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May 2, 2014 - All of the reviews here for...

May 2, 2014 - All of the reviews here for coolsculpting are from what i deem as "already thin" people. I am 5'7", 190lbs and i wear a size 16 jeans. I'm a big girl. I went into my doctor to discuss liposuction and he recommended coolsculpting. Apparently I have really strong abs underneath all this flab, and having someone take care of me for a few days would be really hard to organize, not to mention lipo would be double the price. So this seemed the way to go.
I made the appointment on Monday and I was in that same Friday. I purchased the "Bye Bye Belly" package which covers 5 points. I thought it was 3 points on my tummy and 1 point each on my flanks (love handles). Once in the chair, i was told that my left flank was substantially larger than my right and they would have to do 2 points there, so my upper abdomen was not done. Disappointing, but I guess I'd rather be proportionate.
First they did the large applicator (2 points) in my lower abdomen. The original suction hurt, I won't lie. It pinches something fierce. But that only lasted a minute. At worst, I would say the rest of the procedure (1 hour) was mildly uncomfortable. Truth is, i dozed off for a bit. For the flanks, i had to sit up, or I probably would have fallen asleep then too. All in all, the procedure took about 5 hours for 4 treatments.
I had some mild immediate bruising and tenderness, but really nothing bad. I just feel like someone used my waist as a punching bag. It doesn't hurt unless you poke it.
Today is the day after the procedure and there is definitely some bruising. you can see where the machine pinched and in certain spots, it looks very much like i have hickeys. I am a little bit swollen and it's most obvious only because the swelling is specifically where the applicator was. I posted pictures I took immediately after getting home from the procedure and I will keep updating the results become more obvious.

May 12th

It's been exactly 10 days since my procedure. There was some immediate swelling after, which has now gone away. With the exception of a couple bruises, I look exactly like I did pre-procedure. The only weird thing I've noticed is a sort of phantom itching deep inside that i can't get to. There is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. It just kind of feels like.. well like my fat underneath the skin is numb. The skin itself is not numb. It's hard to describe. All in all, very happy so far. Just keeping my fingers crossed for good results.

June 1st

Nothing new to report. I don't anticipate any results in the next few months, but will keep updating.
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