I'm 36 Years Old and I Have 3 Children. I Have Had the Same Size Breast Sense I Was 17 Years Old. Portland, ME

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Because each pregnancy my breast got big but as...

Because each pregnancy my breast got big but as soon as I was done breast feeding they went back. I am hoping I will go from my 38B to a 38D or DD. The doctor is putting 450cc silicone High profile over the muscle.
I never fully developed so this will be amazing to have. I really hope in 4 weeks that I am at the size I want. Thinking 500cc might be better but the doctor knows best!!!

Almost time for my Pre-op Appointment

Almost time for my Pre-op appointment and I am getting really excited and nervous. It's kind of funny, but sometimes I wake up and feel good, but other days I feel anxious. Almost like I am about to have my surgery tomorrow. Over all I have been taking my vitamins and eating my fruit and doing a lot of walking. I want to make sure I am 110% healthy.

7 more days

So I have been off no carbs, sugar and sodium sense my pre op appointment. I am a little heavy and because of being nervous my blood pressure was a little high. I feel over all great. I have more energy. I'm hungry all the time. Between veggy burgers, and high protein cereal. It hasn't been to bad. With thanksgiving coming tomorrow. I think I can over come the pies. :) No bread, no pasta and no fillers if possible. :)

Wow only 1 more day

December 2nd is the day. Feeling really nervous but excited. Can't sleep at night just thinking about it. Not sure if others felt the same way before surgery. Stomach feels like knots. Been keeping myself busy so I can keep my mind off of it. I bought comfy slippers to wear there and back from surgery. Pj pants and a zip up hoodie. I think I am scared on how they will turn out, the pain, and the before. I'm sure everyone feels this way. Any way posting some pre op pics.

I am now 1 day after surgery

Came home feeling tired but not to bad. Doctor Verne was amazing. Made me feel very comfortable. Went to bed last night and woke up with the them very swollen. Frozen peas are my friend today. I can get up and move around but not to much. I will post pictures soon. His office took great care of me and he is very sensitive and well intune with his patients.

Updated pic

1 day Post op. 450cc silicone above the muscle

3 days post op

Still tight and swollen. But I am able to move around more. I can lift my arms over my head. I still move slow but I am doing that so I don't hurt myself. :) I did notice some bruising under my breast. Going to keep an eye out and hope it doesn't spread.

6 days Post Op

Feeling emotional these last days or so. I was told this was normal. The mornings are my worst. Have to ice them for an hour or so before I can do anything. Ready for the swelling to go away. I know it will be a while but still ready.

8 days post op

It's been 8 days now. Feeling better every day. My scare aches some and I get those weird pinching feeling on my breast. They seem to drop some but still have a long way to go. It's nice to wear a shirt and have boobies!!!! :)

Just had my two week post op

Everything went well. My scars are looking amazing and I am free to wear what I want. ???????? I go back in 6 months.

Almost 3 weeks Post op

So I was cleared to wear what I want. So today I went bra shopping. I was a 38 very small B...... To Joe a 42D. The doctor said I will most likely get bigger. Wow

4 weeks tomorrow. Still some pain

It will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I still get a lot of pain every once in a while in my nipples. Because I was so tight below the breast I still have a lot of stretching to do. Putting ice on my breast seem to help. But I also mesage them to help the skin stretch.

Almost 8 weeks post op

Feel like my breast have dropped a lot. I am now able to sleep on my side with out my breast feeling tender. My nipples are still very sensitive. I did notice just today that I have a little burning feeling under my right breast.

May 2nd will be 5 months

My breast are amazing. They have really filled out. I was a 38 B to now a 38 DD. Amazing , just amazing.

6 months this past June 2nd

Just had my 6 month check up and I have to go back into surgery. My right breast had formed Capsular Contracture. If you don't know what that is its when your scare tissue clings to the implant and cause it to restrict the implant and make it hard as a rock. Not happy right now. :(a

Capsular contraction

So I have become that 4% to get capsular contraction. Looking at the photo the left breast has been re-done. Technically it was my right breast, the photo that I took shows the left side. Now I am afraid the other side is doing the same thing. This sucks. I have a doctors appointment in Novemeber but making another one sooner. Going on a cruise thanksgiving so the next breast will have to wait till after. If your breast are starting to feel hard and tight. Go see your doctor soon.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Walking into the facility was not like a normal doctors office. They offered coffee, water and a relaxing setting. When greated they where very nice and made you feel like you are the queen. Dr. Weisberg was a little intimidating at first but he does ask you questions about you. He tries to make you feel comfortable, but he still seems to have that serious feel when you talk to him. I hope this is good thing and that he really does care for his patient. This will be my first surgery so I am super nervous.

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