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I was referred to Dr. Bohley last year by a co...

I was referred to Dr. Bohley last year by a co worker. I went in for my consult a year ago, but needed to save up the money and time off from work. During the year I waited to officially book the procedure, I swear almost every woman I knew who had her breasts done had them done by Dr. Bohley! When I had the $, he had me come in for a second consult to make sure we were still on the same page and see if I had changed much.

Let me tell you, he REALLY listened to me. I am a relatively modest person in my work life and do not want big "show off" breasts. He got it completely. He also noted I needed a small lift (I am a 41 yo Mother after all) and will be doing a benelli masoplexy. Cool.

Thus far, he and his staff have taken my neurotic phone calls with grace, are very kind and are adhering to exactly what I am comfortable with. I am a small woman so his coordinator stated that he is brining 3 different CC's to my procedure (all varying just slightly) and will work with what looks most natural on my frame. The largest being 339 CC's.

I am 6 days from surgery, following all pre op instructions and getting ready! I have wanted this for nearly 10 years!!!

Germ o Phobe!

So, with the temperature at 17 degrees the whole world seems to be sick! I have chosen to totally isolate myself until Thursday. I had to go shopping yesterday for my hoodies and post op care things, used a ton of purell. My husband pushed the cart around so I really didn't touch a thing when we were out! I figure since I am able to do my job remotely, now is the time to do it!

Getting very nervous and excited.

Three days to go

Ug! I did not sleep last night at all! My mind would not stop. I am an IT professional and have worked very hard to get where I am and to be taken seriously as a Blond female in my line of work. I was up all night stressing about wether or not this will set me back. It may sound ridiculous, I don't know, and it's possible no one will even notice...but I am concerned regardless.


In a nutshell: I feel I worked hard to beat stereotype and beat it. Am I now becoming that stereotype? My work and home life are very different. This is for me at home. Not me at work. I'm being neurotic probably.

One more day-ish

I've decided to head into the office tomorrow. The day before surgery. I need to just focus, have lunch with co workers, workout etc... I know that it will help the day go by faster. Then after work is scrub down of the house, change sheets, eat a LIGHT dinner, shower with hibacleanse & hopefully to sleep. I hope I can sleep!!! Thurs @ 7:15 is my check in. Ug!

More points for Dr. Bohley and staff

I just got a call from the anesthesiologist. He was just calling to go over what to expect tomorrow and alleviate any concerns I may have. Mark. He was so calm and kind and explained precisely what will happen step by step, including what will be happening while I'm under. How totally professional and what a welcomed call today when I am so very nervous and emotional.

All done

Wow. Incredible. Dr Bohley is so kind and so attentive to detail. His staff was also incredibly nice to me. I don't know what I look like. I have the strap and surgical bra on, so no clue really. But from what I can tell he kept it modest for me :) I beeline he ended up with 300 CC's. Update later

Day 1 post op

I've still not taken off the scrap or surgical Bra. I will be doing so for a shower tomorrow. I am following doctors orders exactly!

Waking up today was pretty bad. Just as I have read over and over from other women. I cried a little getting out bed... As far as I can tell though, by constantly staring down my cleavage lol, they look amazing. Post op follow up is 12/23. I feel pretty good about this decision. Also, correction: I got 304cc not 300. So 304cc, silicon, under the muscle. I think I'm going to finally look okay without a shirt! Lol. And as for work, right now if I just wear a size medium hoodie or cardigan you can't even tell and this while they are swollen! So I am not as nervous to go back to work. Phew!

Bloating and swelling

Yep. It's totally real. The bloating kicked in for me mid day on 1st day prep op. I can't suck my stomach in at all lol. It's crazy!

Breast swelling is shocking to say the least. Husband is at the store getting bags of frozen peas two in the freezer, two on me. Hope it helps a bit. Tomorrow will be shower day, man am I looking forward to that! It will also be my first glimpse at the new me. I'm trying to remind myself that they WILL look different in a few months, Lord knows I've read enough about the recovery process lol.

Bloating and sweeping aside I'm doing well. Oh and more points for Dr. Bohleys staff. The Nurse called to check on me today :) Very kind!!

2nd day post op...

Bloated like crazy.

Day 3

Woke up in minimal pain today. Not using any pain killer so far. Very nice feeling to be mentally alert again.

I showered yesterday and saw them for the first time. They seem huge. I know that they are swollen and I am just hoping that the majority of what I saw in the mirror was swelling. I had a bit of a breakdown after seeing them & got a little nauseated. It was weird, like a full blown panic attack. Trying to Stay level headed today and use ice in hopes of getting rid of some swelling.

Day 4

Well, I have had major ups and downs. Stopped taking pain meds yesterday and was able to have a BM at around 4:00am this morning. Showering is a bit easier, still not my favorite activity. I'm not accustomed to looking at myself with such a big chest. Still telling myself this is swelling. Tried on more shirts, as is, they look good in shirts. Can't really tell at all. So I'm not sure why I'm still feeling wishy washy. Really looking forward to post op check up. I have a feeling many if my fears will be alleviated then.

Getting better

Well, I feel a bit better today. I have a black surgical bra and I tried that on this morning without the strap and for the first time I felt like maybe I can pull this off. The black is less "surgical" looking and made me feel a bit like myself. I am still fairly bloated, but I am starting to see how this whole thing might end up. I think I will stick with the black bra going forward, it just makes me feel better!

Gauze off!

Yay! So I have been putting gauze over my incision religiously since day 1. I've never had any bleeding or oozing from the incision site and thought maybe it was overkill. So I called the nurse at dr Bohleys office and she said as long as there was no oozing or blood and the gauze has been clean all this time that it's fine to go without! Granted, my incision is around the areola, so the visuals are not that much improved, but I still feels like a small victory in having one less "thing" on me :) the tape around the nipple is not pretty...but I feel far less padded and feel like I have glimpse of freedom! Yay!

Swelling up top almost gone

One week today!

Well, if I had not had a lift, if be pretty darned pleased with these puppies by now. I actually AM really happy with how they've evenly dropped so far, how the swelling has gone down and how they are shaping up. I, unfortunately, have a pretty long ways to go since I did have the Benelli lift. Need to get the tape off & work on the healing of that scar and then for the projection to take hold. But for now, I feel much better and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Was able to VERY CAREFULLY get a little frisky with my husband yesterday too! I know that is not recommended, but we were careful! Feeling pretty good today :)

Actual change

Just got out of the shower. While yes, they are still swollen, they are not as flat at the nipple! I can actually see some projection! Already! Post op appt is Monday, I am now starting to feel hopeful and happy! Hooray!


Yep. While shopping for something to wear to the Family's on Christmas Eve (because I want to be inconspicuous about the boobs and because I am still pretty bloated. My usual clothes don't fit) I stumbled across some bra's and thought "what the Hell" so I came home with 2 36 D's. Yes. D. Perhaps this is temporary.. Hoping so! Washing the Bra's now. Hope to snap some pics of them. While I am a bit disheartened by a D cup, the Husband is pretty darned excited lol...

Couple of new Bras

Kindof fun to try these on :)

On my way to Post Op!

I am really excited about this! I've been following Drs orders and hoping I get the okay to stop using the cursed strap, do the massages, and do some cardio! I still feel pretty big and really want to get to working out a bit. I am also very hopeful that the tapes come off of my incisions. A little scared to see, but really need that tape off!

Post op complete!

Well, I can stop the strap, do light cardio as my body allows (no arms), and he says I've dropped and look ahead of schedule! I don't have another follow up for a month! Wow! But, alas...the tapes were replaced. New tape for a long time. I did see the incisions.. They are clean and there is not any "pucker" but he wants me to keep clean new tape on it for quite a while. As frustrating as that is, I am going to do what he says... He obviously knows what he's doing after 21 years and awesome results. Oh and I am to start the massages. So I shall!

So, free of the horrid strap and so pleased with how things are going :) wishing I could be rid of the tape but I will take what I can get! Glad about such even dropping!

Ladies... There is light at the end of this recovery tunnel!!

Results at 11 days


They look high

They look like they project a ton in those pictures... These are moderate plus profile FYI for anyone wondering of mod plus is more wide than projecting: they project plenty lol

Day 12 is a milestone!

I slept on my side!! Also, no morning boob?!!!! I mean, I can fell the heaviness of them when I shift, but that tight pain is not present today. Merry Christmas indeed!

Happy Holidays to all of you lovely ladies who are healing, healed and waiting!

First productive day

Wow. I don't know about you gals, but the Holidays wiped me out! Tired tired tired! Today miraculously, I was able to do a bunch of laundry, shop for bralettes (they are the best!) bag up all of my old super padded tiny bras and tiny shirts and give three bags to the goodwill! Phew! I found I need size medium shirts now, that's okay... For work anyway. I still have kept some small and x small for the husband lol...

I find that I'm not thinking about my new boobs 24 x 7 any more and am taking no pain relievers at all. I have been doing the massages as I am supposed to and started light cardio. Hope everyone's Holiday was lovely!


So, keeping in mind that I don't want to raise my heart rate too much, not do I want to bounce around... I have been using my Wii fit! Also a resistance ankle band for legs and butt.

Yes, the Wii fit is totally a low impact friend! I've been doing the Hoola Hoop and "walking" the wii free run lol. Kind of fun and I am moving without hurting myself! Pre surgery I did cross core Pilates and Yoga and then would have Wii fit hoopla hoop,boxing etc.. fun in between heavy workouts. I can't imagine when I can get back to cross core or Yoga... It's making me sad. I feel squishy, everywhere except boobs lol. Looks like Wii is my primary for a bit lol.. Better than nothing!! Hope everyone is well!

Kate Moss no more

So, a lifetime of being compared to Twiggy and Kate Moss has apparently done a number on my head. I feel like everyone I know is going to judge me. Dumb right? I am 41 years old, why on earth would I care. Besides it's too late now lol... But I guess I realized I sortof built a particular "look" around being the stick figure that I was and I don't know how to dress with these new boobs. Being a human hanger makes wearing anything possible, now I am really forced to consider what I'm buying, how revealing/ potentially trampy it is etc...blah. Maybe I'm just having an off day.

Moody still

When O when will I even out. Remarkably up and down. I sure wish I could just be happy with this decision and move forward. I know they look good, I don't know that they are me. Hoping going back to work full time next week will help me to stop thinking about it so much and just get comfortable.

Getting ready to go back to work

Wow! Seems like an eternity since I've been in the office! I feel pretty good about the size at this point, I'm feeling pretty good that it won't be noticeable. I AM, however, pretty anxious about my 4:45 wake up and full work day. I still get very tired fairly quickly. My work load after the Holidays is very heavy. I'm wondering if my getting tired so quickly is largely due to my being home and not in my usual routine. I think it will be good to get back to it.

I emailed my trainer about my recovery, what I'm able to do, what I'm not able to do, issues with heart rate being too elevated and let him know I'm not yet cleared for arms/chest. He is confident that he has a good lower body workout while recover. So I am beyond excited to get back to serious work outs starting Wednesday! Not to poo poo the Wii fit, it had been a great pal and keeping me even, along with resistance bands for my legs...but man am I excited to get to it! I have two sports bras to wear and cannot wait!

I may post more pics tonight after shower, looking pretty good. The areolas are not healed quite yet, but I'm trying to keep logical about how much time has really gone by, not even one month. Hope all are well :)

Day 24 picture

Still have tape on, but it is clear. Healing pretty well. Have some uneven areas on the outer edge, I'm hoping those will resolve themselves? No pucker, but sortof "wavy" edges...

Back at work!

Well, as usual there was nothing at all to be concerned about. No one noticed a thing lol... A couple of my work girlfriends who knew about the procedure wanted to see so I showed them lol. In the bathroom of course! They were super happy for me, said they looked great. They are good friends with the co worker who referred me to Dr. Bohley, she got hers in 2006, according my friends they look just as good now as they did in 2006! Lol so I feel better, got work out of the way. I have to say though, I have a car with manual roll down windows and have to badge into the parking garage... Very uncomfortable rolling up & down my windows!

Day two @ the office

I didn't hide them as well today. I wore a cardigan if sorts but it is sort of cut in at the waist. Walked into the ladies room, passed myself and was taken aback! So, I quickly unzipped the cardigan/jacket so it hung more and was ok, albeit not as warm. Sigh...I love them so much when I am home and boy does my husband love them! Lol, I hope to find some work/wife balance soon :-/

Official work out with Trainer

Well...that was heinous. Yes, he focused on lower body, yes he steered clear of chest and arms...but damn: I am exhausted! Also, laying flat flat on a yoga mat is far different than flat in bed with a pillow under your head. I felt like the implants were going to roll up into my neck! I've got a loooong way to go before getting back up to speed. After working out, my righty is very tight. It doesn't hurt at all but it is definitely tighter than lefty. I'm doing the massages now that I am home and hoping it mellows out. Not sure what happened since I didn't use my arms at all... Anyway: I felt great today at work! Just regular button up blouse and skirt, I felt like myself and wasn't feeling self conscious at all! Phew! Hope everyone is well :)

One month today and feeling awesome

Ahhhh. The 30 day mark! I am finally comfortable in my new skin, feeling more confident than ever before in my "marital life" lol. Seriously, I finally know what being uninhibited feels like and wow, what a feeling. Very liberating & what I was hoping for with this procedure. Needless to say my husband doesn't regret spring the $ in the least :)

Work was a breeze after the first 2 days. I even found myself forgetting that I even had new boobs by mid week :) Blouses and Cardigans when they feel huge does the trick, but honestly... They don't feel that huge to me any more. They have really settled and look just how I had always hoped. Full and healthy! I have been in front of my whole team and have had no issues being taken seriously, no one has gawked or stopped treating me with the same respect as before. Lots of my fears were in my head. It has worked out wonderfully and my life as a wife and IT professional can live in harmony no problem :) it's nice to feel so okay. I hope to post pics this evening. I hope everyone is well :)

Cool news

I was asked a couple of months ago to pose for a series of paintings an acquaintance is doing. I was, at the time, excited to chosen for such a project but apprehensive because of major insecurity with my chest. They are not nude my any means, but some are clothing pieces that would have looked sad and some might be bust/shoulder range and up. Also, she is an artist who shows and sells her work, these aren't just for fun :-/ So while I said I would do it, I was thinking about how to handle that part in the back of my mind. It took a long time to set the dates for the work, but now it's set and I realized I'm not tweaked out in the least. Basically, whatever she needs to me to wear/not wear for her paintings I will be okay. I can't even begin to describe how great that feels. Now it will be a fun day of art and modeling as opposed to a nerve wracking day of fear and perceived judgement. Pretty cool to feel that alright :) Thank you Dr. Bohely!


I don't get it. My belly will not go away after all of this time. I didn't have one pre surgery, i am back to full work outs, eating the same as I did before. I feel so gross and fat! My boobs look great though! Lol


I've removed my photos like many other women. Unfortunate we aren't all the free to share with each other without ick factor. ????

Follow up appt yesterday :)

Well! All is well, he said they have dropped appropriately, they are the EXACT size I requested now, the areolas look almost totally healed. I don't think one would think I had a lift via the areola without really scrutinizing my breast which... Whose going to do that anyway? Lol. I am very happy and have been cleared for upper body excercise! Oh man am I happy about that!

Truly, I feel amazing. All of my initial fears are a distant memory and I feel like a new person. Zero complications and a dream outcome!

Thanks again to Dr. Bohley for his professionalism, honesty and amazing skill. I now look forward to intimate times like never before with my husband and I love clothes shopping too... total freedom. Hooray!

Dr. Bohley is a pro! I feel complete! In my blogs it's all spelled out as to why I rate him and his staff so high. But the short of it is, he is brilliant, cares, listens, is light hearted, careful and talented! I cannot say enough about he and his staff. Funny, caring, professional people. All of them.

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