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I have been meaning to write this for a while. I...

I have been meaning to write this for a while. I am a mother of two, an 8 year old and a 5 year old. I got a breast reduction when I was 19 because of my large, saggy, droopy breasts. I was so happy after the reduction that I finally had normal boobs that were not stretching my skin out. I developed boobs very early in the 5th grade and was surpassing a double d in Middle School. By high school I i was huge for my frame. Being very active in sports, having large breasts was very painful. After my reduction I finally felt I was in the body that was meant for me. However after having children, breastfeeding both, and pumping inbetween nuring, my boobs deflated to a small saggy B. For years I lived with hating my body once again. Finally tired of seeing me sad, my husband told me to go and schedule breast implants if that's what I wanted. He has been so supportive and wanting me to regain my happiness I had after my reduction.
I am a very active pertain so enjoys running, working in my garden, and around my property. Slowinf down will be the hardest part.
Reading about everybody else's experience on this site really helped me through the process. So now I'm sharing my story. Here are my stats: I am 5'5" about 135 to 140 lbs. Currently size 36B (deflated)
What I am going for: 36DD (more important to be full)
I hate to have my initial post be the same as my post op post but could not get my pictures lade the list couple times I have tried :( But figured it out :)
What the doctor did: 575cc in each they moderate profile plus (brand is Sientra). My doctor did a little nip and tuckn on my left breast because of sagging. He also cleaned up my scars from my last surgery. I haven't seen it yet because I just got home.
I will post all my progress the best I can.

Post Op day 1

It's early and I am awake. Took pain relief at 4:50am; was supposed to take at 2am. Pain is not that bad. Mostly pressure and just dull pain. I believe this is what they call morning boob.
Haven't taken off the surgical bra yet but have been sneaking peeks! I love them so far. Will upload pictures later after getting kids off to school and I do some icing.

Morning picture

My hubby had to change my dressing on lefty because of a little blood (dime size). Lefty also was I one that got an extra nip because of sagging.

Day 1 down!

Very tight and sore but not horrible. Rested today and took a few naps. Today was the kids last day at school. Tomorrow will be interesting having them with no help. However they are good kids and helpful.
Tomorrow I am going to try and undo the surgery bra and get some pictures.

First post pictures (with bra off)

Last night (one day post op) I undid my surgical bra and got a peek. Looking good so far I think. I got 575cc on both sides.
I should mention that I am using a pain pump recommend by my doctor.

Day Two...Tough day

Day Two after my surgery. Kids got out of school yesterday so today they were home with me. I am a teacher so I am off work for the summer too. It was hard trying to handle two kids and my stiffness /pain by myself. On top of that I am on my period so emotions are flying out of control. Part of me wants to sleep on the coach and recover but the other side of me wants to be that active mommy that I am and do things with the kids.
My boobies are very sore and stiff; which I know are normal. I have had a little blood on lefty were a little extra nip and tuck was done. But my doctor's office said not to worry unless it continues.
Whence my hubby gets home I will post an updated picture.

Day Two picture

Top left is my before, top right is one day post surgery, and the bottom is day two.

Before: bra size 36B
Implant size: 575cc (haven't went bra shopping yet)

Starting with a headache!

Went to bed with a minor headache and woke up at 1am crying in pain from my head. I literally didn't know what to do. I get my fair share of headaches but this was the headache from hell! After a few hours on my own dealing with it, I called my husband down around 4:30am. Most pain have felt through this process so far!

Day 4

Slept well last night after taking a shower. My girls are so hard and my skin is tight. I know this is normal just can't wait for my skin to relax a little. It is funny how I feel good one minute, try to do something small and then worn out for an hour lol.
Lefty has some serious bruising because it had a little more work done but both sides are very sore.
I took pictures before my shower last night.

Loving my boobs lol

Looking back at the last few days I am glad I made this decision. I knew that the hardest part would be slowing down but I am trying.
I couldn't wait to take my bra off and ice tonight. My skin is so tight. I had big boobs when I was younger (remember I had a reduction years ago) and I forgot how heavy they are lol Right now I am having a hard time with the tight skin. BUT I LOVE THE LOOK.

Day 6 feeling much better

Yesterday my negative thoughts were overwhelming. The amount of pain was getting to me and my inability to do anything was driving me crazy. But today I winter up much better. A lot of the pain has disappeared and I feel so much better ! Still sore around the incisions but that is expected. Go in for my check up on two days!

1st Doc Appointment Today (post op)

So had my first check up appointment with my doctor since having my surgery. Doctor said everything looked great and to come back in 4 weeks. Of course I am glad everything is good but surprised he didn't have much instructions for me either. All my time on this forum I have read about girls being told to do this or do that, start massaging, or go with or without a bra etc. My doctordoctor just told me I could resume my daily activities as long as there is no pain and not to use my direct muculses in the chest for 6 weeks. I still have my dressing tape on and was told it will come off on it's own. Don't get me wrong,I am glad there is nothing complicated to follow or a bunch of restrictions, I am just surprise.
With that said, I am very, very happy with my results. My doctor must be doing something right because I also noticed I didn't have the results of a lot of others with having to wait for the implants to fall or have high square boobs after surgery. I am very impressed with his work and recommend him 100%.
Since I had some alone time sheet my appointment (kids at the sitters) I went clothes shopping for the kids. I wasn't going to but I decided to try on a bra and tops for myself. Wow! Love my boobs! I shared a picture of the bra. It was a 36D. I would have tried on a DD but they didn't have one. I love the look of my boobs. Feeling happy

Little over 2 weeks out, 575cc

I am a little over two weeks out from my surgery. Everything seems to be going very well and I have no pain. I am surprised by the amount of getting back to my normal life I've been able to do with the exception of working out. I stop when I feel like there's a little pain in my muscle; like trying to help myself up out of the chair or when I over reach for something but then I just adjusted so I'm using more of my leg muscles to support my body.
The only concern I have is when I bend down and then stand back up or I cup a breast and kind of push on it and release I feel this bubbly, water liquid sound. I've been Googling like crazy and it sounds like it's normal but I'm going to call today. I have no pain and my sutures look very clean and healing nicely. Anybody else experienced this water feeling? The best thing I can compare it to is when you're sick and you breathe in and you feel like you have a little liquid in your lungs. It's like that but in my breast when I bend over and stand back up or give a slight push and then released on my breast.

Checking in

Well been doing good and trying to get back to my normal routine. I recently saw my doctor with concerns that my right breast seems to lack the nice, clean fold as the left one. He said that the right one does show signs of moving down a little. There is no way of knowing if it is done moving or it will stay where it is. It looks normal if I am standing up straight but I can feel and tell a difference. Not much but some. Still love my boobs and glad I did it. I just wish I didn't have it in the back of my mind. Talked to my husband about it and of course he LOVES THEM THE WAY THEY ARE! I feel guilty that I have these feeling;especially because of the money we spent for the surgery. So I am just going to try not to focus on it and enjoy them. If they get worst I will seek corrective surgery but that is more $$. Maybe you can see it in the pictures? Maybe not....perhaps it is just noticeable to me.
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