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I'm 4 days post-op and unwrapped the new girls for...

I'm 4 days post-op and unwrapped the new girls for the first time yesterday. Well, I nearly passed out from the sight. They are very bruised. But the thing that freaks me out the most is that I know that they are still very swollen (I didn't have drain tubes). I'm afraid once the swelling is gone I will end up flat chested!! I also haven't had a bowel movement since two days before my surgery so my stomach is sticking out past my new boobies. I'm really trying not to freak out.

At 5 day post-op, my PS told me that she thought...

At 5 day post-op, my PS told me that she thought I'd end up at a C cup. I am more swollen today, so that may have influenced her judgement, but I am relieved to know that I will not be flat-chested! The bruising is improving a bit, and I am not as shocked by the sight of my Frankenboobies each time I look in the mirror now. I am definitely feeling much more committed to losing weight and toning up since my surgery because the absence of big boobies now puts my belly rolls in a much more prominent role! As soon as I can get back to the gym, the better!

Ok, now that over a week has gone by after...

Ok, now that over a week has gone by after surgery, I must say I am taking a liking to my new breasts. I changed my review from "not sure" to "yes" it is worth it! It is so refreshing not to have droopage over my belly (yes, I still hate my belly...but hey, that was there before the surgery, I just wasn't as aware of it then because my boobs draped over!). The shape of my new boobies is softening and, although I'm sure I'm still a bit swollen, it is so nice to have them looking the way they are now. I will have to take some more pics.

The bruising is almost gone. My steristrips are still partially on. My PS told me to trim them as they start to peel off, but I can't bring myself to get scissors that close to my nipples! The dark blue sutures are still a little freaky looking. I'm having a difficult time imagining that they will just dissolve away, but apparently that is what they are supposed to do.

My pain is still a bit obnoxious. This seems to be unusual from what I am reading. It is fine as long as I don't move at all, but the moment I even flinch I feel mostly a burning sensation all over my chest around the incisions. I am just taking ibuprofen, but even this I don't find particularly helpful. I don't think that the pain has either gotten better or worsened since my surgery day on the 16th. I'm a bit frustrated by this, but I'm hoping it begins to resolve soon. I go back to work in a week and a half. Hopefully the pain will improve by then.

I can't wait to be ok to exercise. Perhaps it is because I am stir crazy from laying around healing. I know it is also because I'm realizing just how much my belly protrudes...and looking at my before and after pics I realize just how big I have become all over including my arms. I have gained a substantial amount of weight in the past year. It's time to do something to take it all off again!

Well, it's been almost four weeks and I'm having...

Well, it's been almost four weeks and I'm having excessive pain in both breasts. There's aching in every area of both breasts, my nipples (especially my right one) are super sensitive and feel like someone's biting on them or playing tug o war with them. My incisions under my breasts feel like they're burning. And my PS seems to think it's all in my head and won't refill my pain meds even though I was only taking two doses of Percocet per day in addition to ibuprofen three times per day as well. She prescribed a lidocaine 5% ointment which only made my breasts sticky but didn't ease the pain. I feel like a freak, and the PS made me feel like a drug seeker. I'm extremely discouraged.

I have taken an extra week off of work... all unpaid. I must return now and so tomorrow I will go back and do my regular 10 hour shift. I'm really worried. I have to wear two compression bras just to tolerate the pain of driving over any little bump in the road, and it hurts to walk even. As far as that goes, it hurts to turn in bed, to reach for anything, it even hurts lasting still and typing this on my phone!!

I changed my review to undecided about whether it was worth it or not. I wish my PS didn't treat me like a freak. I feel like a freak. Every one else in the forum is already exercising and I'm here feeling like I've been doing jumping jacks when all I'm doing is laying around in pain. I'm just so incredibly discouraged and really upset with my PS for the way they're treating me. Now I'm out of pain meds and basically have to suffer now... more so than I was before. The PS said I should have been able to do without pain meds after week one. What a load of crap!! People do heal at different rates, and breast reduction is not exactly non-traumatic. I'm discouraged and frustrated, and I do feel like a freak.
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