would say to bring a larger size than one would normally wear Spanx with you so you can put it on just after the procedure. I wore mine the entire night and I think it helped with any discomfort during the night. I had some issue sleeping mainly because of the spanx but it's because I am used to sleeping in something loose.

The next morning it just felt like I did a massive work out. Not so uncomfortable that I couldn't work but enough to remind me all day that I "did" something. It's now the 6th day since I did it and I still don't have any excruciating pain that some experience a week later. Maybe it's still coming or maybe I am one of the lucky ones... I did my lower belly Tues and it is now Friday. I do have some mild jabbing pains (only noticeable when I am sitting and working at my desk) and some itchiness. The skin is very sensitive, in a sunburn type of feeling.

I will be doing my love handles on May 10th. I have heard those are not as painful as the belly area. All and all, I am doing ok. I think I might be a bit bloated in the belly area as my tummy is sticking out more than usual. No bruising.

I will post some before pics this weekend since I think the swelling will be less so that it's a more accurate before shot. I should have taken pics just before of myself but totally forgot. The doctor did take before pics.

If you have areas that are bothering you that just won't budge, I say go for it but keep in mind, everyone has a different pain tolerance. Mine happens to be high. However, this is coming from someone who had lipo and this is a walk in the park!

One week out from lower belly and 10 days out from upper belly

Upper belly still has some itching but lower belly jabbing pains just below my belly button. Kept me up a bit last night. Mostly makes me feel a bit nauseous. I figured the lower belly would be a bit more painful so not surprised. If I had some nerve blocker, I would take it. Advil does nothing! I know this is the worst part. Ugh.
Vandaveer Center

Never saw the doctor that owns the clinic. In fact, she is noticeably absent now. It's run by other doctors and assistants. Had two different assistants and both were very sweet and made me feel as comfortable as possible. Also, both had it done themselves and liked the results.

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