32 Years Old, 3 Kids, 34G, Cant Wait to Exercise Again

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I have always wanted a reduction once I had my...

I have always wanted a reduction once I had my first baby. Now at 32 years old, going thru divorce, 3 kids, and the amazing realization that my insurance will cover this procedure (previous insurance would not) I am very excited to get it done, heal, and move on with life. I hate being so inactive and having to wear 2 sports bras to do anything and always have neck and back pain. I need to get back to work asap (desk job) so I am really hoping healing is easy for me. I am concerned about my youngest, who just turned 2. He is a mama boy and not being able to pick him up or carry him is my biggest concern. I will be having an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time. I have no idea how much this will affect my recovery. I have not had the consult yet. But I may opt out of it.


I am going Thursday for my consult on the umbilical hernia. I have no idea how intense this is or recovery time. I would assume its easy and very small incision...I just want this and my reduction done like yesterday. Its hard to be patient but I have a lot of other stress factors in life that I am afraid will get in the way of healing time.

Counting Down

I had my consult for the umbilical hernia. That surgeon basically said easy, nothing compared to the BR. They have coordinated their schedules to have me be last surgery of the day and I will stay overnight at the hospital. He said I probably wont notice recovery or healing issues so thats good. My belly button will finally just look normal again. And hopefully it will be easier to get my stomach back into decent shape once all healed. I called my insurance company and thankfully I have amazing insurance from my employer. I have a $5 co pay for the entire surgery and a $50 co pay for the one night hospital stay. THATS IT! Amazing. I know 100% I want to do this but April 10th is coming fast and I am really worried about how long recovery will really take. My soon to be ex-husband is supposed to be leaving the house any day but he's an alcoholic and is just causing so much stress I am afraid something will come crashing down where I can't deal with it. I keep thinking of putting back the surgery but the time frame of early April is really the best time for me. May and June are out and I just want this done.
As I was taking off my bra the other night and rubbing the red welts and wincing in pain (probably because I wear the wrong bra size too) I just knew that I want to get this done!

Pre-Op Appointment Done

I had my pre-op appt on 3/25/14 with a PA for my surgeon. She gave me the pre-surgery cleaning wipes I am supposed to use and took "before" pictures. they will do more at 4 months post op to compare. She really eased my mind about recovery time and my concerns on having the kids and being able to go back to work. she seems to think that I am young, healthy, and in better shape than average so recovery should be fast.
she gave me the Rx to fill for pain killers and now I just wait for the call to confirmed my arrival time the day before the surgery. I am still concerned about my personal life this being a bad time for surgery but with my work schedule and summer coming up its the best time to get it over with. Plus my personal life involving soon to be ex-husband makes me want it more because I don't want to not so something for ME because of him yet again.
I will try to post pics with my profile soon.

Photo pre op

Finally uploaded a photo. Hard to do this knowing it's online! My date is next Thursday and I'm still so nervous.


My PS will only send me home in ace bandage, not a post op bra. I am supposed to buy my own. I had 3 delivered from walmart.com but they barely fit and are weak support. Assuming they will fit once I am smaller, I am spilling out of them. And I know the band is not the right type for post opp with my incisions I will have. I am trying to get out of dropping $$$ on bras but I may need to.

Ordered Bra

I did order a bra that I hope fits. It will come today from Amazon and my surgery is in 2 days! Can't believe this is really happening. I need to still stock up on easy snacks for the kids.

Day Before

Got my call from the scheduler. Report at 11:30am at the hospital! Surgery scheduled for 1:25 or earlier if PS is done with the first one of the day early. I also bought bromelain today based on several reviews but wont take it until after the procedure. I am supposed to wash my sheets and sleep on clean ones tonight, use these antimicrobal wipes tonight after a shower and again in the morning. No food after midnight. The computer with the hospital estimates 5 hours for the time of the BR and the umbilical repair! That's a long time! I am a little scared. So excited for little boobs but never been in surgery before. My now ex-husband had about 4 surgeries so I am familiar with being on the waiting side not the patient side! I know its routine and I should not be afraid. Very concerned about recovery. Guess I will just "get r done" and see what happens!

Marked up before surgery

Marked up
Before surgery. You can see my belly button hernia also that was fixed.


I am home from my one night stay at the hospital after my breast reduction. Here is my timeline of events:
10:30am hospital check in
11:30am get dressed in gown and started Iv
Between this time and 1:30 I got marked up by my plastic surgeon was visited by the general surgeon for my bellybutton hernia and met with anesthesia. Everyone was very nice great bedside manner the nurse herself had a breast reduction 10 years ago so I was not nervous at all.
I was given relaxation medicine to the IV and wheeled into the operating room around 2 PM I think. The next thing I knew I was in recovery trying to wake up and I was very nauseous and I have been having a nightmare regarding things at my work. I kept having to be reminded to breathe and it took a long time for me to fully wake up. They did not have a room ready for me yet so they let my mom come back and stay with me in recovery. I was in a little pain so they gave me IV meds around 630 or 7 PM. The PS told my mom the surgery went excellent it was a pleasure working on someone so young and healthy and it was about three hours. The general surgeon to fix my hernia only took about 20 minutes it was pretty small and easy to fix. I had never had surgery or general anesthesia before so I was shocked at how awful it made me feel. I finally got to my real room around 7:30 PM and my mom stayed with me until about 9 PM my dad came and visited and was with me from about 8 PM to 11 PM. I was not in pain from the surgery but the anesthesia made me very nauseous and dizzy lightheaded and shaky I really just felt awful. They gave me antinausea medicine and I had a Percocet at about 11 PM. And then I fell asleep. at 2 AM I woke up and felt so much better and the anesthesia had finally worn off. I went Pee, drink a lot of water and got back into bed. The nurse woke me up again at 4:30 AM for more vitals. At 6:30 AM the nurse woke me up again for more vitals and I went Pee. I ordered my breakfast at 7 AM and had another Percocet. By the time I breakfast came and I was finishing trying to eat it around 745 I started to feel really dizzy and achy again and I think it's because the Percocet kicked in. I really do not like the painkillers. They gave me an antinausea medicine and my plastic surgeon and general surgeon came to check me out. I was discharged around 11 AM. It was about half an hour drive home which was not that painful I had to wait in the car for my partner to go into the grocery store and pick up a couple things and we went to Starbucks before I got home. I was very weak and shaky and sore by the time I got on the couch. I took a pill and have been on the couch ever since icing and in little pain. Honestly the most painful part is my bellybutton incision for the hernia. It's hard to move and sit up and sit down because my belly hurts. The breasts actually do not feel that bad. I do have some drainage and I can see some blood seeping so I have extra padding or cloth absorbing it. I have read several reviews were people are using maxipads and I think I will do that. My PS wants me to stay wrapped in the ace bandage for a week instead of switching to bra. But I can unwrap it tomorrow to take a quick shower. I really want to see what they look like the surgeon said she thinks I will be a large B cup!

First peek!

Oh my goodness! I unwrapped today to change dressings. I used fresh Maxi pads. I honestly have little if no pain! My tummy hurts and is swollen from the hernia fix. And I think The anesthesia made me swollen?

More info

My PS said they normally take about 500 g per side with someone my size but she ended up only taking about 380 g per size she said I had more fatty tissue which is lighter in weight. I will have more detailed notes when I go to my postop visit on April 17. I am very happy so far and I am expecting to be a large B cup.

4 days post op

One side is bigger. It also hurts more underneath. Hope it's just swelling

Feeling good

Ran errands today and had a stressful morning. By noon I was pretty wiped out so I rested on the couch until about 4 PM. And I had activities of my kids for the evening. Lots of different colors of yellow and purple bruising but little drainage and feels good. Wearing the post op bra and it's working out really well so far. I love the way my T-shirts now fit!

One Week

Today is one week since my surgery. I am at work for day 2 in a row. I worked 5 hours yesterday and plan to do similar today. I am so grateful for dinners being delivered by friends and church because I am tired. The hardest part of first day back at work was not work, I can sit most of the time at my desk, but the driving kids to daycare, traffic, etc. Wore me out. My incisions look good to me and my post op is tomorrow. No plans today besides these work hours and the same for Friday. Sat will also be lazy rest day so trying to take it easy but with 3 kids its hard. I am trying to not worry about the cleaning and picking up. Letting it go for now! (Kind of nice even though it bugs the crap out of me) I was on the couch/bed last night by 6:30 and didnt do much the rest of the evening.
I definitely notice that lots of water intake and healthy food helps. Didn't even take Tylenol today and I can feel my incisions a little more than yesterday so must be helping. I will take some as soon as I get home.

First Post Op visit

First post op visit went great. I have amazing healing and don't need to be seen again until 3 months post op unless I have concerns. More pics to come soon. The itchiness started today but its the top skin, not incisions that itch. In love with my new boobs, can't believe how easy they are and small. No hoisting up to place into my bra!

Help! Rash?!

The only thing I did different today was go to my post op. The lady did have blue gloves on and she barely touched my breast but I wonder if it was a latex allergy? I've been so itchy all day and couldn't stand it anymore so I finally undressed to take a cold shower and I found these red and inflamed breasts as you can see my picture.


I got a hold of advice nurse through Kaiser, my insurance, they got a hold of the plastic surgeon on call for the weekend she said to remove all of the tape still on my incisions and take a shower. I did that and took more Benadryl and hopefully within 24 hours it will go away.


These other pictures I just took about six hours after taking off the surgical tape and taking a shower. What it just the most and hurts is the neck rash.


These are pics 24 hrs after removing tape and I just showered. Hives had spread to my neck and shoulders but seem to be getting better. Only thing I'm taking is Benadryl. I don't feel like it's an infection. No fever. Feel good except the itching. I slept with ice pack on top of boobs and that helped. I wonder if my incisions are healing normally ? They looked bunched up but I know it can be normal to do that.

Another post op visit

After the rash all weekend I went back and my PS was able to see me this morning. I got a Rx for a stronger antihistamine so I can stop taking benedryl. Just must have been reaction to the surgical tape. Otherwise she said I healing fantastic and the incisions all look great. I go back for a 30 day post op in May. I feel more swollen today and tender. Also realize I have not taken any Tylenol in 2 days so I will start that again. The best part of this is that I don't have to lift up the breasts to place them in my bra. They just sit up and are so perky. Its amazing.

Still itchy

Still taking rx antihistamine but don't think it's really working. Skin is irritated. Feels like I have a sunburn. Breasts a little sore but mostly from clothing rubbing againy skin. Feels good to air it out and ice at end of day. They feel more swollen also then they were even just after the surgery.

2 weeks post op

Wow cant believe I am 2 weeks post op today! Not even taking tylenol on a regular basis although sometimes I am sore and feel like I should. Itching and rash has for the most part gone away. That reaction must have been to the surgical tape. It has taken a long time to come down off the flare up I had. Still a little sore and red but at this time it could just be from the overall healing process. Driving makes them jiggle a little and hurts. Working FT this whole week and energy is good. I am tired by the end of the day and have let house work slack but I am hoping to get some good energy this weekend to tackle some laundry and other chores. I am carrying my 2 year old sometimes...he can stand next to me on a chair and I get him on my hip. No picking or putting down but the PS said this action to place him on my hip is fine.
Still cant believe how small and normal I look now. Still have NOT tried on any bras, kinda nervous to but also money is tight so no use getting excited about cute bras if I cant afford them right now.


I am not sore by moving arms or actual incisions but my skin and breasts in general are really sore. Is this normal ? Still hurts to walk fast or if they get moved too much. Driving over bumps hurts. I imagine the way they "scoop" out the excess breast it would be pretty torn up inside ? And all that codorizing would be painful inside. And the spot where underwire incision "T's" with the anchor is really hard and tight. I feel like I want to wear soft tank tops under my sports bra to keep skin protected. An ice pack at the end of the day feels amazing. Been back at work FT since one week post op and energy is fine. Tried to play at the park with the kids last night but just couldnt. Had to stand and walk and watch. no running around with them. I am carrying my 2 year old on my hip and getting him in and out of carseat fine. I just dont pick him up unless I bend down to him and get him on my hip first.

Other updates

I also have not taken any of the anti histamine that was prescribed, Tylenol or bromelain for about a week now. Still a little pink on my breast skin but the rash has gone away so I will save this Rx for if I ever need something stronger than benedryl in the future I guess.

Healing well

Some days I forget I had surgery. I love my little boobs!
Incisions are healing nice. Left is more bunched still around nipple. Still sore. Seems to vary day by day. I walked a decent amount with my bob stroller and 2 year old the other night. Several neighborhood laps. The next day I was pretty swollen and hurt. It was also hottest weather portland has had. The last few days I've taken it easier and no problems. Exercise really must affect this. Bummer. I'm dying to work out again!
Some days I need ice and others I don't even bother. Still unsure about the finished product but in not going to complain if my nipples are off a little. I'm happy to be so smAll. Seems like the big swaying saggy boobs were a lifetime ago!
Happy with my belly fix too but I definitely need to work out and loose some weight now in my tummy.

5 weeks post Op

Had 5 week post op appt today with a PA at the PS clinic. Have to admit the past week I have been so busy I didn't really look my breasts. All of a sudden today I realized the bunching has smoothed out and the incisions are less puffy. They are sensitive, she said to wear a loose t shirt with no bra and let the nipples start to de-sensitize some. Also okay to start massaging gently with oil or vit E, anything I want on that spectrum of products. Okay to swim and start exersizing, just listen to my body. Final post op visit 4 months post op with the PS scheduled. Will post pics soon to go with this.

5 weeks

First run

Had my 5 week post op as noted before on 5/15 and was cleared to exercise on my own accountability so On 5/16 I went for a 2 mile run. It felt amazing ! So light and free. It was like I didn't even have boobs! Huge difference from before. And I was not even swollen afterwards. I'll say it again: best decision ever !

Feel so good

Realized this week I'm not exhausted every day. Found this Fila top at goodwill with bra built in and it's the first time I've ever been able to wear something like this. Love ! So comfortable.

2 months post op

I went to VS over the weekend and they measured me a 34D. I don't feel that big but the wireless styles I tried on fit perfect. They are so spendy but the bras are amazing there. I went home and opted to make an online order. I got a few wireless bras that are M not a cup size. Only 9.99 on clearance and I had a code for buy 2 get one free so I also got a bandeau style. We will see how they fit when they come. And I ordered 3 tank tips with bras built in and a dress with a built in bra. I can't wait! My scars are pretty bright pink, more so than previously. I know it takes a long time to be healed. I am using oil from Honest company and massaging about once every other day when I remember.
I love not having to be self conscious when I bed over, no huge jugs hanging out for everyone to see. Most people dont know I had a BR. They say I didn't seem that big before. I don't think I was so much BIG as I was low and hanging and heavy. It was a lot to hoist up those girls. I am loving this decision and can't believe I dealt with the big girls for Sooooo long.


Victoria's Secret with wire. 34d. Sounds big but I think they run small here. But this one fits amazing and was only $15.99 on sale right now. I'm not going to wear it long. Worried about scars rubbing. I feel bigger now than I was right after the surgery

5 months post op

Loving my breasts so much I haven't posted in a long time. My left is slightly bigger and points away a little. Don't think anyone notices in clothing. My right side scar is painful and seems constantly inflamed. I hope this goes away eventually. I'm trying not to wear underwire because of this.

9 months Post Op

Side scars on both breasts have been bothering me and turns out they had hyper-trophy. Finally went in to see my PS and she did steroid pressure air treatment same day and will go again in 3-4 weeks. It hurt like hell. Worse than recovery although maybe I don't remember it was so long ago. My right side is still a little smaller and my left side nipple points out a little to the side but I am so happy still. I have been working out a lot and running and wearing cute clothes! Best decision still even with my issues with the surgical tape reaction and the hyper-trophy.
Dr. Murphy

My consult appt with the PS was great. She took many measurements and was confident that I am a perfect candidate and quality of life will be so much better. She does several of these a week so she seems very well qualified.

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