34, 2 Kids, 32a, Getting Silicone Teardrop Implants..255cc or 295?!

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I'm getting silicone teardrop implants put in in...

I'm getting silicone teardrop implants put in in two weeks and still have not decided on size! I'm torn between 255cc or 295 cc. Will I notice a huge difference between the two? Im going for a very natural athletic look and am worried the 295 cc will be too large for me. Any input would be so helpful! I've included photos from my PA and also "wish boob" pictures. Help!

Hears some before pics!

Every time I start getting nervous/cold feet I will just look at these and it gets me more excited to finally get some boobies!

Surgery cancelled yesterday due to sickness :(

I have a cold/sore throat, so my doctor called off the surgery do to risk of complications with anesthesia and higher risk of infection :( super bummed, but luckily we were able to reschedule for next Friday October 14th! Hoping I will recover by then!!

Last minute change from Memoryshape to Memory Gel!

My surgery is on 10/14 and I've decided to make a last minute implant change, I seriously have to be the most indecisive person on the planet!! Anyone else change their mind multiple times on the type/size?!! I was going to do anatomic now I'm scared they might be to firm and switching back to Mentors memorygel. Anyone have these and live their feel? I'm thinking 300cc or 325cc. I'm 5,9, 125 lbs, athletic frame.

Mom of 2 Getting Mentor Mod Plus Silicone Rounds, 300 or 323cc!

This site has been SO helpful for me so I decided to write my own review to pay it back! October 14th is the big day! Getting a BA is something I've always thought about but never thought I would actually do. After having 2 babies my boobs are smaller than ever, I barely fill out a 32a or xs :( it's pretty sad trying on cute lingerie that I never fill out or feel sexy in. So I decided NOW is the time, I need to do this for myself and make it happen!!! I finally decided on either 300cc or 325cc, decision to be made by my PS tomorrow, my goal is to look as natural as possible. I am very athletic and have a small frame, so really hoping I'm not going to big! My stats are 5'9, 125 lbs, 34 years old. I am nervous but also very excited!!!

On the other side!!

I did it, yay! The doctor decided that 300cc would be best since I'm really going for a natural look. The implants seem to be more in the side of my boobs which in not crazy about, really hoping they feel out the center of my chest more!! Otherwise happy with he way they look!

Post-Op Day 2

Bigger from the side!

They look so much bigger from the side angle than the front, crazy!

Day 5 Photo

Still wishing I would have gone a little bigger but liking them more and more everyday! I have a really small frame and anything bigger would have looked less natural ;)

6 days post Op!

Had my post op appt today..expressed how I was debating on whether I should have gone a larger size and he clarified again that going to 325 or 350 (I did 300ccs) would have resulted in more side boob as well as higher chance of rippling since I had very little tissue to begin with. So right now just trying to stay positive and appreciate the boobs I have now :)

Back sleeping SUCKS :(

I'm in so much pain every night! I keep trying to sleep on my side (dr said it was fine) and it's even more painful! When will I be able to comfortably sleep on my side ?!

8 days Post-op

Still very very sore, especially at night. Not swollen at all, just very sore to the touch, like when I was pregnant! Excited for the pain to go away so I can enjoy these babies ..hopefully soon! To cheer me up I went sports bra shopping and found this pink one ...how cute is this?!?

3 Weeks post BA

It's been almost three weeks, that went fast! My breasts are still very sore and tender all the time, and continue to be painful at nighttime. I can sleep on my side now, just have to move slowly when I want to switch sides. At this point they look and feel extremely natural, I never did have much swelling and feel like they dropped into place very quickly. Maybe that's because I chose a smaller implant, I'm not sure! The size is very easy to "play up" or down depending on what bra a wear. I can wear a comfy sports bra with little padding and look very natural/sporty or a Victoria's Secret push up and look a size bigger. I still may decide to upgrade down the road to 375 or 400cc but going to see how I adjust to these implants first. Overall Im very happy I did this and coming from having absolutely no boobs prior it feels so nice to be able to fill out a bra properly, and so fun to try on bras! Right now I fit into a 34C from Victoria's Secret..we will see if that changes!

6 weeks post BA

It's been six weeks and I can finally say I'm feeling great! No more soreness or tenderness! I have been running and doing upper body exercises. My scars are barely visible which is amazing! I am becoming very happy with the size. I can wear a swimsuit and give no indication that I have implants, which is really what I was going do . My PA said they reason they look so good right now is that we chose the perfect fit, any bigger and I could experience rippling, bottoming out, and other issues. All and all it was SO worth it and am very happy!!
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