41 Year Old with Thick Thighs - Portland, OR

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Hi! I feel obligated to write a review about my...

Hi! I feel obligated to write a review about my experience because reading all the reviews on here were definitely helpful to me. Let me begin by saying I'm not a thin girl, never have been, my lowest weight has been around 150-160 and that was in my 20's and I'm fine with that. However, since I was young my thighs have always been large. They rub together at the top and I have always wanted the thigh gap and it doesn’t come from insecurity but more from not having my pants make a sound when I walk or sweating down there when it hits the 90’s (Sorry, chub rub isn’t comfortable and hurts). Regardless of how much I play tennis, work out or run. The fat I have will turn into muscle first and the scale goes up, so I have to try not to have a panic attack about it, and then I’ll slowly see actual weight loss where the number on that scale finally goes down. However, on my thighs I've always carried the fat with some cellulite for bonus measure.
With my meal planning and work outs I do, I know it’s working but those stubborn areas aren't moving which is why I started looking at alternatives. After researching different offices in the Portland, Oregon area I decided to go with Key Laser Center for Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine. I was interested in Cellfina, Coolsculpting, and Vanquish Flex procedures to address my thighs. I just wasn't sure which one was right for me so I scheduled a consultation.
Their office is quite nice and swanky and my patient consult, Joey, was so friendly and answered the numerous questions that I had. After looking at my thighs they steered me towards Coolsculpting because in their words I had “Perfect Fat” LOL. Never in my life have I been told that and I found it hilarious but once they showed me how the machine needed to be able to suck the fat up in it the statement made perfect sense. I was then told I could follow up with Vanquish Flex after 6 months if I felt that it was necessary. I could start with two areas, one on each inner thigh or do four areas, one on each inner thigh and one on each back area of the inner thigh. I decided to go for the gusto and do the four areas and each area is an hour so I was going to get to know the team very well LOL.
Which brings me today after checking in I was introduced to my tech Holly who has been very pleasant and went over all details of my procedure today. They weighed me and did a 3D body scan which was the coolest thing ever! Trust me it shows every curve and bump on a wax looking figure that appears on the computer screen. Next starts the application process, first you’re marked for the areas they plan on treating then they place this cold gel sheet on you and then the Coolsculpting applicator is attached. When I tell you that thing sucks the fat up, it sucks it in there! It’s like a vacuum cleaner that’s lost its damn mind!!! The first section of the inner thigh wasn’t too bad but when they sucked the back area of the inner thigh, GOOD LAWD!!! For me, the sucking up of the fat was worse than the cold and even that was a tolerable pain (after having a fibroid removed and twisted out with no meds because it was just hanging out I have a pretty high pain tolerance). My “stick of butter” looked more like 1 ½ sticks in my opinion and it didn’t hurt when they started massaging it just felt really weird! I’m already sore on my left side which they did first and right now I know the right side will be sore and I’m only halfway through the last treatment. Although not required it was suggested that I may want to wear some spanx in the beginning which I fortunately brought with me.
I added the pics of how the frozen fat looks and I’m excited to see the results down the line. As I continue this journey I’ll post updates/pics on how things are looking and how I’m feeling and please feel free to ask me any questions about the procedure.

Two Days Later!

It's now been 2 days since my procedure and Spanx plus compressions shorts have been my best friend. If I don't have them on it feels like my thigh is jiggling and just an overall weird sensation. The doctors office called me to see how I was doing which I appreciated.
In terms of how I feel, the area is sore and still feels numb when I touch it. And I hope to finally go work out tomorrow morning but a compression garment will have to be worn. The area is still swollen but I haven't felt any of the itching or other things but they say that's in week two. Also I was told NOT to take ibuprofen because it works against what the body needs to do for the procedure to work but I can take asprin. I am really anxious to see what happens these next couple of days!


So today was my first time walking around without a compression garment on since I knew it was going to be an easy going day. First, they aren't kidding about feeling the nerves. It's like you get these little jolts here and there. Secondly, the area is still numb which is still so weird to me. Since I consistently walk at my job I'll still wear the compression shorts because the feeling of numb thighs touching just weirds me out and is uncomfortable. I really want to give it at least a full month before I start to think if my thighs look slimmer or not because right now I still feel like they're still swollen. Here's hoping and I'll keep updating!
Holly and Lisa

Everyone that I interacted with at Key Laser Center for Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine were nice and professional. I will definitely come back here if I decide to get other procedures done.

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