23, No Kids, Slender Frame, surgery done, 360 HP Saline*

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Hey there everyone! I'm 23 no kids and I wear a...

Hey there everyone! I'm 23 no kids and I wear a 32/B (which is really the same as an A cup) I have wanted a breast augmentation for years as I knew in my teens I wasn't going to get them naturally. I have had a couple consultations and I am confident I have found a great doctor to do my surgery. When trying on the sizers at the doctor's offices I tried on all the way up to 350cc's but after a week of looking at pictures of other girls with similar body types I have decided not to go that big. At this point I am thinking slightly over 300cc's. Ultimately whatever will give me the best shape. I have chosen saline and will do moderate profile. Surgery will be after the holidays but I will do before pics soon and try to document as much as I can about the surgery and the after results to hopefully help other girls out there :)

4 Months is soooo long to wait!!!

I am obsessed with this site and I have never looked at so many boobs in my life lol! After doing some more research I am leaning towards high profile to give me more projection and fullness. I have a narrow ribcage and not much breast tissue to begin with so I'm thinking a smaller implant might be better for me?? Of course like everyone else on here I am obsessing over size, I just don't want too big or too small and the decision is so difficult. When I think about surgery I get nervous but I am also tired of not having the body I want! It's going to be so tough to wait until after the holidays and I also need to make sure I get my butt in the gym so Thanksgiving and Christmas don't ruin my figure since I'll have to wait to exercise for weeks after the surgery. I am looking for suggestions for those stretchy yoga type sports bras. Any advice is appreciated!!

More Wish Pics!!!

Hey all I wanted to upload some more wish pics since I'm obsessed with this site. My favs are of Jenah Yamamoto, she got 300cc silicone but I do not know the profile or placement. She is pretty slender and has a narrow chest so this is the size I'm looking for. Feel free to steal any pics you like...hopefully this helps some of you girls out there!

Pre-Op Pics

Hi girls...just wanted to upload some pre-op pics so you all could get an idea of my size. Any suggestions/advice welcome. Things I have addressed with my doctor is the prominent "dip" in the center and that my breast bone sticks out on the left side quite a bit. I have been told these are not cause for different size or placement and getting a BA will conceal how prominent they are but not eliminate it. One of the Dr's I saw in my consultations said he doesn't want me to feel bad about my breasts but he points out the imperfections so that after the procedure (when I'm staring at my boobs all the time) I am not surprised when I notice things I never saw before. His reasoning seems sound haha. Anyway I wear a 32B because my chest is so narrow and I want the extra push up. I am 5'7" and about 115 lbs. Hopefully this will help some of you out there!


I meant my breast bone sticks out more prominently on the right side...ooops

Having a Bit of a Dilema....

So I heard about a doctor in St. George Utah from a family friend that lives in Utah and she says I should go there for my surgery because its less expensive. Saving money is great but I am also wondering if flying there and staying in a hotel etc.. is all worth it...Gah why do all these decisions have to be so difficult?? I live in Oregon and although it's not the most expensive area for ba's it's kind of up there...I know places like Florida are less expensive since there are so many doctors and a higher demand there but there's no way I'd fly that far. So I am thinking Utah is possible..its about an hour drive to the airport then a 3 hour flight to Utah. The doctor has a lot of out of town patients so he recommends a couple hotels that are less than a mile away from his facility. Honestly I have been very happy with how quickly he gets back to me via email and he is emailing me personally plus he has been super nice and answered literally a ton of questions for me....I have until January to make the final decision I guess but I am leaning towards going out to Utah for my ba. Anyone else fly out of state? How soon after your procedure did you fly? How was the pain etc..?

Just about 3 months to go!

So excited and I can't stop looking at boobies lol. I have come to terms that I won't look exactly like my wish pics but I have been flat chested for so long I just want them a little bigger! I have had multiple doctors tell me my best bet will be to go with high profile and stay in the low 300cc range since I am so narrow and honestly I don't want too big bc I still want to be me and not look too busty. Thanks for all the support from you ladies! The wait is killing me lol

3 Months!

I have just about 3 months to go until boobyville and I am getting so excited! I was able to put another $1,500 into my Boob fund and its making me so anxious for it to be my turn already :)) I bought a soft bralette from Victoria secret for after surgery...hopefully my ps will say I can wear it right away since it's the cutest one I've been able to find so far. Everyone's support on here is appreciated so much and I love reading everyone else's stories so hopefully mine will help some other ladies!

Just about 2 months to go!

Just a quick update I have a little over 2 months to go now. Hopefully the holidays will keep me distracted and make time fly by! My current plan is to fly into Las Vegas and spend a day there seeing a few things since I've never been then drive over to St. George to have my consultation with the Dr. Its a 2 hour flight for me and then a 2 hour drive to the office. After my pre-op consultation I will go into surgery the next day and then hopefully smooth sailing from there! Question for the ladies that went out of state..I am very concerned about flying after surgery and the pain...if anyone did something similar I'd love any advice! On another note I am seriously considering getting Juvederm when I go in for my BA...the Dr. said he could do it while I'm under which is a major plus for me because I absolutely hate needles. I don't want big crazy puffy lips but just a little more full...my top lip is pretty thin so I would like a little more volume. The Dr. said 1 syringe of Juvederm xc is $500 which is the same where I live here so it seems fairly standard. I attached a picture of my currently..input appreciated!

Pre-op and Surgery Scheduled!

I paid the deposit, bought my plane ticket and reserved my hotel! It feels nice to make some major progress after months of waiting and planning. I was expecting to feel more nervous/excited than I do but I guess it just hasn't hit me quite yet. I will just have to patiently wait another 2 months. My boyfriend will be traveling with me and we are flying into Las Vegas a day early to see some of the sites then off to St. George Utah for my surgery...I can hardly wait!

44 Days!

So I am in a bit of a dilemma at this point....I may have a new job opportunity very soon and I am worried about taking too much time off so soon. I did let them know I was "visiting family" haha and I had already purchased my plane ticket so it was not an option to post-pone but I am concerned that they won't want me to take very many days off since I will be brand new and in training still. what was the shortest amount of time you ladies waited before going back to work? I have a desk job so no physical activity involved and it would be a regular 8 hour day...i was thinking i could hopefully go back 4 days post-op..maybe that is just wishful thinking. Idk what to do yikes! on another note I only have a month and 2 weeks left to go!

2 & 1/2 Weeks!

I am starting to get really nervous/anxious and keep feeling like I am forgetting something....I ended up getting a new job and am currently in training but I was able to schedule my time off with them already and am just hoping it doesn't cause any issues. I still feel like going through with getting boobs is all kind of surreal and hasn't fully sunk in yet. I just stood in the bathroom the other night staring at myself and thinking how much I hate being so flat chested...honestly that is what keeps me focused and motivated to go through with this but I am still really scared. Advice/encouragement is greatly appreciated!

Pre-op today

Had my pre op today and will be going in tomorrow to the surgery center at 10am. I am super nervous at this point and can imagine it will be even worse tomorrow! I've been told no food or liquids after midnight tonight. Just have to go pick up my prescriptions and last couple items then I'm all set!

Surgery done!

Had my surgery today and to my surprise I was only in the surgery room for 30 minutes! I discussed size with my Dr between 325 to 350cc hp but ultimately I wanted to leave it up to my Dr to use his judgment...I ended up with 360cc hp unders! Super high tight and swollen right now. Will update with pics once I'm feeling up to it.

Day 1 post-op

I was in major pain after surgery but they gave me a lot of pain meds and so far I've stayed on top of them...I am taking half of the prescription pain meds every few hours along with extra strength Tylenol as needed. I have a pretty low pain tolerance but it honestly hasn't been too bad. I had to make it through the airport then a couple hour plane ride and an hour car ride to get home today. It's a little hard to breathe deeply and my chest feels really tight but other than that I think I'm doing pretty good for only 1 day post op.

5 days post op

Still high and tight..sleeping on my back is absolutely killer! I am still in a lot of pain and definitely not ready to go back to work. I think most of the pain is because of the large gap I have between my breasts and my dr had to go as close together as possible so it was more invasive than I think it normally would have been. Hopefully they start dropping soon because I really don't like how weird they look...how long did you ladies have the high square boobs???

Post op 9 days

I think they're looking less square?...it's hard to tell but they seem a little better in clothes already. They're still pretty hard though. My dr said I no longer need to wear the surgical bra or a bra at night if I don't want. Sleeping is still kind of hard because I can't sleep completely on my sides yet. I am also doing a couple massages to help the implants settle as close together as possible

3 1/2 weeks post op

Still trying to be patient with the d&f process but I feel like I've not had any significant change and I'm almost to 4 weeks. I wouldn't mind except that it's very hard to hide in clothes since there is so much still at the top. My Dr doesn't use the strap so any ideas to make them drop faster? I've been wearing very lightly lined bralettes or tank tops with the built in bra so they aren't being held up all the time.

Forgot the pic

One month boobie anniversary!

Still have a ways to go but happy with my results so far. I'm hoping they look bigger as they drop because I don't think they look very big in clothes. Scars are coming along nicely too and i have been putting bio oil on them usually at night after I shower. I still wake up multiple times a night with "morning boob" but I have been sleeping on my side now. I have been doing massages and they feel a lot softer but I've noticed my left one has been making noises sometimes and I can feel it moving when I move my arm which has been super weird.

7 weeks post op

I haven't been on here in awhile so I wanted to post a quick updat. I don't feel like much has changed over these last few weeks and I am getting pretty discouraged with how they look. I thought they would be more normal by now and the d&f would have happened. They are softer than week one but still pretty firm and high. Any ideas to get them to soften up? I see girls with really squishy boobs by the one month mark and I'm almost at 2 months now. I do think my scars look pretty good so far and I haven't really been putting anything on them.

2 months

Still waiting for my implants to fuller drop and soften up...I feel like there must be something wrong since they haven't by now. I massage them when I think about but I'm gonna be honest I definitely don't do it every day! I'm supposed to go on a boating trip for Memorial Day weekend which will be the first time people see me in a swimsuit after my surgery and I want them to look good. Any tips to help them drop? I've been taking vitamin E lately but haven't noticed a change. My bf says they are looking more normal and they are but I still have a ways to go!

Got sized today!

So I went into Victoria secret for swimsuits and thought I might as well get sized to satisfy my own curiosity. I was sized at a 32DD! I thought holy crap that's way bigger than I really am lol. I tried on a few bras and they were pretty uncomfortable..I think I'm just not used to that much bra and coverage. The girl helping me said I could go down to 32D and see how I liked that but each style will fit differently. I got the swim top but didn't buy a bra yet because I'd like to find something a little more comfortable. I'm happy I did it:)

Swimsuit Season

So happy that I can feel confident and sexy in swimsuits now! Went to California for a few days and I was thankful every day that I went through with my surgery. It has been totally worth it! All my girlfriends say they look awesome too:)

Quick Update

Just wanted to post a quick update...I finally feel like my boobs have dropped down to where I want them. They are still a little firm but I can move them around a lot more. I do wish they were bigger because I think they look good naked but in clothes I don't see much of a difference. I am very happy I went through with my surgery. life is definitely better with boobs and the confidence boost its given me!

4 months post op!

I can't believe it's already been 4 months! My boobs are completely even and the same size on both sides. I never had one drop more quickly than the other..it seemed like one day I woke up and I thought they were in the exact right spot. I love having super perky boobs and wouldn't want them anymore natural.
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