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I am a 40 year old single mom of a beautiful 8yo...

I am a 40 year old single mom of a beautiful 8yo little girl, who has made the decision to have a TT. I put on loads weight during my pg and haven't shed all of it, so I currently weigh about 99kgs (218lbs) and am 1.6m (5ft3in). I initially went to my ps for a breast lift & reduction, but on his advice have decided to have the TT first, as I will look out of proportion with perky, teenage boobies and a saggy 40yo tum. Will post pics soon

So, I put up my pics today. Most naked I've been...

So, I put up my pics today. Most naked I've been on the net :) I have been researching and reading so much since finding this site, I feel like I've made the right choice. My TT is just over 8 weeks away and I have started dreaming about post TT, walking around with these huge drains as big as shopping bags. Weird?????
I have only been for 1 consult with the ps I've chosen and he says that he prefers to do TTs with conscious sedation (cs) as he likes his patients to be up and about almost immediately. I've done some research about cs and I'm not so sure now :( Have next app with him only in June and I have so much to ask him.

I just made an app to see my ps on 20 May. Could...

I just made an app to see my ps on 20 May. Could not wait until June to ask him all I want to know. I swear this site has made my list of questions for my ps so much longer :) Do you think he'll be intimidated if I go to see him with a clipboard in hand ;)

Hey TT sistas, I have really sore abs today :( I...

Hey TT sistas, I have really sore abs today :( I have been inactive at gym since late in last
year due to time constraints. I started a workout routine night before last, concentrating on my tummy area and boy oh boy am I sore today.
I want to loose some weight before my TT so I have to start doing something. Any ideas?

So in a week I go see my ps with my list of...

So in a week I go see my ps with my list of questions I didn't ask the 1st time around! Can't wait!
I've been looking into purchasing a recliner, it seems that it would be better than being on a bed. We don't have furniture rental places in our city so I have to buy one. At least I can use it after. Well, I couldn't find a reasonably priced, comfortable, fully padded chair in the last 2 weeks that was in my price range :( as luck would have it, when at the beachfront today with my family, I find a flyer on the windshield of my car from a furniture shop and lo and behold the perfect chair in my price range. Going to contact them tomorrow to order.
Had a really great day, tired, just want to flop into bed.

Recliner bought

Just come from buying a recliner. I actually got quite a bargain because it was damaged, small mark on the seat so got it at half the price. It is sooooo comfy. Just wanted to know from tt sistas who used recliners if electric or manual was used. I've adde a pic of my recliner. I collect tomorrow

PS appointment today

I went to see my ps (folder and quezzie list in hand) today to ask him all I needed to ask. He answered all my questions patiently. He even phoned the anathaes (can't spell tonight) while I was there to clear up a question I had about coscious sedation and sleep apnea. So I will be having an extended tt with cs. I am so glad I went to see him. His receptionist also said if I need more quezzies answered to make anothe app if I want to. My mind is more at ease now.

6 weeks!!

Yikes!!! 6 weeks from today I will be in surgery!! I can't wait to be rid of this tummy. My c-sec scar itches and gets inflamed under all this extra skin. Will be so good to not have that problem.

******* 35 DAYS *****

In 35 days I will be having my tt. I am so over wearing these long baggy tops to hide my huge tummy & it's friend the overhang. I need to start getting together my supplies, have at least organized a toilet seat riser to rent. PS uses paper tape scar therapy so now I don't have to break my head looking for silicon scar sheets. Was thinking of buying from the States, but alas the ZAR exchange rates is horrendous, so I'll stick to the paper tape therapy. Think I'll go this weekend to start getting supplies.
My PS said to stay away from the arnica montana, don't know why, but I forgot to ask about the bromelain :(
I had to go to the bank to release my savings from my "Plastic Surgery Fund" last Saturday, was a 40 min wait in the queue for a 5 min consultation with the banking consultant. But it's all done, will just wait for the funds to be deposited into my account and then pay my deposits at the ps & hospital where I am having surgery done.

Supply Shopping

So I started supply shopping yesterday, got 2 "wife beaters" (tank tops) I think that's what I see some of the other tters posting and 2 super soft yoga pants. I have another yoga pants so should be enough. Will get medical supplies from DisChem next week. I forgot to say that my ps prescribed Chelafer iron tabs for me to start taking as I sometimes have a problem with my hb count when I donate blood, also I donated about 4 weeks ago, he warned me not to donate before sx. I have started taking vit C as well. Winter coming up in SA so will help with colds as well.
I am taking Evening Primrose Oil and Flax Seed tabs, omega 3,6 and 9, by when should I discontinue taking?

28 DAYS!!!!!

So in 28 days I'm having my tt! I am starting to get really nervous but excited at the same time. Going to get supplies tomorrow, want to get it all sorted. My lil girl has been ill the last 3 days and had to stay with my parents because I had to go to work to finish month end financials :( At least she's feeling a lot better today!

Some supplies

I went supply shopping this Sat. Got Bromelain,
Mybulen (extra pain meds)
MOM liquid,
Dulcolax stool softener,
2 ice/heat packs
Baby wipes
Micropore tape
Bio oil
There are still some stuff I need to get, I think, what are they?

21 days and counting!!!!

In 3 weeks I go under the knife and I seem to be stress eating!! Don't want to add extra weight now!! And the cold weather is not helping any. My ex-husband said that he might be in town the weekend and the week after my tt, so at least my daughter will be occupied with seeing her dad and not worry about me. I had to tell him that I'm having an op, didn't want to tell him at first seeing as its none of his business, but told him because he will be in town and obviously see. Oh well. Made another app with my ps on 25 June. My final pre-op :) just have 1 or 2 more questions for him.

3 day weekend in SA this weekend so my daughter and I are riding out to a small town outside the city to attend a festival. We haved booked into a quaint lil hotel on Sat night. Will be returning home on Sunday to spend time with the family for Fathers Day. And then rest on Monday. So really a full weekend planned.

Please let me know what other supplies I still need to get.

Final pre-op today

I went for my final pre-op today and am happy that all my questions were answered. Did all my tests and everything is A ok. I also got my referral to the orthotist for dvt stockings. Made an appointment and will be going for a fitting/measurements tomorrow. I also did my pre-admission to the hospital, all forms filled, i's dotted and t's crossed. I am doing final payments tomorrow, it is now so real. Can,t believe I am 9 days away from surgery. I feel prepared, there anything I'm missing? I think I have everything sorted.

Final Payments

I made my final payments to ps & hospital today! My plastic surgery fund is now depleted :) Will have to start saving for breast reduction & lift now. Also, went for fittings & received my compression stockings. Seems I'm all set. Oh and did HB count, 13.2, want to try to get it up to 14 by sx date.

Where has the time gone????!!!

I can't believe I will be on the FLAT SIDE in 4 day!!! Seems like just yesterday I was writing my 1st post here and that was over 2 months ago. Going to keep busy at work this week with month end, so hopefully no time for stressing

D Day is here!!!

Or should I rather say FLAT day. I am at the hospital waiting to be admitted. I am the 1st patient my ps is doing today. So at 8am, in just under an hour I go into theater. Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts to my fellow tt sisters. See you all on the FLAT side!

I'm on the FLAT SIDE!!

Just got bacK frOm the hospital, had some issues with my bp so kept me longer. not in too much pain.Will update tomorrow when I feel like typing a little longer.

My day in hospital

Hi tt sisters, think I'll be able to type without falling asleep. I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 yesterday morning and was admitted into the day hospital ward. I was told to dress in those fashionable hospital gowns with my whole butt on show but was given an even more fashionable under pants to wear, I looked at my fashionable best :) PS came around at about 7:30 to doe markings and asked if I had anymore questions from my file, told him nope saving some for the anaethistist. He did the markings and asked if I was comfortable with have a nearly 90% incision because he can see that he can take a lot more of than he thought at first, said to go ahead the more he can take off the better. He finished marking me, left and then the anaethitist came. He explained what he will be doing and I explained how my cpap machine worked incase they had to use it while I was sedated. I was wheeled in theater, given a spinal block and laid on my tummy to start the incision on my back. That part of surgery took just over an hour and I was given no sedation, was completely awake and even joined in the conversation at time. Found myself tapping my fingers to the music being played in theater, completely calm. I was then turned over on my back and the next thing I knew, I was being woken up by the anaethitist asking me to lift my head so he could take my cpap mask off because they were all done. I ws wheeled into recovery then up to the ward were I lay dosing. My mom took me to the hospital and when they wheeled me into theater I told her to leave I'd call her when I was fully awake, pointless for her to sit waiting nearly 4 hrs. I was wheeled into theater at 8:10 and was wheeled out to recovery at 11:50. Had a bit of a set back with my bp, everytime I got up it plummetted and I felt faint and nauseous, wretched a few time and boy what a painfull experience. Felt like someone was trying to rip my torso apart :( The Ps came in to put on my binder and have a look, he said her removed 5kgs (11lbs) what a quick way to loose weight. I was eventually discharged after 9pm last night and had a peaceful sleep with no pain. Today was uneventful, just a fainting, dizzy, nauseous feeling when I got up the 1st time this morning to ise the loo. Been resting in my recliner the whole day keeping on top of my meds and drinking fluids, had some solids as well, my moms yummy chicken and veg stirfry. Emptied my drain about 4 times so far, ps said not to measure as he will be taking out the drains on Wednesday in anycse to prevent infection, then have to wear binder for 8 wks after. Posting some pics as well.

My recovery area

My parents set up my recovery area in my brothers old room

Feeling a bit more human

Just had a wash with my mom's help, no bathing or showering for me until 3 days after my drains are out, ps instructions. Don't know how I'm going to manage that, I'm a shower freak. I feel a bit more human after the wash, so I suppose I'll manage. Having lunch, some grilled chicken and a little pasta with veg. Yummy.


Just had a piece of chicken go down the wrong pipe, coughing fit!!! OMG!!!! That hurt to high hell!!! Thought I'm going to rip wide open!!! PAIN MEDS PLEASE!!!

Did I mention.....

That my period started yesterday. Murphy's freakin law, was nearly 2 weeks late last month and it decides to come on time this month. Grrrrrrr! Now have tummy ache from that and not tt :(

Dawning of po day 3

Hiya tt sisters, just had a wash and brushed my teeth, feeling human again. Uneventful night an actually got a full night's sleep. Did a few laps around the house last night and surprised at how straight up i can walk. My mom took a few pics after the wash. I am swollen, my binder is getting tighter and my butt is rock hard. The up side at least no jiggly butt for a while :) Going to have some brekkie, muesli, milk and some extra raisins, hopefully will help with bm. Going to start MOM today. My appetite has been ok, so should have .bm, don't want to sit with problems in that area.

Some pics

Pics taken this morning. At the moment I can just about breath with the swelling and binder

Yay for normal functions!!!

I had my 1st BM this morning with no chemical help. No MOM or stool softener, was going to take today after ps app but seems not necessary, will see how it goes and take something if bms not regular. I have my 1st p.o. app this afternoon, I think ps might be pulling the drains. Will update when I get back.


Just got back from the ps office. He pulled my drains. Very happy with my healing process, said incision looking great. I forgot to take my tank top so had to put binder on without it. He just put a light dressing so that binder doesn't chafe. Adding some pics, my mom says I look like Frankenstein's monster sewn together.

A week ago ......

Can't believe that a week has gone by since my sx. The last few days have been uneventful just been resting and taking it slow. Taking walks in the house. I forgot to say that my ps found a small hernia on my left side that he repaired, that is the pulling I feel sometimes. 2 Bms a day since Wednesday without taking MOM. All seems to be fine. Happy healing to all and good luck to sisters going for sx.

Blubbering mess.....

I hit the WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF bump today. All tears and blubbering. And then that passed. Was expecting it, but it hit like a truck. Oh and we took off my binder to put on a tank top, what a mission, my bp plummeted with all the exertion and I felt faint. This too shall pass, thtaks my motto for now


Yesterday was the worst speaking yet!! I have Bromelain, should I start taking it? I forgot to mention the other day when I took off my binder to put my tank top under it I looked in the mirror before the mission and saw my fanny!! That was the 1st time in 8 years that I saw my fanny without lifting my friend that was constantly with me! Amazing! Looking forward to my 1st po shower today, my friend who is a RN will be coming to help me with dressing removal as my mom is a bit squeamish doing that. Will update later how it went.

*swelling not speaking

this darn tab :)

So much for my shower

My friend came to help with the shower and just about managed to get the dressings off when I had a fainting spell again. My body really not reacting well to having binder off :-( Will try again.

Dr Frankenstein's Monster: Pics :-)

Changed my binder for washing this morning and took some pics.


So, I eventually had a shower and washed my hair po day 11. It felt so good, I felt like a new person. Went to ps po day 12 and all is well, just 2 small openings above my pubic area. Also, started taping sanitary towels on parts of my incision for extra padding, when my binder folded it cut into the incision. I still sleeping in recliner and taking it easy, went out yesterday visiting my cousin, the longest I''ve been out of the house since sx, also the longest i sat up in a chair. Hope my tt sisters are doing ok.

Where has the time gonna? PO day 22 already!!

I would like to say I had an uneventful few days but alas that is not so! Went out to have my hair done po day 17 and went to the shops for a bit, a very small bit, had to eventually lean on the grocery cart my back was so sore. Spent the next 2 days resting. And I went from sleeping on recliner to a bed, with loads of pillows for support. The 1 opening in my incision closed up nicely but the other didn't, I continued to apply ointment and dress it but on po day 19 I didn't sleep wink because of the pain from there. I must say, that is the only real pain I experienced so far on this journey. I called my ps office on the morning of po day 20, he is usually in surgery on a Friday, but his office manager, the oh so friendly and delightful Frances said to come in by 11:30 he would be able to see me. Did I mention I'm not driving yet, I drive a stick shift and with the hernia repair its a bit difficult to drive, so i had to wake my sis to take me to see ps. My ps checked and dug around a bit in the opening and found a few stitches that hadn't dissolved, he clipped and removed them, and said I mustn't be surprised if I see what looks like a tunnel in my incision, it will eventually close. After that, no pain. Oh and he put me off work for another week because I cannot sit for long periods yet and I sit the whole day in my job. PO 21 I was a bit adventurous and went to a bday party with my daughter, was fun, but sitting for so long was uncomfortable and tiring, I fell asleep at 8pm already. So the next few days I'm just going to be resting to prepare for work, oh and I need to move back home, still at my parents.

Back to work :(

I go back to work tomorrow. So not looking forward to it. The last 4 weeks at home has really spoilt me. I moved back home on Thursday, so nice to be at my parents recovering, now its just my daughter and I, and the 1st few days have been ok. I am still a little sore, sleeping semi inclined and not yet rolling over. I also drove my car, which is stick shift, for the 1st time since sx day. The 2 openings in my incision also healing nicely. My clothes are fitting much better, even with the swelling.
Happy healing to my tt sisters and good luck to those having sx this week.

The last 2 weeks - 6 weeks PO

So, I went back to work po day 30 and geez was I tired and sore. I'm an accountant so I sit all day and believe me all that sitting is not childs play either. Have to get up every so often else my back would complain. I did get quite a few compliments about my new look though. It's been 2 weeks back to work and I am still sore at the end of the day. Spent last weekend trolling the shops and I knew all about it on Sunday evening, was given a lecture by my dad to REST and take it easy, especially seeing as the hernia is still bothering me. The openings in my incision seems to be closing up nicely. Still some scapbs left in places. Other than that everything else was uneventful. Going to see my ps tomorrow for po check up, let's see what he has to say. Happy healing to all and Gods speed to those having surgery.

Yes, I am still alive :)

So, how are all my tt sisters? Been a while :) Work has been crazy busy. Everything on my side is going ok. My scar seems to be healing nicely, just very dark still. I had one small spot that was still sore that I was still padding but when I went to see my ps he said to use Bactroban ointment on it which seems to have worked. I also seemed to have developed a skin infection on a few spots of my scar, the Bactroban sorted that out as well.
I am still wearing my corset during the day, just feels weird without it. I suppose I will wean myself off it once the warmer weather starts in SA. Will cook in it once the weather gets hotter.

Gotta go. Happy healing to all & God's Speed to those having surgery.


Yikes! Can you say swollen! Went out on team building event yesterday and I must of overdid it, with building bridges over swamps, survivor style puzzle building and the longest slippery slide you've seen! Totally over extended myselfand my body is telling me that today :( I am sore in placesi didn't know i can be sore and I'm swollen. Some pics to prove my point

Yikes!!! Swell Hell

I am really in swell hell and my insides seem very tender, especially around my belly button. Oh well, ps said recovery is going to take a while. Swelling is at it's worse at night. In the morning it seems nearly normal size. And all this hit me about a month ago, as per my previous post. No pics today. Will try to post some later in the week.

Where has the time gone???!!!

So, it's been a year and 3 days since my TT and I haven't regretted it for one single second. I am still swollen sometimes, but hey it's better than the monstrosity I was carrying around with me for years. I am still sore inside above my navel, is this normal? Suppose I have to go see my ps and try to figure it out. I have been naughty and missed a few checkups with my ps, and I'm sure he's not to happy with that.
It's winter here in SA so I have been hibernating and I'm sure putting on some weight. Too scared to clinb on a scale. I have kept my weight constant since sx, still want to lose a few kilograms though. Any ideas?
Will take some pics and post later in the week.
Good luck to all my TT sistas having surgery in the near future.
Dr. Van Tonder

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