Completely Awful!!! if I Can Just Save One Person the Grief - Port Jefferson, NY

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It destroyed my skin. i had the micro done and had...

it destroyed my skin. i had the micro done and had a very bad reaction to it. right after i got the treatment my face was red and and inflamed. the next day i started breaking out with itchy pimples. within a week my hole face was covered with itchy pimples . my face was beat red , flaking, and the right side of my face was covered with broken blood vessels. the fold of my nose had raised red bumps and my skin was flaking off. oil would bead from my pores. all of my pores. i always had dry skin but since i had the micro dermabrsion i have excess of oil. i never had acne and i am 28 years old. i just went inn for the procedure because i wanted to improve my skin and clear up a few blackheads.

the procedure was preformed at a medical faciltiy i went back to show them what had happened. they gave me a full refund for 478 dollars.

it has been a month and my skin has improved a bit but still is breaking out and flaking i still have the broken blood vessels and pimples and sometimes my skin still turns beat red. so needless to say it is a very small impovement.

i have an appointment with a dermatologist in two days , hopefully he can help me. the micro dermabrasion ruined my skin. it was suppose to be a quick simple lunch time peel with little risk. tell that to my face!

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she ruined my skin

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