Breast Reduction 36H (UK), 36J (US) - Hoping for 36C

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I typed my “story” and then decided who wants...

I typed my “story” and then decided who wants to read a novel... you want a snapshot, so here it is...

Age 13 – Size 34DD, 6 Jeans; started getting headaches, hated running, embarrassed to wear swim suits, nicknames like double bubble… ugh!
Age 19 – Size 34F/G, 6 Jeans; migraines, neck/back/shoulder pain (tried yoga, personal trainer, supportive ugly bras, eye doctor for headaches, NSAIDS)
Age 31 – Size 36H, 10/12 Jeans; migraines (on 2 preventatives, pain relievers, treated for 2+ yrs), neck/back/shoulder pain, MRI, neck xray, physical therapy (3 months), buying $100+ bras from Nordstrom.

Large breasts run in my family. My sister had a reduction a couple years ago and it was the best thing she ever did. Between her and my husband I worked up the strength to go for a consultation, enough is enough… here is my timeline so far:

1/31 – Consultation (measurements, pictures, medical records)
3/2 – Insurance Approval (Aetna)
3/12 – Appointments Scheduled
4/1 – Pre-op
4/28 – SURGERY DAY (Outpatient)
5/6 – Post-op
5/27 - Tentative back to work day

I am SO EXCITED, I cannot wait. I have been approved by my immediate supervisor to take the month of May off and am waiting for FMLA and STD to confirm approval and I will be all set (I should mention I have already met my deductible, so there should be $0 out of pocket for my BR). I am sure my excitement will switch to nerves as I get closer to the big day and think about my hubby and two children, but I fully trust my surgeon. I dream of tiny B or C cups, but I know a D is more realistic. My surgeon knows I want him to make me as small as he can safely do and maintain my health and wellness. Can’t wait! Cheers to smaller boobs!

Before Photos

I struggle with posting photos here, but I know they helped me a lot in my decision. So... here it goes.

Anxiety, Likes, Dislikes, Questions…

My pre-op is still almost two weeks away, but I am starting to have increasing anxiety and after tabbing through pages upon pages of before and after photos I have a long list of likes, dislikes, wants and “OMG I hope that doesn’t happen to me” lists and many questions for my doctor… here is what I have:
I do NOT want boxy or football shaped breasts.
I really want to wake up with less fullness on the outside of my breast, near my armpit, my breasts are so wide and I hate it.
I do NOT want dog ears or pursed scars; why does that happen?
Why do some women get holes, blackened areolas or skin the separates from their scars? Is this the surgeon, the patient or just random… how can this be prevented?
I do not want my nipples to be uneven or point down or to the side. Slightly up would be okay, makes them look perkier.
If I wake up and still have huge breasts, anything larger than a small D I might cry.

What types of questions did you ask your surgeon or directions and preferences did you share with him/her?

Pre-op TODAY! Countdown begins, so exciting... 28 DAYS!!!!

Had my pre-op today and I am feeling really good about things. My surgeon and his team are all super nice, helpful and very patient with my laundry list of questions, photos, expectations, etc. The hospital/clinic I am having my procedure done at is part of a teaching hospital, and I know for some people that would make you nervous, but for me, having also been born at this amazing teaching hospital in a high risk birth, makes me feel more taken care of knowing I have the best of the best on staff, practicing and up and coming physicians and surgeons on site looking over my care.

My surgeon has a clear understanding that I want to be as small as he can safely make me and told me to think "C" I know that he can't promise me anything and I won't know my size until months after surgery, but it is assuring to hear him say "C" I at least know that his mind and mine are on the same page. After meeting some of the other folks who will be in the operating room with me I feel relaxed and confident about my upcoming surgery and can't wait for the day to get here! I have completed my physical, have my antibiotic and pain pill prescriptions filled and will not be purchasing any post op bras or sports bras as the clinic staff has recommended waiting as they will provide me with post op bras and support and not to waste my money. I hope these next 28 days go by quickly!!!

Last Before Photos

Surgery Day Update

Showered and washed hair with regular shampoo night before and cleaned with Hibaclenz, repeat Hiba morning of. Check in at 9am with surgery scheduled at 11, but went back about 40 minutes early.

Having the surgery in an outpatient center was a concern for me until I arrived. The facility and team was amazing. I got toasty warm with a heat tube that hooked into my dressing gown after I scrubbed down with some aneseptic towlettes. Didn't feel the IV because they injected a numbing medicine first. Chatted and laughted with the nurses and anesthesiolgist and then got marked up by the doc who reviewed he couldn't promis size ir shape, but per my request would make me as small as was safe :)

Rolled to surgery 10:20, in recovery around 3. They gave me nausea medicine as standard procedure. I ate crackers and juice with a couple pain pills at 4. Back in my own room by 5 and the hubs and I were home for dinner.

Doc provided me a pretty simple bra and said I can be braless or sports bra and can shower today (day after). No drains. I have internal stitches and the incisions are covered by surgical glue.

I laid a size C bra over my surgical bra and OMG I think I am going to be a C.

Pain is mostly on sides where I think I had lipo and some burning beneath the breast. I have a high pain tolerance and do not do well with narcotics, so just on Vicodin. Been taking 2 pills every 4 hours, but going to go down to 1. Nurse said they took about 1100g from each side, so close to 5lbs all together. I am excited and nervous for my first look today, but mostly excited.

I am so happy I got to do this outpatient... praying to continue an easy recovery. Thank you to all of you who walked this journey with me and have shared your stories, keep sharing and I will post pics son :)

Surgery Bra

First Look

I am a little in shock... they are so small. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but with the swollen tummy, swollen lipo sides and frankenboobs it is a little overwhelming. Best decision ever and look forward to the progression of healing!

1 Week Post Op

Sorry for the bad photo. My right breast is much higher and larger due to a lot more swelling than the left. However, PS assured me that the swelling will decrease and they will be much closer in size. Currently measuring D (left) DD (right)... likely to end up a full C.

1 week post - Size XL Genie Bra

Before & After Shirt Photos


My cost for my procedure was $0 because I had already met my deductible for the year. However, the bill to my insurance was $26,000. I know that without insurance the procedure is closer to 10k, but I guess with insurance they jack up the price? Oh well, insurance covered all of it, so my additional cost was NOTHING!!!

2 1/2 Wk Post Op Photo Update

Right is still more swollen and has some ripppling at cleavage, Left has started to soften and drop and I am pleased with how it is healing and looking. Left can fit 36 C and Right is D to DD depending on how swollen.
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