41 Year Old Mom of 2, Currently 38DDD - Portland, OR

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Tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a...

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment for a consult for a breast reduction. I really hope my insurance will cover it without problems. This is my third time trying to get a reduction. The first time was 21 years ago (military deployment interfered), and the second was 6 years ago (got divorced, lost insurance). I am so ready to do it NOW. I have learned to live with the shoulder, back and neck pain and the headaches, but I am tired of just living with it. In the past 6 months I lost 25 lbs hoping it would help, but I didn't lose ANYTHING in my breasts. And it stillstill takes emotional toll. Just today I stood crying in the middle of Macy's trying to find something "sexy" to wear to bed, but nothing looks sexy when your breasts hang down to your stomach and anything big enough for your breasts hangs off the rest of your body like a tent.

So yes, I am so excited for my appointment tomorrow morning. I hope things can move quickly. I've been ready for this for 21 years.

Appointment this morning.

Looking forward to this appointment. I added a couple photos. I'll update what the doc says.

Seriously? Trolls?

Day two of posting on this site and I've come to realize there are trolls who come here just to check out girl's breasts. Go away trolls! Nobody wants you.

Still waiting to hear from my insurance though! ????

Finally approved!

Haven't updated in a while so here goes. My pre-authorization was relieved by my insurance April 13th but was forwarded for review May 4th. It was a "courtesy review" since technically I didn't need pre-authorization. My plastic surgeons office didn't want to do the surgery without approval in case they came back and denied it. So I waited. May 11th insurance sent a letter back asking for "for information". Specifically, they wanted 6 weeks documentation of ongoing pain and that "conservative therapy" didn't help. Meaning heat/cold therapy, pain meds, supportive bra, weight loss, etc. I wrote a long letter to the insurance outlining my 21 year history including two prior authorizations through the military and described all my symptoms and how I've dealthough with them over the years. The plastic surgery office authorizations lady didn't think I would be successful with my letter. She said I needed to do physical therapy or massage and document it. I told her to send the letter and let's see what happens. Insurance received the letter on May 24th. On July 1st I called insurance and they told me I had been approved as of June 29th! Yay!

Unfortunately I still have to wait. Surgery is scheduled for September 6th. At least I can enjoy my summer plans. Counting down the weeks until the surgery!
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