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This website has been so helpful for me in the...

This website has been so helpful for me in the months since I decided to finally have this surgery! I don't see many people on here that are my age and have boobs as big as mine, so I want to share my experience with girls who may have a similar body type to me! I'm 21, a 32H, weigh ~150 pounds, and am hoping to go down to a C (a D seems big to me, but I think my perception of what boobs look like is way off).

My boobs seemed to suddenly sprout very quickly, sometime around 6th grade. I went from being basically flat to all of a sudden being a DD, all in middle school, which was so humiliating for me. I have never been the kind of girl who wanted boobs, even before I had them. I remember being in early middle school, and all of my friends wanted boobs. I just thought they were crazy.

All through high school my boobs continued to grow. I think by the time I graduated I was around a 32F, and was just even more self-conscious. The boys in school used to call me "BT", as if I didn't know it stood for "big tits". Because the rest of my body has always been relatively small too, (I'm 5'5 and was 125 pounds up until a few years ago) I have such a hard time getting clothes that fit me. To make things worse, in the past few years, my boobs have caused more and more back and neck pain, which makes it hard to exercise, so I have gained 20 pounds, which just makes me feel worse about myself.

In November 2013, I finally got fed up with the back pain, shoulder grooves, and unwanted attention, and asked my doctor if she thought I would qualify for a breast reduction. She immediately said yes! I went to my consultation a few days later, and the surgeon also agreed that my insurance would cover the whole procedure. He asked me if I get motion sick, which I do (horribly), so he suggested that I stay in the hospital over night, which I'm totally fine with! I wanted to get it done right away, but since I go to school 400 miles away from home, I decided to wait until the summer, so that I could rest for as long as I wanted without worrying about classes.

My pre-op appointment is June 16th, exactly a week before my surgery. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask? I'm also worried about work, I'll be taking off 4 weeks, but I haven't told anyone I work with why I'll be gone. I work in an office, so I don't do any sort of manual labor, but should I tell anyone whats happening? I really don't want to, but I'm worried that people will ask questions when I get back. How did you ladies handle this?

I'm so excited to get this done, and I hope my journey can help someone else with theirs!!
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