28 Years Old and Excited (Done!) - 34G to a 34D - Portland, OR

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Hi all, I have been lurking for a bit but as my...

Hi all,

I have been lurking for a bit but as my surgery date gets closer I would love to get engaged and post more. And I definitely could use the support! I am 28, 5'3", and 148 pounds. I currently am a 34F/G going hopefully down to a 34B. I want them to take as much as possible.

My insurance finally authorized my procedure (I switched jobs and providers and was approved almost instantly) and I am scheduled for November 5, 2015. They also asked my insurance that I be allowed to stay overnight for observation. It all kind of happened so fast - my previous insurance denied, denied, denied and when I switched jobs my scheduler submitted my information to the new provider and BAM, I was scheduled. It took about a week.

So now I am just a ball of nerves. I am the same as many of you - I have had large breasts my entire adult life. I am very active and love to run, ride bikes, and play soccer. I've always just been special ordering bras or wearing two or three, but the back pain associated with my chest just began to be unbearable. I would get shooting pains in my breasts that would radiate down my sides and my arms/hands began to go numb. I saw my primary care who referred me to a specialist where I got an ultrasound where I was feeling the pain. Turns out my breasts are extremely dense and that contributed a lot to the sharp pains I was feeling.

I was then referred to a surgeon, Dr. Shiliang Chang... (Insert insurance rant here). It was obvious my chest way WAY too large for someone of my stature. I have the rashes and the dents in my shoulders to prove it as well.

I will add photos when I get home, I am just typing this on my iPad at lunch. :-) Looking forward to "meeting" everyone.

- R

Adding Photos!

Hi all,

Me again. Just adding some "befores."

Two Weeks!

I am two weeks out and received the cost estimate from the hospital. It is insane how much it would cost without insurance... With the approval I will only have to pay $750 out of pocket and then I have hit my maximum.

Starting to feel nervous. I have a history of keloids so I am having a bit of anxiety there. Also, I have been doing some research on natural remedies and creams for my recovery. Anyone have any ideas?


Super stoked at the thought of not feeling so top-heavy in dresses. Or not being able to find dresses that fit the top part of my body even though they fit the bottom...

Gah! Sick before surgery.

I am three days out and am struggling with a nasty cold. My surgeon told me that, if I am still congested on Thursday morning, it will be a no-go. Please send all of your good vibes than I can kick this cold prior to Thursday. I am so ready for this!

Today is the day....

Super nervous! Waiting for the surgical team and the anesthesia team... Wish me luck. Managed to kick the cold!


I don't remember much about before surgery. Just friendly nurses and my surgical and anesthesia staff coming by. I'd successfully kicked my cold so we were good to go. I arrived at the hospital at 5:30, took the weird sterile wipe bath, and was wheeled back about 7:30. I was the first operation of the day. Joked around with some of the guys in the operating room (the gave me "happy hour" drugs prior to be wheeled in so I was hiiiiigh as a kite).

Woke up and was done. Immediately threw up, which was the worst. Groggy, nauseous, and in quite a bit of pain. Found out they weren't going to keep me overnight because I had done well, but as soon as they decided that they weren't so into managing my pain and more into emptying a bed. Disappointing, but this is a huge hospital so I kind of understood.

Got home, had a lot of seepage on one side (they didn't do drains because I didn't have really, really large breasts to begin with). That kind of panicked me but I called and it is relatively normal to seep. I stuck some more non-stick gauze in and hopefully that helps. She did an anchor incision and closed with a combination of glue and stitches. She removed almost 2 pounds of tissue and I can't believe how light I feel!

One more!

About 2 Weeks Post-Op

Hi all,

Hope everyone is well. I am still loving my new boobs, and I wanted to post a couple of new pictures and check in.

I have been healing well, but things took a bad turn about a week ago. I started developing a bad sore throat and by yesterday I was in the hospital for pneumonia. One thing I really advise is for people to really take care of themselves after surgery. I tried to get back to work too fast and tried to work too long and two hard. And I worried a lot about work while I wasn't there.

Tomorrow I am clear to begin my scar therapy including silicone gel massage and the silicone sheeting. Hopefully that helps some of the incisions calm down. :)

So, here are a couple of new photos!

Before and afters?

I put this together last night. The left is in August and the right was two days ago. My bathing suit top is gigantic, but I think it's pretty obvious that there is a difference. :-)

More pictures.

Attached are a couple more pictures. Scar therapy is kicking my ass - the silicone sheeting makes my boobs ache something fierce. The massage part with the silicone gel is okay as my incisions are all closed and healing.

I think I am healing well. Now that the pneumonia is getting better I feel like I am on the mend and can begin healing faster. I am traveling for Thanksgiving and do worry about picking up yet another sickness, but hopefully I can escape it all unscathed.

Hope everyone is well. Happy Turkey Day (soon).

Week Three!

Hi all,

I am just over the three week mark since my surgery. The swelling has subsided considerably and my breasts are starting to feel more soft and supple and less like swollen, painful rocks strapped to my chest. I continue to overdo it because of who I am as a person but I am healing pretty well.

I remember someone saying they were the most tired and sore the third week and I definitely agree that these past few days have taken the most out of me so far. So exhausted and still quite achy. I am able to sleep on my side for short times though - GAME CHANGER!

I don't have much to report - excited to continue getting better and stronger. I love how they look and I love how much better I feel! I even started shopping for a few new bras even though they won't be settled and super soft for a bit (and I have to wear my surgical bra for another month)!

Hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day!

A quick update!

Howdy all... Just wanted to post a quick update. I am healing super well and scar therapy is no longer painful, so that's good. I still have to wear the silicone gel strips for a couple of months, but so far it doesn't look like any of the incisions are turning into keloids, which is fantastic. I have a huge keloid where I had my ACL repair over 10 years ago so it was definitely a concern for my PS. I actually feel very little discomfort anymore in my incision sites but I do get achy every now and then. I usually take two ibuprofen once or twice a week.

My second post-op is the 28th of December and after that I will be able to wear a normal bra again. Don't get me wrong, this bra is stupid comfortable (CareFix for the win) but I hate that the straps show under EVERYTHING and I want to feel cute and sexy again.

One other thing - has anyone had a dissolvable stitch pop and and not want to dissolve? I have a pesky one under my left breast and I have been using Bacetracen on it and it sort of went back in but I am not convinced it's dissolving...

Anyways, things are great. For my ladies still a couple of days post-op - give it time. In a month or two you will be feeling much better.

- R

Six, almost seven, week update!

Hi all,

Hope you're all well and having a great holiday season. I am almost 7 weeks out and doing quite well. I think the scar therapy is helping the scars not get too weird, which is good. I still have pain every now and then on the outsides of the anchor part of the scar and will have occasional soreness. I still take some ibuprofen as needed. I am hoping I can soon move to a real bra and can go back to biking, lifting, and soccer. I definitely feel like I have gotten a bit pudgy since surgery.

Anyways, I have attached some new photos! Merry Christmas! (Almost)

Almost Two Months

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I am almost at two months and it is crazy how fast time flies. I went for my (almost) two post-op yesterday and things are healing well. I am a little sore still and a little numb, but I don't have many complaints in that arena.

One thing that I have really been struggling with is... Body image. I asked my surgeon to go to a B/C before the procedure and I am sitting at a D. I still feel like they are too big. I feel like I went through a painful procedure and I am still not quite happy with how I look. I am a bit sad about it because it is really exacerbating some body issues I already had. I know that my breasts look amazing and that my PS did an incredible job... I just wish I was the size I asked. She told me her primary interest was health and bringing me to a proportionate size. She did, but I am still disappointed. Maybe I am having a hard time coping with my new body... Did anyone else have this issue?

Thanks for the input. I hope you all have a Happy New Years.

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you so much for all of the support after my last post. I am still have some body issues, but they are improving. I still wish they were smaller, but I am starting to accept my new body. Healing is going well, have had a couple stitches poke through and I have just snipped them and placed some Bacitracin on them for a bit.

I have attached a more recent before and after photo and some updated photos of the healing progress. I think scar therapy has helped a bit. :-)

Hope all is well with everyone!

Yay! :)

Was able to wear this cute 30 dollar lace bralette. This isn't much of an update, but I am stoked about it. I am feeling more and more comfortable with my size, but once I am fully done healing a revision isn't totally off the table either.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Received the before and afters from my PS

Man, oh man. I didn't think I could really see a difference and thought they were way too big... But now I can definitely see the difference. Also, the office lighting does nothing for a girl's confidence!

Three months out tomorrow!

Just a quick update! Things seem to healing well and I almost have all sensation back. I also have been feeling much better about their size recently as well. I was very panicked that they were still too big, but now that they are settled I am actually very happy about them. They feel and look really nice. :-) I guess my advice would be for ladies who are worried about their size to just give it some time. It's a huge shock to your system (mentally and physically) to have this procedure done. I would even say that the mental aspects are more difficult than the physical if you have ever struggled with body image issues. I really hard a hard time the first couple of weeks. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and are happy and healthy!

4 months post-op

Hi all! It's been a whirlwind couple of months! I can't believe I hit the four month mark. I saw my PS for my final post op yesterday and she said my healing has been textbook and she is super pleased. I still have moments where I think they are too big, but even in the past month there has been a noticeable decrease in swelling. Just be patient! I have gained about 5 pounds since surgery and feel like that goes right to the boobs, too! I hope everyone is happy and well. :-)

Quick Update + Photos

It's been a minute since I swung by and said hello! I wanted to share a couple of photos and see how everyone is doing. I think my scars have healed really well, but I have a little bit of redness around the left nipple still. I am pleased with the size and shape and I have mostly regained all sensation. There are a few places that feel numb at times but things are pretty much back to normal. :-) Hope everyone is well!

It's been so long!

I wanted to quickly hop on and share some updated photos. I am still very pleased with the results, though I wish they were a bit smaller. The scars aren't too bad - I am grateful that my PS helped me with scar and wound care and was really helpful with making sure I didn't keloid. Here are some updated photos!

I know a lot of people update and never come back, so please let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about the whole experience.
Dr. Shiliang Chang

Dr. Chang was an incredible professional to work with. Her staff was very kind and helpful and she is very funny and makes sure her patients are comfortable. I am very happy with my results and with Dr. Chang's bedside manner.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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