5'4, 115lbs, 36yrs Old. Breastfed 4 kids. SRF 415cc.

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I am looking into getting a breast augmentation. I...

I am looking into getting a breast augmentation. I have had small A cup all my life. My goal is to get natural looking and feeling silicone breast implants at a size D. I'm having a hard time finding the look I want but know from research that silicone, moderate is what I'd be looking for, for a more natural looking breast.

trying to get baby to stop breastfeeding

So I'm trying to get baby to stop breastfeeding so I can get a good photo of my best before because right now it wouldn't be a great pre op photo and I can't get a good consultation either. Errr so hard for some reason, I've tried bottles, cups and after along dau I just give in :( so for now I'm just doing my research. I've decided on a D or D+ just because everyone I've talked to wishes that they would of gone bigger even on YouTube. So now I'm just focused on the dream boobs I want. I still can't believe I'm going to do this, that is actual going to happen for me. Nervous but so excited to have self esteem.


So there are good days andfof course with that comes the bad. I am still finding BA pics I like and BA pics I don't. It's just making the final decisions and I'm sure it will all come together when the consultation comes.

lump in my breast

Yesterday I was taking a shower and I noticed my left breast was really sore, so I did the breast exam to find a hard small lump. Now it's just warm and sore and I'm hoping it's nothing going to see a doctor this week, just paying its nothing. I am breastfeeding but I guess that doesn't matter cancer can hurt or not move or stay still, come at any time in your life regardless. It doesn't run in my family but in this day and age cancer can happen to anyone. Need to be positive!

The Waiting Game

So I have decided to put my BA dreams on hold tell next year. I realized that sometimes things are worth waiting for. I'm really sure John Lee will be my doctor here in Oregon. For now I'm going to make sure I do a lot of research and really find it what I want. I have my little girl who is very needy right now and she is my focus like my other 3. I feel selfish putting my needs veggie gets because I don't want to miss out on holding her even if it's for a little bit, she's my last baby and I want to take all the advantages of holding on to that. She's still breastfeeding, would really like to stop but it's been tough she enjoys it and it gives a place of mind that's she's getting all get vitamins being she didn't eat that great, it's like 3 foods that she'll seriously eat. I would like to post my before pics, does anyone know how to do that? Would like a profile pic too. Helpwouldbe gray

Retarded Phone

Should know better then to trust my Swype method on my phone hehe hope you still understand what I was saying.

My Breastfeeding Boobs :(

Breastfed all my kids, mommies turn to be happy.

Don't like the look of these

more wish boobs

Thinking I might need to find a local surgeon, for now finding more dream pics.

Dream Boobs

finding the right implant for the look I want

So I'm either going to go with Mentor Moderate plus or Naturelle 20. These pictures are with the implants.

No boobs yet!

Still feeding my now 2yr old. Hopefully my dream of having boobs will come next year ????

While waiting I can still dream...

Still wishing & still breastfeeding

found more pictures of wish boobs. I'm really wanting this surgery by next year. Still praying my daughter will stop breastfeeding. She is now 2 1/2yrs. Old. So worried she's going to make me need a lift.

My boobs are a small 34 A now

My boobs are so small! Soon to be more deflated!

Had my consultation

I had my consultation today and scheduled my surgery for October 11, 2016. I can't believe this is happening for me. I am confused on what size still and what implant but do want Silicone.

Getting confused on what I really want

So my surgery is Oct. 11, 2016. I feel like everyone is saying go bigger, go bigger. Which I do want bigger boobs then I think I'm asking for. I took home the 475cc's and on the outside of me they look big but there also not under the muscle. I still kinda want to have the nipple scar and not the underneath. There is a tool called the funnel that can keep you from getting scar tissue build up as easily because the germs are not in it from other hands. So right now I feel like I want large boobs but my frame is boney and right now I weigh 107lbs due to a divorce and being a single mom of 4 kiddos. I want big but not my boobs to be so stretched the veins show etc and it looks like two huge round circles on my chest.

My body and what would look good?

Post-op appointment tomorrow

I'm so unsure today what exactly I'm wanting and if I'm gonna ask correctly. I want to go bigger but not bigger then my skin will hold. I want them to look as naturally fake as possible lol. I want projection and a certain side boob. I hope telling my doctor this isn't going to be confusing. I posted more pictures of wish boobs but at the end of the day they have to fit me correctly which none of these hold true value but I figured it's best to have some idea. I'm scared to go too small so ask for D? But at the same time will that be small on me, give me cleavage without a bra. Uhhhhh nerves!


This is me now before post-op appointment. I'm about 113lbs (divorce diet) I'm 5'4. I've had four kids and breast feed them all. I have always been small chested and breastfeeding a full C and down to a 34AA, if that. No breast tissue! I'm going in for surgery October 11, 2016. That's anytime now. Yikes!

5 Days and counting

I'm so nervous about how I'm going to word what I want that I've been printing pictures for my doctor. I decided that a full C is going to better then a D on me. I'm not big boned and don't have thick skin and don't want to look too heavy and unproportioned. Sigh....

So looking forward to Tuesday!

I have lost more sleep then ever this last couple of days. So worried about my final results, size, projection, chose of implant and so fourth. This is the last of these empty B's that are now a AAA! 3 more days!

Two more days!

I'm getting excited! Which is not what I expected at this point. I know that there's risks and the risk of being unhappy with my results.

Profile Before

All Checked In!

I'm here got marked up!

2 days

It's the next morning from my surgery....I'm just uncomfortable. Vision is blurry a little. Not taking med pills this morning so I hope that means I can be off them. Here a boob pick from yesterday, had to peek.

2nd day, got a shower.

I have bloated gut and square boobs for now. No major pain meds just sore and achy.

Pain coming back!

So for the whole day, just until now, pain came back! Pain in the side of my breast to the back of my shoulder blade. I think this is the butt end of the pain I'm hoping! I'm not liking my boobs so far because there High and frankin boob! What implant does that? Lol! I didn't get to chose my implant style so I ask today but I can't find a Natrelle SRX 400cc? So what even is that?

Day 3

Pain here and there, not much energy. Had to drive today so no major pain meds. I'm ice packing my armpits because my breast width is wide and implant was wide. My ribs hurt and left shoulder blade. Had some hip and leg pain, hopefully that's nothing. Kids all of to school so I'm going to relax for most the day! No pooping yet! So bloated. Wish I had a band to hold them together and out of my arm pits. Painful but manageable for now with IB. Need to take my daily vitamins , been too worried about pain meds and other meds to take them. Ice packing boob sides they hurt way over there today.

Bowel Movememt & Shower

Well I finally had a bowel movement and took a shower again. Back ribs are bruised a bit but here are more pics for the 3rd day. I'm still really bloated! I weighed 116 going in and probably about 120 right now.


They look okay dressed to me but still high.

Rib pain and sounds.

So I woke up and moved my right arm to hear my right implant squeak. I've read there's weird noises, so I'm just gonna ignore that for now. My boobs feel really tight today...I actually thought I was getting lucky and skipping out on most of the annoying pain but NOPE. I see my doc today for the first time after my surgery so hopefully all is well. I took a Valium and antibiotics this morning! Trying to avoid pain meds today. Ice packing and resting. My boobs feel like their in my armbits and on my rib cage. Lovely feeling.


My implants are silicone our Inspira SRF 415

Check up today

My doctor is just the best I swear! He truly cares! It's not about the money for him! He remembered all the bad things I said about myself and today he doesn't want to hear me talk about myself like that and that I am to call the office anytime and talk to whom ever is there, like family. He said I'm looking great, he doesnt do massaging on implants just to stretch. He said they're anchored to my ribs and will fall in place. I'm still worried about my nipples not filling out more but next visit I guess. He got me a white surgical bra so now I have another color. My implant is Natrelle Inspira SRF 415cc. Anyone else have these implants?

Day 5

Shoulder blade still hurts. I had to release them from this surgical bra to breath for five minutes! Uhhhh. Still in annoying pain, like achy, headaches, dizzy, rib pain and just that left shoulder blade stabbing. I'm going to try to go with out pain meds for that and take my IB if needed. For some reason the pain makes me look tired, wish I could at least hide the pain by looking pretty with make-up just can't hide that with any make-up. My skin seems all blotchy even. Hopefully it will pass sooner then later want to feel some what normal or fake it.

5 days

Theses babies are concealed!

Picked up heavy stuff!

Without even realizing it I was grocery shopping and loading my cart. Sudden pain in left breast and under right. I forget I. Ant pick up heavy stuff, it's hard! Ice paling hoping I didn't do any damage.

7-Days post-op

Worried about this little bulge and the weird space between my breast! Excuse the lines from my harness bra.

7-days post-op

Pain back?

So there is this raised pocket over my sternum I posted yesterday and it's painful. Has anyone else had this happen and did it subside?

Another angle of this raised area.

Looking down at it.

8 days post-op

So I called my doctors office and this bump is most likely temporary and so is the indents in the cleavage. So lucky to have so many helpful girls on here and also doctors willing to take the time to answer my worried mind. Took a couple pics and hopefully my journey will help ease others anxiety and concerns through their day to day worries.

Tried a dress on.

My boobs are pulling me forward, I hope that shoulder blade is poking out in back just because of my bra or high boobs.

9 Days! Post-op

Not much changing yet feel softer a tiny bit on my right side. Took some photos without my bra in a top. My nipples still look kinda funny just because their stretched and nothing is fluffed down that way yet, I also breastfeed 4 babies so in that case they look great compared to before. Can't wait for final results!! It's hard waiting for the full outcome but I trust my doctor with everything in me and I know he did an amazing job. I anchored to my rib cage so that the implants fall in the right spot and then those stitches will dissolve. The space will go away and give me cleavage as he explained. It's overwhelming making permanent changes to your body and that's been stressful but I know my doctors would do anything if I wasn't happy to fix it.

Not slowing down

I'm worried because I haven't slowed down since day 4 and I completely just forget that I need to take it easy. I really hope I haven't ruined anything. Is there anyone who has over done it and been okay?

Day 10

So if I push my boobs together that bump over my sternum goes away? Maybe I need a tighter surgical bra?

Woke up in pain

Is this morning boob? It felt hard and my nipple felt sensitive and it was in one boob? They still feel sore and have annoyed my pain I hope that, that is normal also...

11 Days post-op

Just a couple pics to keep a day to day journal. Getting lazy and not taking my bra all the way off lol. I'm still swollen and not much drop but that stretch across my sternum bothers me and had to push out my check up tell next Friday.


Today I feel like I went too big! Yesterday I went and tried on shirts and none of the cute shirts looked good on me, I looked way too top heavy. I also read up on reviews that the pull l have between my breast is because my implants are to big for me. I hope they drop and I change my mind, I won't have boob greed that's for sure! My doctor could not judge by cup size only CC's and I had to guess which was no t the right guess for my body? Time will tell and I'll try not to be too hard on myself!


So I decided to take down some photos after hearing another review about people putting photos on porn sites. Would not want my boobs displayed for the world! I post to show progress to help others on here.

It's my 2-week mark and nothing has changed much. My boobs are still really firm and swollen. My skin is stretched to the max, I think it's gonna take awhile, plus I was very active and used my chest muscles a lot. I hurt myself on the daily forgetting to take easy...so please take it easy! It's hard with 4 kids for sure.

Hopefully they be a change and I can post some pics.

Thank you for the support.

Need to workout

It's been two weeks and I already feel like my butt is losing its bubble. Can I work out my lower half? I feel like I've gained a god five pounds since my surgery from just sitting here and not being able to do much.

2 weeks 2 days

Nothing really changing and my left side no change at all! Right side dropping a little and softer but I touched my scars under my breast and it is so hard?! How come? Check-up is tomorrow.

2 weeks 2 days

2 weeks 2 days

No change really. Some people have change quickly and none are not gonna be those I have a feeling. Get to see my doctor tomorrow for my second check up and hopefully remove the bandage to see scar, it feels thick.

I peeked at scar

Looks awful! Feels really thick! Any advice?


So I have to put bio oil on and massage and if I can't I have to go get the silicone covers. I might do both? I just want to break up that thick scar fast and it's so thick and painful because he pinned my fold to my ribs so that my scar wouldn't show.

2 weeks 6 days

Ok so I don't t feel good at all? Hopefully just a flu! I'm also all of a sudden so sore and I'm not sure if that's what dropping feels like each time but it hurts to touch them. I also had a bad dream they were leaking in top of waking with this feeling. So maybe it's just not my day? Has anyone went from feeling fine to having a return of pain?

3 Weeks

Nothing has really changed...pain is coming back and my right is dropping so far and my left no change yet.

24 Days

So my left is not dropping but my right is as you can see in the photos. I am massaging my scars and still have zingers, which is normal. Can't wait for the left to drop and then to soften still pretty stiff and swollen.

No bra today

Just in a cami today...

Bra no wires

Wish picture

Today I came across my wish picture for my surgeon. I think he was spot on and can't wait for the end result after settling etc. my only issue... is my nipples did not pop out fully after being depleted from baby number 4.

2 days shy of a month

Baby it's cold outside! Had to cover my nipples lol. Here's an up date.

Laying down...

Still stiff! Still morning boob! And I thought I'd post a pic of me laying down. I want to like them...I just want them to feel real! Hate the cold nips look! So I made a drawing over nipples. You can see scars which will fade and hide? Hopefully.

To Report issues and scams

One Month Today!



When does your boobs stopped aching? It's been a month now and the morning boob-tightness and squeezing is so annoying and pain full. Is this normal for this far into it?

Massaging scars

Holy heck!!! My scars are thick and doc told
I needed to massage them and the stitches are anchored to my ribs so it hurts like hell whole! Any advice?

Check up today!

Can't wait to ask all these questions! Here's my boobs so far in this journey! Can't wait for them to soften! Woke with no pain and wore no surgical bra last-night! So thanks for advice.


So no massaging! None! Need to massage my scars better and try coconut oil as well. I told him about my nipples and he said he would fix them for free but to wait for a couple months and see what happens. Happy with my size! Pains are just muscle spasms and to use Valium for that. All is good! Love my doctor!!!

Settling and perfect fit for me!

My boobs are both dropping and getting a bit softer but still have a lot of time before they actually drop fully and fluff. Doctor said about 6 months but I'm completely happy with them so far. I think my only worries are the scars are making them square at the bottom hope that resolves?

Feeling softer but still a little stiff

Loving them just need to soften and fluff. Still pretty tight and stiff to my body.

Upper Body Workout

So I did arm press with squats today. 15lb lifts. My left arm is weak! Pushed myself tell I felt the implant and it just didn't feel right. Does anyone just push through that? Will I always have that weird feeling!? Want to get back in shape even jogged for 20mins when I haven't ran for a year! Felt so good.


So I have been massaging my scars as directed by my doctor. Under my left scar there is a hard lump that is painful, it's close to my rib? Should I be concerned?

Weird bump

So I was massaging and noticed a red bump just by the crease of my breast. It looks like a really big zit forming. Could this be a stitch trying to come through the skin?

Not as happy as I thought

I think I'm realizing that I should of kept on my doctor about being a 425-450cc what bothers me is that they do not come off my chest like normal boobs. They feel like half coconuts stuck to my chest with little to no movement. I don't think they will come forward much and that bothers me along with the gap between them. They look good from the side but from front and center they still look like stiff circles.

3 months

Still waiting for a full drop and fluff. I'm still thinking about going bigger at least 450 or 475 like planned but if everything looks good after the fluff I might stick with them for the ten yrs.


Laying on my side my boobs are starting to come together and soften.

Just a quick picture

They're still very slow at softening but I'm liking how they look in clothes and hopefully once they soften a bit they'll look better naked, to me. I am okay with the size, I think it's a great fit for my size and weight, I do wish they had come closer together. It takes awhile to soften when your muscular? I don't really massage them as I was told not to by my PS.

Final Bra Size

I finally got out and got sized...34D perfect size. Not much change, some softening.

Almost 6 months

Still taking care of my scars cause they'll get thick if I don't continue to massage them. Still don't have much feeling back"bummer." I know this whole thing has been so up and down for me. If I could tell anyone just wait to judge your boobs. I went from wanting bigger and now to smaller. The fact is no one is ever really one hundred percent happy. I am now a 34DD, that's too big in my opinion for a small frame but I also weigh under 120lbs would like to get back up to 125. Another truth is they'll never look like real boobs to you either cause their fake. Try to really take the time to find out what your after without the results of others. My boobs are still not real soft and squishy but I also had no breast tissue. I am also noticing rippling now which sucks but it happens. Just know it happens! Be thankful, I'm thankful for having boobs now but I find other flaws to pick on. We're never satisfied. Here's a picture. Take care friends.

Nipple fix

So I had my boobs done for over 9months now and I am finally getting a nipple revision because of breastfeeding my nipples where stretched and so my doctor (for no cost) is going to fix them! Can't wait for October!
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