Bilateral Müllerectomy (Eyelid Surgery) for Ptosis -Portland, OR

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My procedure is scheduled for tomorrow and I...

My procedure is scheduled for tomorrow and I wanted to add photos and information now so that others might follow along with the surgery and recovery. Müllerectomy is (apparently) done from beneath the eyelid. I have been putting off the surgery for a few years. I am now 62 (soon to be 63) and this issue came up at least 5 years ago. My surgeon has been patient with me in my hesitancy to move forward. I am photographed a fair amount (because of my profession) and over the years I've had a funny quirk...whenever a camera is around I raise my brows (thereby making my eyes look much more normal). Indeed, most photos of me have looked quite good because of this habit. Recently I was photographed without my knowledge and THAT photo tells more of the truth. I have also tried to relax my face to take another 'before' in anticipation of surgery. I'll have general anesthesia. Thanks for following along with me. :)

Surgery done!

I got to the waiting room on the early side and checked in. They came and got me right away and put me on a gurney type bed. There were other surgery patients lined up like this behind curtains. The nurses had trouble starting my IV...but that is not the first time that has happened to me. I guess my veins are small. A nurse anesthetist managed it and explained that they were not going to do a general (as I had thought)...rather, they'd do a sedation thing. He explained I'd likely be aware of things. However! as soon as he put something in my IV I was out like a light. I did not hear a beep or a word until I woke up in the same little place I'd (apparently) left from. When I woke up it was like looking through several pieces of gauze. My h who brought me told me that one eye looked far more open that the other. He photographed it for me. I told him I know from all my friends here...that we can't look at things like that. (Though I worried later wondering if my 'best' eye was somehow mixed up with my 'worst' one). Hours all looks better to me. I still can't see all that well. I am just having the mullerectomy, no in-the-crease sutures..the sutures are under the lid. I do have some irritation...but it is not awful. I haven't taken pain pills--no need yet. I will upload photos tomorrow.

The day after

Hello friends,

Thank goodness I am fully aware that things change.. because right after surgery my eyes looked quite asymmetrical. My h was also looking at it going...'er'....But, within hours my eyes looked much better. (It did worry me at first...that maybe my worst eye was going to stay looking as it had and the other one was going to look way open...but then I remembered the things I learned here...things like 'don't freak out'). Additionally, I have it on good authority that my surgeon is some sort of a I have an inner calm that goes with that!

Mine are under the lid sutures, so I guess I won't have the amount of bruising I have seen on other eyelid surgery photos here. (Though, it is only day one, so perhaps there is more bruising to come).

I would describe what I've felt mostly as mild big pain. One eye does feel like more happened to it than the other. I am enjoying rest with bad movies and two big cats. h is waiting on me.

My eyes didn't shut all the way,at first... but I was prepared for that and frozen pea bag with washrag shut out the light. Today they shut. Hooray.

No pain pills necessary. They did give me a rx for steroids, to control swelling.

I had this done lbecause my eyesight has been compromised (and I think I can already see much better--though right now, of course, everything is blurry and I don't like looking at things for very long). Any cosmetic benefits are going to be a by-product...but I think I can tell that this is going to look just fine.

All my life I've been told I have nice eyes, so when one went 'wonky' I was not happy about it...but I was also quite concerned about surgery that would make me come out looking altered.

Here are new photos. I did a side by side for comparison also. It is just day one...what do you think? better?? :)

Brief concern but now... happy!

After my last update I was surprised by more changes. I developed what seemed like an extra wad of skin over both eyes (see photos). Whoa! What the what?? My first few days had been fine....good what was this? It was concerning, but I thought ---well, the surgeon did say if I need further work down the road that he could do it. The plan for me had been to only do the under-the-lid Mueller (tightening the muscle) and nothing else, because I didn't have excess skin prior. (Then I 'developed' extra skin! geez! ) If you follow along with the photos you'll see the issue seems to have resolved itself with time. My eyes don't look 100% symmetrical, but I think this is such an awesome outcome I am not going to quibble. I got a little used to one eye going half-masted (see photo #1) so, a few millimeters are of no consequence to me. I'll probably do one final photo down the road with real makeup in a few weeks. If you are 'older' like me and want to do this, don't hesitate. I can now see better and I look improved!
Portland Oculoplastic Surgeon

My eye doctor sent me to the Casey Eye Institute for evaluation for ptosis. She told me to try to see Dr. Dailey because he is the BEST. Dailey's office will not volunteer before and after photos. I assume they would if you ask them. I elected NOT to ask, because I had great confidence in him from the start and I am aware that no doctor is ever going to show you anything bad anyway! Dailey seems more concerned with function than beauty....but it is clear, when you go to him, you will 'get both'! I chose Dailey for his reputation (which is stellar, my family doctor recommended him too). I'm super pleased with the outcome. I can't say what the cost is, as it was/is covered under insurance and I don't have all the details as yet.

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