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I've been waiting for boobs to come since before I...

I've been waiting for boobs to come since before I can remember. Well, puberty obviously came and went and it seems the boob fairy skipped right over me (but managed to bless every other woman in my family, just my luck, right?)
I'm sick of of looking like an 8 year old in my teeshirts and have been wearing one of those add-two-cup-sizes bras for about the last 6 years of my life. I'm sick of it. I just want my clothes to fit properly and not have to wear a bra 24/7 or risk being mistaken for a little boy or small child.
I have come to the decision that I will now pay for what puberty failed to produce and I'm okay with that! I'm so glad to have found this community as I find that I'm lacking some support from friends and family (aside from my similarly small boobed friend.) It seems that those who were naturally blessed can't understand the desire for a BA.
So, RealSelf friends, I guess what I'm looking for is support and like-minded ladies! Tell me your stories!
Additionally, if you don't mind, I'm especially interested in the financial aspect. I'm hoping to pay half up front and finance the other half. Has anyone done this? Do you have any advice? How much did you finance and what are the monthly payments like?

Went to my first consultation today

I went to my first consultation today and everything went great. The office ladies and assistants were so friendly and the doctor was warm and knowledgeable. I got a really good vibe overall.
We used the Vectra 3D imaging machine which was really just a fancy way of photoshopping boobs onto a picture of your body. The doctor assured me that my breasts won't actually be that far into my armpits and bolted-on looking. I was looking at implants between 300 and 400 ccs of moderate plus profile. The doctor said I have great natural breast tissue and shape and that I can basically go as large as I'd like, but he cautions women who have this "gift" not to go too big and take away from their "natural beauty" and recommended I go with the 300s. After he left the room, his assistant said if she were me she wouldn't rule out the 400s with a wink.
Next I got to try on some implants. The doctor said that this was mostly just to get an idea of what they feel like as far as weight goes and that it is not an accurate way to determine size. Does anyone have any experience with this? If you tried on sizers, did they look similar to the final outcome after your BA?
Looking at the 3D images, I don't see a big difference between the 300 and 400s. If sizers aren't accurate, how do I go about deciding?

Tried out some homemade rice sizers

Tried my hand at some sizers since I didn't think the 3D images that the doctor's office did were very conclusive as far as the difference in size. The sizers definitely show a difference. I tried on 300cc, 360cc, and 420cc. My husband liked the 420's and said I should maybe go even bigger. I never thought I'd go over 400! My doctor tried to sell me on the 300's at my consultation, but I really don't think I'd be happy with that size. Especially if I'm going to "lose" 25cc's by going under the muscle.

Full size pics

Question about bras and rice sizers!

For all the ladies who have already had their BA - did you stay the same band size? I'm normally a (very small) 34b and I bought a cheap 34d bra to try on the rice sizers with.
I heard roughly 210 cc's will increase you by 1 cup size, so I made my rice sizers 380 cc's since that's the smaller end of what I'm looking at getting, thinking they would fit nicely in the bra.
When I put on the bra, it really didn't feel that big - definitely not nearly as big as I'd like to be after a BA and the sizers didn't fit AT ALL, they were lumpy and bumpy and spilling out all over the place.

What am I doing wrong?!

Scheduled my surgery! It's official!

Just booked my surgery for November 23rd at 8 am with Dr. Aaron Gorin in Tualatin and I couldn't be more excited. He was my second consultation and I am soo glad I went.
The first surgeon I saw, while he produced beautiful results, kept pushing me to go smaller than I knew I wanted, as he didn't want to "ruin my natural beauty." I felt he wasn't truly listening to my desires.
My second consultation was the exact opposite. Everything was about me and what I want and what I'm looking for. The surgeon gave me a range that he thought would look best on my body for the look I'm going for (350-500 cc's) and had me try on various sizes in that range to see what I would like best. He took photos for me with my phone so I could go back and compare later. He said he strongly prefers the Natrelle 410 "gummy bear" style implants and places them subfascially, which is a technique I'm not all that familiar with. He pulled out his personal portfolio of photos of his work to show me examples of augmentations done using this technique along with the gummy bear implants. He even had photos of a woman who had traded out her silicone unders for subfascial gummy bears - they looked so natural afterward! I'm so excited to move forward with this!
Now just to choose a size...

They don't have the size I want in the style I want!

When I tried on sizers, my favorite ones we're the 397's. Well of course, my Dr said in the Natrelle 410 style, they only carry 371 or 421. He said he could use the Sientra's in 397, but he highly prefers the Natrelle. I'm not sure 371 will be big enough, but I don't want to feel huge either. I also would really rather stick to the Natrelle's. Wahhh.

Preop today!

Just completed my Preop appointment and I now have less than two weeks to go until my surgery date! Decided on 421cc gummy bear implants placed dual plane with a crease incision. Now to just pick up my prescriptions and try not to spend all my waking moments thinking about how excited I am!

T-One Week until surgery!!

Ahh I feel like this has been sooo long in the making and it's finally almost here! I'm so excited! Trying to tie up loose ends, make sure I have everything I need and keep my head where it belongs for the time being. I've got all my meds, stocked up on meals and snacks, my wedge pillow is ready and the house is clean (for now lol) I bought two comfy sports bras for now until I know how big I'll be.
Also I wanted to mention how truly awesome my PS and everyone who works there is! I had a veterinary emergency with my pup who had her eye punctured and had to take her in to the local emergency clinic where they did surgery. Not thinking, I put the charges on my Care Credit card, which I planned on using for my surgery. I realized this afterward and immediately paid off the charges. A few days later at my preop appointment, when I was supposed to pay off the balance of my surgery, I was told that my available balance did not reflect the payment I had made a few days earlier. She said no big deal, she would keep an eye on it and make the payment when it was available. Today, my PS's office emailed me to let me know the full balance still wasn't available. I immediately called Care Credit to find out what was going on, as the money had cleared from my bank account the day after submitting the payment and I was told that since the payment was "larger than my usual payment," they placed a ten day hold on it and there was no way to bypass it, but that the hold would be up by Friday. I let my PS office know and they told me not to worry, as long as it got paid Friday all was well! I just can't believe how willing to work with me they are, I'm so impressed and grateful. It says in the paperwork that full payment must be made 14 days in advance and here I am paying on the business day right before my surgery. I definitely picked the right practice!

Less than 12 hours until surgery!!

Still can't bring myself to post nude upper body photos, so here's some before pics with two sports bras and an old bikini top so I can compare afterward. I wish I had taken these a few weeks ago, I recently switched birth control methods and my new pills made my boobs go up half a cup size! They look much bigger than they did before I switched. Anyway, I'm so excited! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight! ;) See you ladies on the other side!

I did it!!

Everything went so smoothly, I got to the surgery Center at 8:15 this morning and was on my way home by 11! The doctor said they look great, I'm all bandaged up currently and can't remove them for a few days, so the suspense is killing me a little bit. I got 421cc Natrelle 410 gummy bears in moderate height and full projection.

Currently I feel like my chest got run over by a train and everything time I attempt to eat, I throw up or at least feel like i'm going to, but that's how I've felt every time I've gone under anesthesia, so I'm not really concerned about that. I can't wait to unwrap these babies!

My PS just called and gave me the go-ahead to unwrap!

They originally told me not to unwrap until tomorriw, but my ps said they wrapped me really tight and if it was uncomfortable to take off the wrap and use a snug sports bra instead, as long as I keep the strap on. Can't wait to wash off the marker, I think that's what's making it look scary. Other than that, I'm so excited about them and I think they're perfect! Can't wait until they start to soften up!

Incision pics!

They look humongous :\

Day 2

I'm feeling a ton better today, haven't needed any pain pills, just sticking to Tylenol for now. My right side is still pretty sore, making it somewhat difficult to stretch that arm out all the way. But I just got out of the shower and it felt so nice to be in there! I almost didn't want to get out. I tried to wash off most of the marker, but it's hard to do with no mirror lol. I got straight out of the shower and applied some Vitamin E oil to prevent stretch marks, man this stuff is sticky! Anyway, posting some more photos, they look so shiny and sticky because of the oil haha.

Day 3 Update

I only bought one sports bra and a soft bralette type thing before surgery, so I figured I'd need a few more to get me through the next several weeks. I just drove to Freddy's, which is about a mile from my house, and tried on a few things. Their size selection was very limited, especially in band sizes 34 and 32, so I grabbed a few 36C's and 36D's since my rib cage feels a bit swollen anyway. The C's we're very tight on me, but the D's fit pretty well! So I'm thinking since 36D is a sister size of 34DD and 32DDD/E, that that might be where I end up after everything settles! Woohoo!

Anyway, I'm doing great pain wise, I took one before bed last night and another in the middle of the night, but haven't needed any this morning so far. Hopefully it stays that way!

Day 4

I feel almost back to my regular self, except more tired and a little sore. I can do pretty much everything and have almost full range of motion with my arms (even though I'm not supposed to move them much, oops). My boobs are definitely feeling more soft and squishy today and when I bend forward I can actually feel them move a bit.

I was really nervous yesterday as it was Thanksgiving and all of my family was getting together for dinner and I still haven't told anyone in my family. They are pretty judgemental when it comes to cosmetic procedures and things like that. A few years ago, my mom's doctor recommended Botox in order to combat her frequent migraines and there were a few family members who weren't even on board with that. But everything went smoothly and nobody noticed, or if they did, they didn't say anything, ha. I'm hoping for the same thing when I go back to work on Monday. The way I see it, it's nobody's business but mine and I don't need to involve anyone else unless I choose to.

So happy with my results so far! Can't wait to keep dropping and fluffing!

10 Day Update

Hello RealSelfers! Today is 10 days post op and I'm finally starting to feel like these things are a little bit more part of me and a little less bolted on. I feel pretty great and have to keep telling myself to slow down so I don't ruin my new investments haha. They're finally starting to drop a bit more and my left side is moving more quickly than my right. I am actually surprised that they're not nearly as big as I thought they were going to be and I guess I'm hoping that when they drop they'll look a bit bigger? I know that's unlikely and I'm extremely grateful for what I have in any case. It's just funny that I was concerned that they were going to be massive, but I think they actually look smaller in clothes than my add-two-sizes bra. But I love the way they are looking in bras and bikinis! I guess it's just more of the waiting game for now and looking forward to continuing to heal. Overall, I'm still happy I went through with this and can't wait to go shopping for my new curves!

I was naughty and bought some new bras!

I can't wear underwire bras for a good long while, but these were on Cyber Monday clearance for $4 each and at I can't afford NOT to buy them at that price, right?! I got 3 of them in a 34DD since that was one of the only sizes they had left and they all fit pretty snug, yay! I'm hoping they stay this size, but continue to D&F.

The right side is still definitely higher, but they are getting noticeably softer and feeling better. The massages are still super weird and uncomfortable, so I haven't exactly been doing them, but I've been wearing my strap to bed every night in order to compensate. The bottom half of both of them is still pretty numb.

I've been using ScarAway gel and the strips at the same time for a few days now. I'm not sure if it works better doubled up that way, but I'm seeing progress, so i'm going to keep doing it. Loving my new additions more every day!

3 weeks as of yesterday!

They're really starting to feel like part of my body now, aside from when I get too cold, brr! I still have numbness on the lower half of both of them, which is really annoying, but I'm not concerned. The more they settle, the happier I am with my size. Having cleavage is awesome! I still occasionally get weird zips in my boobs, which aren't painful at all, it just feels like a super intense itch jolt through. I guess it's the nerves regenerating? Hey, if it means getting back feeling, then zip away!

I really need to be better about doing my massages, it's not really uncomfortable anymore it just isn't something I want to spend time on haha. I have still been wearing my strap to bed every night in hopes that I'm helping the healing process along. Plus, I find wearing it helps keep me from rolling around while sleeping. I can't wait to wear real bras! Gotta ask my PS about when I am able to do that. I go back for my 4 week check in next week, so I will be sure to ask then. Also really looking forward to having a bath! My back could really use it. Speaking of, has anyone gotten a back massage since having a BA? How long did you wait? Need to ask my PS about that too. I hope all of you are doing well!

One month today!

Just got back from my one month check in with my PS and I am officially cleared to do everything except upper body weight lifting, which I don't really do anyway. Hooray for wearing normal bras! He said I am healing fantastically and they are dropping nicely. I'm starting to get feeling back in my right boob, but everything below the nipple on my left is still pretty numb.

I decided to come home and put on one of the new bras I just bought... they're so tight now! My boobs are now muffin topping out of them when just a few weeks ago they fit perfectly. Looks like I'll need to do some more shopping, oh darn ;)

Just for fun I decided to try on some new bikinis even though I won't need any for quite awhile. I used to wear a size small, so I grabbed some medium tops thinking that would be sufficient. I was wrong haha. Looks like I will be needing a large on top from now on.

7 weeks 2 days

Most days I forget I've even had a BA until I look down and see my new friends. Funny how that happens. The bottom half of both boobs is still numb, really hoping to get some feeling back soon. I've seen a lot of women on the site say they have the same numbness and this stage and that it doesn't bother them, but for whatever reason, it really bothers me! They also are not nearly as jiggly or bouncy as I would like them to be, but my dr assures me that they'll soften up more in time. Guess I'm just being impatient.
I still have yet to go get professionally fitted and probably will hold off until the 3 month mark just to be sure my size won't change any more. I did buy one more cute bra in a 34DD because it was on clearance for $5! I couldn't pass it up.
Overall, still excited I got this done and really looking forward to summer so I can finally go braless and wear some cute strappy sun dresses and bikinis that don't have 6 inches of padding in them! ;)

Trying on my old swim suits

So I decided I needed to go through all my swim suits to figure out what I can still keep and what I need to replace. Turns out I'll be replacing all of them. I was busting out of those things all over the place! I'd be afraid to go out in public and have a major wardrobe malfunction. Welp, looks like I'll have to go bikini shopping!

Almost 5 months post op!

I can't believe it's been almost 5 months already! I am so so happy with the results of my BA, they are getting softer and squishier every day. Can't wait for bikini season to officially start! Still have some areas of numbness on the underside of both boobs, but the numb area is definitely getting smaller as time passes. I love being able to wear clothes now without a bra and not feel self concious of my itty bitties. Just bought some silicone nipple covers so I won't poke through my tops ;) anyone tried those before?

Before and after

Same shirt, no bra, huge difference!
Dr. Aaron Gorin

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