35 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'6" 125 Lbs, Scheduled for 310cc Natrelle Inspira Implants

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I'm currently about a 34b right now and would like...

I'm currently about a 34b right now and would like to be a medium to full C. Feeling pretty nervous but excited for my surgery. My kids are young and we have horses, so I'm worried about the recovery. My PS seems great and doesn't think it will be too bad. We will see! It's getting close! Question- how many of you had family, friends, coworkers notice? Did you tell people before? Not sure what to expect on how noticeable it will be.

Surgery Day!

My surgery went well but I'm having a really hard time with the anesthesia and drugs. I can't keep any water or food down and Zofran doesn't seem to help (probably because it came right back up!). My PS does the 24 hour recovery method and my boobs do feel great, it's just the nausea that I'm struggling with. I can do my arm raises and took a shower (washing my own hair). I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'm hoping the drugs are out of my system. They are high and tight but I really like the size so far.

Day Two

Feeling so much better. Slept great, just on Advil and back to working- on laptop at home. Taking care of myself, so happy with recovery now that I got the anesthesia and drugs out of my system.

6 weeks tomorrow!

I'm so excited to get my exercise restrictions hopefully lifted this week and to be able to wear an underwire bra. So far recovery has been pretty easy. My right side has definitely dropped faster than my left, but otherwise I'm happy with the results. Going bra shopping tomorrow to see what size I ended up at.
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