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I've always wanted a rhinoplasty. I was bullied...

I've always wanted a rhinoplasty. I was bullied fairly relentlessly through my adolescence, and my nose seemed to be one of their favorite talking points. Every time I complained to my family about my looks, they'd give me the whole "you're beautiful just the way you are!" schpeel. Of course I appreciate that sentiment on a human level, but it left me without much support in my pursuit of a new nose. If I were, say, Ghandi or Jesus, maybe I wouldn't have felt the pressure to conform to these idiotic beauty standards. Turns out, I'm just a regular girl who (like everyone else) has internalized the pressures of the media, my peers, etc. Maybe I am getting too philosophical here, but this is something that I seriously considered before my procedure. Should I really spend $11,000 just to make myself more aesthetically pleasing to strangers? Is plastic surgery a good investment for a less-than-affluent twentysomething? My gut tells me yes (obviously, because I had the procedures), but only time will tell.

I chose my doctor, Dr. Chan, based on his specialization in facial plastic surgery, his double board certification, and his educational background at Stanford and the Cleveland Clinic (if Cleveland Clinic can handle full face transplants, they can surely handle me). To be honest, I was a little hesitant prior to my surgery, because there aren't as many photos and reviews of Dr. Chan's rhinoplasty work compared to other doctors in the Seattle/Portland area. What sold me is the fact that Dr. Chan seems like a genuinely nice guy. His staff, especially Yvonne, is also really awesome. In hindsight, I've never felt rushed or pressured. Also, they both give you their cell numbers once you've committed to surgery, which is a very nice/comforting gesture.

On the day of my surgery, I completely chickened out. I was in the hospital gown with an IV in my arm, but I could not stop crying. I was terrified of the anesthesia. I ended up leaving that day, but before I left, Dr. Chan and the nurse were really understanding. I immediately regretted my decision, and Yvonne went out of her way to reschedule my surgery ASAP. I felt like an awful person for doing this, and it was really embarrassing. Yvonne and Dr. Chan both managed to make me not feel like an idiot for freaking out.

Right now, I am one week post-op. Although I'm pretty swollen, I am quite happy with the shape of my nose. I know that it's only going to get better as it heals, but even so, the nose I have right now is much better looking than the one I had before. I'm kind of a design freak/perfectionist who reads too many fashion blogs, so I was expecting to be disappointed. And I'm not! At all! I guess it's true that you get what you pay for! As for the chin- it's still swollen and numb, but I think it will be fine once normal function returns and the swelling subsides. The rhinoplasty alone was nearly painless and my bruising was minimal. I was up and walking my dog at day four. The chin implant was moderately painful for a few days, but nothing that a couple Vicodin couldn't fix. Sleeping and eating have not been great over the past week, but that's to be expected. I'm hoping that the swelling in my chin subsides by week two.

I'll post updates!

Unhappy with results

I was hopeful at first, but now that some of the swelling has subsided, I've realized that I have significant asymmetry in my nostrils. One of them is notched, and their sizes are noticeably different. I also have a large, bony hump on one side of my bridge. Somehow, my bridge looks wider now than it did before surgery. My columella is hanging low, my tip is high, and it just does not look right. The notched nostril is really the worst part. There is also a large bump on one side of my chin, and I'm not sure why. My second follow up appointment is next week, so hopefully my doctor will be able to make me feel a little better. The notch in my nostril is what's bothering me the most right now. I'm hoping that this is still due to swelling, but I'm not so sure. It's looked the same since I woke up from surgery.

biggest mistake i've made in my life

the asymmetry in my nostrils seems to be getting worse. i saw dr. chan for a one month follow up, and he said he would fix my nostrils but not until a full year has passed. it's pretty ridiculous considering how butchered my nose looks. i've added photos so you can see exactly how depressing my situation is. i feel like i could have gone to a third world country and gotten better results than this. now i'm $11,000 in debt and just as insecure about my appearance as i was before my surgery. total waste of money.

Getting seriously angry.

It's been four months, and my nostril isn't getting any better. It's depressing and stressful, and I don't know what to do. Big, weird notch/flare thing is in full effect.

There is still a large bulge on the bridge of my nose where the hump was removed. I guess the bulge is being caused by a cartilage graft.

There's something that's just generally aesthetically unpleasing about the tip of my nose. It's still kind of bulbous in a weird (but different) way, although it might just be because my nostrils are weird as hell/the middle part is low and droopy.

I also want to mention that the nostril seems to be lacking support (cartilage or whatever gives it shape? I'm not a doctor). It's kind of soft and flappy as opposed to the more normal looking side. Of course, I'm not a doctor... so I don't know if it even matters.

I went through the holidays without having one photo taken of me. I've actually had people ask me "what happened?" like I got injured or something. Yayyyy! If I had a disposable amount of money, then it wouldn't be as big of a deal. However, I saved up for a long time (paid $2000 cash) and worked really hard to get good enough credit to finance this procedure. Also, as stated in earlier reviews, it SUCKS to make that big ol' monthly payment when you're so disappointed in the outcome.

Of course this would happen. I have terrible luck.

After I posted my first negative review, Dr. Chan called a few times from his cell phone. Then I received texts and calls from Yvonne, as well as a card. I got freaked out and hung up the phone, which I realize is not an appropriate response. BUT! I was caught off guard seeing as the call was from a San Francisco phone number on a Saturday morning. It made me kind of uncomfortable that they were contacting me outside of the office setting. I wasn't sure whether to feel threatened (RealSelf mafia, lol) or comforted by the gesture. I am admittedly lacking in social skills, so... yeah.

At my last appointment, the girl at the front desk said she would call me in December to schedule a follow up, but that never happened... lol.

I won't be reading any comments, as they tend to make me feel worse.

I've included more photos for your enjoyment. :-/

going on month 5...

still nothing new. plus it's starting to hurt, which is confusing.

still feeling pretty terrible about the decision.

I think something is wrong...

I've been feeling pressure/throbbing in the bridge of my nose off and on for a few weeks. Now I can also see and feel a line running vertically down the bridge. The feeling tends to get worse if I bend down to pick something up, or if I'm exercising.

Now I have to go to my family doctor to see what's going on.

about 14 months post op

just an update!

my weird nostril is just as weird, if not weirder and more obvious, than it was in the beginning. i'll have to get it fixed someday, whenever i can actually afford it. i recall dr. chan telling me to "pull down" on the nostril to fix it. he also said that it's being caused by "scar tissue" and he could do a simple procedure to "loosen it up." he was definitely full of shit. it was obvious from the beginning that there was a bunch of cartilage missing from that side of my nose, and this was confirmed when i visited another doctor about getting my nose fixed. to this day, i cannot imagine WHY IN GOD'S NAME he would bring me out of surgery with a very obviously screwed up nostril.

also, another fun problem arose! a very noticeable crevice appeared on the bridge of my nose. it throbs almost constantly, and you can see an indent extending about 1.5 inches.

there were so many warning signs. i should have waited and found a better doctor. i made a huge mistake, and i hope that i can save you the trouble i've experienced. this man should not be able to perform cosmetic surgery. i gave him a ton of money to help with my insecurities, and i feel like they've just been replaced with different ones. i do not trust anyone in this office. i feel violated, scammed, betrayed, etc. this man does not care about his patients or the outcome of his work.

Two years and still ashamed

It's been two years, and having a rhinoplasty with dr chan is still one of the worst mistakes I've made. He basically just took my $11,000 and ran. If I were him, I'd try to help in some way. I don't understand how heartless you'd have to be to disfigure someone and leave them with no options. I trusted him, and I feel like a fool for it.
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

I can't comment on his other abilities, but stay away if you're looking for a rhinoplasty. Do not make the same mistake I did.

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