32 Yrs Old Mother of 3 Kids and Breast Fed. Want Ideal Breast Implants - Long Island NY

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I have wanted Implants for so long. I am now done...

I have wanted Implants for so long. I am now done having kids as I have a 3 yr old, 2 yr old and a 5 month old. I breast fed 2 of them. I no I would never like the silicone implants as I would always be worried about a silent rupture. I like to run and do Zumba and a lot of cardio workouts. I read many reviews as saline implant feel like water bags to many people. So when I found out about these new Ideal implant I was so excited with 2 pockets they say its less movement with the saline. So I went to my first consultation. I felt the silicone which feel real nice the old saline which I didn't like and these new Ideal Implants......Wow they feel just like the silicone. They also put a cloth over to see if I can tell them apart and right away I new which ones were the old saline but I had trouble telling the Ideal implants from the silicone. So I new these were the ones for me. But I live in NY and everything is crazy expensive here. I also need a lift too. They gave me a price just under $14,000. WOW.....They then gave me a discount for mentioning the realself web site bringing it to $12,600. No Thanks I started to search out of state. That's the only thing that sucks about getting these Ideal implant only certain doctors do them. Only 1 doctor near me and the rest in Manhattan I'm not going into Manhattan because everything is over charged because it's Manhattan. So anyway after a long search I found a doctor in Virginia Beach gave me prices right over the phone which was awesome. $4900. with out lift and $6500 or $7400 with lift depending on what type of lift I need. So I'm going to look into flights and get back to them on setting up a consultation. I have family that lives near there so I wont have to pay for hotel which is nice. I cant wait!!!!!

Ok so I made one more consultation here in NY.

I decided to make another consultation with someone who specializes in breast lifts. I spoke with others on here that went to her and they are very happy. I am excited to see what she has to say I hope I like her and her price I am tiered of doing all this research looking for the right doctor. I want my boobies already lol. So I am going this Friday 2/24/16 we will see.

I did it surgery date is all set!!! $10,000. Mentor silicone 350ccs

Ok so I ended up going with Christine Blaine in Huntington. I am very happy to say I finally found my doctor. I feel like my consultation went very well all my questions were answered and I feel very comfortable with the doctor. Dr.Blaine is so nice and kind, I was so unsure on the size and it was real nice to have her take control and pick sizes for me that wouldn't make me look top heavy when we were trying them on. I feel comfortable with what we chose, I'm getting mentor silicon 350ccs and I always thought I would never choose silicone. Its funny you go to these consultations with one thing in mind and come out choosing something else and your happy with it. I set up surgery for April 22 and put down a $1000. deposit. They are $10,000.

Anyone else out there worried how they were going to take care of your kids while healing?

I have a 3 year old 2 year old and 5 month old. I am starting to have a little guilty feeling about doing this. I never do anything for me and this is why I want to go through with this but I just cant get the guilty feeling out of my mind. I feel like at time I'm being selfish and yet at other times I'm so excited to get this done. I'm going to have help but I'm just going to miss feeling my kids against my chest till I heal. Like every morning when you hug your kids and when they lay on me at night when we watch tv on the cough, the thought of not being able to do that for me healing time makes me sad. I'm just a mix of emotions as I wait for the surgery date. April 22 is still far away I guess I will be like this until the day comes. At night I even wake up through the night thinking what am I doing why am I going to put myself through this surgery. Also I'm a stomach sleeper and that's really bothering me too. What if I cant get used to sleeping on my side or back. I just want the surgery day to come fast so I can stop feeling these crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Any other moms going through this?

About your lift?

I am so concerned about the scarring with the lift. Has anyone choose to do just implants and no lift when they were told they need the lift? If so how was the outcome and are you happy with just implants do you wish you did the lift? At one point it changed my mind and I did not want to get the implants after I was told I needed the lift, that is how much I don't want that scarring. So many people on here said they were happy they went through with the lift and thought the scarring wasn't that bad. Just curious how many people make the decision to not get the lift and only do the implants.

So i went to my doctor to be cleared for surgery today.

I did blood work, urine, EKG and doctor said everything looks great but I still have to wait 1 week for results. Also I forgot to mention at yesterdays appointment with Dr.Blaine she had me stop my birth control pills. So just to let you know if you take BC pills you need to stop 2 weeks before surgery and cant start pills till 1 week after surgery. So I'm not going to start 1 week after surgery I will just skip that month and wait for next period. So I am starting to feel like this is getting a little more real but still don't feel excited yet. I'm just thinking about how much pain I will be in. I feel like I am such a mix of emotions over this surgery as it gets closer. I just want to be done already. I want boobs already I'm tiered of waiting!!!! lol

Just some extra info....

So I decided to have a mammography before getting the breast implants. I do have a family history of breast cancer on both side of my family. So obviously if I get a referral from my surgeon insurance wont cover it. I made an appointment with my regular family doctor. We have spoke in the past about me getting checked early so I told her I would like to be checked before I get the surgery because of my family history. She agreed and I went and had my mammogram today. It wasn't painful but very uncomfortable. I really cant imagine doing that when I have implants in. They flatten out the boob so much lol. Also my insurance covered it. My insurance also covered my doctors appointment to get cleared for surgery and all my medications. I see some post saying they had to pay out of pocket I got lucky with that. Just a few more days till surgery. I cant wait !!!!!

1 Day after surgery

Its my 1st day after surgery and I feel great!!!!! So the day of surgery I woke up at 4:30 I actually slept really well that night. I showered and we left the house at 5:45. I had to be there at 9. I went to here Staten Island location. I live only 1 hour and a half away. There was so much traffic it took me a full 3 hours to get there I just made it at 9. That was horrible. Anyway they ended up starting surgery at 10:15. All the staff is so amazing the really kept my mind off the surgery. We talked about everything to keep my mind off. Then I woke up in recovery. I always here you wake up feeling a heavy weight on you chest. I didn't feel that way at all and I still don't. It felt like more of a burning and sore muscles like I lifted a lot of weights. They gave me some more pain meds I slept maybe an hour not exactly sure. Nurse helped me get ready and sent me home. We left there at 3. We hit so much traffic coming home, I didn't get home till 7pm. 4 hours to get home I was in pain from the bumps in the road. It was horrible I cant believe a total of 7 hours to go there and back I was so mad. I suggest if you live far from here Staten Island office don't go unless you the first surgery of the day. The patient before me told me she was form Babylon she left at 5 am and got there by 6am. My time there and back was just during traffic. Anyway I am taking my pain medication but it does say take 2 pills I only been taking 1. I'm really shocked at how good I feel. I am up walking around like nothing but I cant lift anything. A bottle of water feels heavy for me. I cant put my hair up, I cant lift my arms up. I slept on 2 pillows and I used a neck pillow the small ones you take in a car or on the airplane. I really suggest that it made such a difference for me. It really helped me from sliding down the pillows. Its very hard to pull yourself back up. I slept really good on my first night. I'm not doing any lifting but I'm walking around the house with my back straight up moving my arms a little higher than yesterday. I don't think I look like someone that just had surgery I feel so good. Dr.Blaine called to check on me also last night. I am very happy I went with her. Her and her staff are amazing and I recommend them. They really made me so comfortable the entire time I was there.

2 Days after surgery

4 Days after surgery

I still feel great. I'm not taking anything for pain I feel fine. I'm just taking the antibiotic. I don't no why but I feel kind of upset about my size. I wish I went just a little bigger. In clothes I still look very small. My friends and family are asking me why I had surgery for such a small size, if your going to do surgery you should have got them bigger. There all telling me I don't look any different. I feel like with clothes on I do look the same as before I got the implants. So if your undecided just go with the larger size.

6 Days after surgery

I feel great still not taking anything but antibiotics. Today my bra is bothering me. It feels very tight today. I wish i could take it off. But i think im healing real good. Hope time goes by fast i cant wait to get new bras.

6 days after surgery

So I couldn't take the pain from the bra anymore. The bra has a seem on the inside of the bra the runs exactly the same as where i have the stiches for the lollipop lift. So i bought a new bra and i feel a million times better. Also i feel like it was cutting of my circulation and giving me a hard time to breath. Also it was causing me irritation along the stitch line. I got this bra at Kmart on clearance for $10.00. Its still real tight but way more comfortable.

This is the bra i got from Kmart 10.00

14 Days after surgery

Today is 14 days after surgery. I had my appointment today with Dr. Blaine. She said I am healing very well and I have very little swelling. So there is one thing that is bothering me. My nipple on the left breast doesn't look so evenly round as the right nipple. I still need to heal so I really hope over time this starts to look better. But I really don't think over time the shape of the nipple will change because its not the scares that look bad its the shape. I will be so upset if this stays like this. Has anyone else had this issue. I feel great no pain I am not even soar at all. Also she showed me how to start massaging them. So I can start doing that as of today and I also purchased something from her office for my scares. That coast $140.00 I really hope it's worth the money.

This cost $140.00

I hope this works, serum for the scares.

5 weeks post

I get to wear any bra i want now. I still need to go get sized. Im still upset about the size. I feel like I am small. Lets see after i get sized. I have a feeling i am going to end up going bigger in the future.

I got sized today!!!

So i went to Victorias Secret and they always size you bigger. They sized me at a 34 DDD. I dont live near the Hanes underwear store but I'm going to get sized there too abd compare sizes. Hanes has sized me at a 36 C before implants.

Just an up date on my size.

So Victoria Secrets always sizes bigger I am a 34 DDD there. I went to Hanes store I'm a 36 D. Before implants I was a 36 C. I wish i was a 36 DD and i should have went with a higher profile. I actually didnt pick the profile the doctor suggested thats what would be best on me. I have moderat profile. So Im still not exactly happy with them. I also still fit in my 36 C very comfortable. I guess I'm a big C small D. That sucks for $10,000. I'm still going to give it time and hope I end up loving them.....I hope.

6 months

So its been about 6 months now. Im still unhappy with my left nipple. I feel its very oddly shapped. The lollipop scares are still hard for me to deal with. I do look better than before but having the lift real killed it for me. I have a lot of regret. They feel like apart of me now. I have no numbness problems like others. The feel so real. Maybe in a year when scares start to go away I will love them.

About my scares

So I had an appointment yesterday. I have some thick scarring around my left nipple some parts feel like a lump. The doctor actually injected it with some type of steroid to soften it. It definitely help soften it. I also made an appointment to come back in about 1 week she said she has something where she can zap my scars similar to a laser but it's not a laser. She said it will help so much with the scarring so I'll post pics the day of that appointment.

Considering doing it all over again

Im coming up on a year, this entire year I have had nothing but regret I hate everything about my implant mostly because I got the lift. I originally wanted high-profile the doctor talked me out of that because she said it my profiles look terrible. I picked my doctor because she sounded like she knew what she was talking about and she made me feel comfortable. I wanted to go bigger originally but she said due to my lift I couldn't go any bigger. Now it's time for me too start looking I want a high profile not sure what size I want but I want bigger than I am. Im 350 cc right now. When I look at these pictures my breasts to look huge. But in person they don't look as good as they look in the picture. Many of my friends and family have wondered why I paided so much money to go so small. Hearing that dont make me feel any better. I live in New York it's very expensive here I'm considering going out of state for the second time. I'm not in a rush to get them done going to do my research and meet with a lot more doctors this time. I want them done by next year at least. I hope I get what I want this time around.

1 year pictures

So I reached one year just showing some pics so you can see why I'm so unhappy. My left side this car is very red wide and thick also my nipple is shaped weird. I really hate the way things look really hoping I can find another doctor who can give me the size I want and also do something with this left nipple. So I'm still considering going to Miami for my second time. I hate to be so far but it really seems like from reviewing so many doctors all the pictures or what I'm looking for in Miami that's what I like. But I'm still going to go on some consultations here in New York. We will see.
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Blaine is so kind and helped me choose what was right for my body. She explained the differences with each implant and why the one she thought would be right for my body. The staff is so kind and they all did such a great job taking care of me. I'm so happy I chose her over the other doctors I had consultations with.

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