SO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS! 455uhp silicone!

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I'm 19 and have been wanting to have a breast...

I'm 19 and have been wanting to have a breast augmentation for as long as i can remember! I have always been self conscious and have been were super padded push up bras for years and years, now that i have saved up 10k i've decided its time to make it permanent! I always thought the hard part would be over once i had the money but i'm now more confused then ever, and so overwhelmed with choices! I am so lost on how to make sure i pick a good dr, which type of implant, profile, size etc. i know my dr will go over all this with me at my consultation. But how do i know i'm making the right choice and will come out happy! I made 2 consultations with 2 different local drs, first being Dr.Zamora of Ormond beach and Dr.Slade of Port orange.. I've heard positive and negatives on both and BOTH of these drs i booked a consultation with a month ago and have been on a waiting list for Zamora due to cancelations i got bumped up but still he's supposedly booked out for surgery anywhere from 2-6 weeks and so far i'm thinking Zamora is going to be my first choice so if anyone has used him please any comments would be amazing.. Same for Slade! My consultation with Zamora is June 4th and Slade June 10th, and i want my surgery ASAP LOL! I'll post some pictures a little later but for now any input would be amazing!!

This is what i have now

These are my stats, I'm a 34A sometimes around my period a 34B, still torn on how big i want to go.. and i just started reading some things online that mentioned that legally i cannot get silicone until i'm 22? Can any one tell me if this is true or not?

Consultation tomorrow!

Well tomorrow at 10 is my first consultation with dr zamora and to be honest i wish my surgery was tomorrow lol! I'm SO anxious and so nervous at the same time, but still just as equally confused on what i want. My boyfriend told me tonight he thinks i should go with a full D, and i think i agree.. But he thinks i should wait till my consultation with slade to reserve a date with zamora, but i'm so ready to get everything set i don't wanna wait till the 10th for a consultation! I'm hoping to have my surgery asap! Ah Anxious ladies!


After my consultation with Dr.Zamora I knew this is exactly what I want to do and I didn't have any second thoughts. Although when I was there, I bought one of my close girlfriends with me to help me, and I think we we're both very overwhelmed because he kept asking me do you have any questions and I kept saying no and so did she… After getting home A MILLION questions started running threw my mind and although i'm confident he will do an awesome job, I find myself thinking.. what exactly am I getting, what kind of results should I expect.. I'm absolutely regretting not asking more questions! On that note, we decided what size, implant, etc we are going with but I'm VERY nervous and not at all second guessing the surgery or dr. but i'm defiantly second guessing the choices i made, I just called the office and tried to schedule a 2nd consultation and I told them i would finish paying the rest of my surgery while i'm there so hopefully they will get me in to assure myself I am making the right choice and give me the opportunity to ask the questions that have been running threw my mind since the consultation! BUT HERES WHAT HE SAID I SHOULD GO WITH and there is as of now what we are doing, He told me I was a good candidate for saline or gel, although he said i wouldn't see a difference with gel due to the amount of breast tissue that i already have? So as of now we are at a 380cc (thats already overfilled) under the arm saline with a high profile.. and that is all i know! I'M KICKING MYSELF FOR NOT ASKING MORE QUESTIONS! And although I think for me the pros and cons of saline vs gel, the saline is a better option i'm still finding myself questioning if i will be happy with that choice, I want natural.. But I do want to not have to wear a bra and still have cleavage lol! Any ladies feel this way after their consultation? Am i supposta just put all my trust in my dr. ADVICE PLEASE i'm seriously a bundle of nervous and questions lol! OH YEAH and my surgery date is the 26th of this month!!!!! 3 weeks away, post op is the day before so thats not soon enough to ask questions!

2 days post op!

Ok ladies I know I haven't updated in a while but I'm now officially 2 days post op! I went with 455cc ultra high profile silicone and I could not be more happy!

Love love loving them!

Today is day 4, yesterday they took all gauze off and these are my incisions I'm a little worried about scars now :/ I was worried 455 was going to be too big but now I'm kinda thinking maybe I should have went with 480, I've got it BOOB GREED!

Here's some day 4 pictures

1 week post op!

I'm finally feeling human again! Still so so soooo glad I did this, I'm so happy with the size! A little nervous with the space between them but I know I'm just being inpatient


I'm starting to get feeling back in my nipples, ladies the pain was not something I was expecting! When will these things start to feel real, I was embarrassed when I hugged people at a 4th of July party this weekend I felt like they we're soooo hard!


I think I'm seeing some progress here!

This is litterally like watching grass grow!

I found a savior!

Ladies although sleep has gotten better with each night I've still been so so very uncomfortable I found this amazing amazing SUPPORTIVE underarmour sports bra! So far so good, I seriously feel like I'm going to have an awesome nights sleep! I'm thinking this is a must have, wish I found a few days ago!
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