Full Tummy Tuck - Port Charlotte, FL

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Girls I need help with this, i'm 44 and had...

Girls I need help with this, i'm 44 and had ALOT of surgery from a hit and run accendent. my whole right side from heel, ankle, knee, thigh, hip, arm, jaw and cheekbone and nose! Can not work out enough to lose weight 10-15lbs gain back (roller coaster) dont laugh.

I'm 5'0 and 185lbs. Had 5 children (28,18,17,11,10) and 5 c-sections. alot of my weight is belly. I want a ftt but Im scared that doctors wont touch me because of my weight..I dont want to look like a super model,I just want to see my crotch again.waste of money or go for it? oh im also a smoker:( is this a big deal or just frowned upon? help i'm so confused!

Ok going for consult tommorrow in miami and gonna...

ok going for consult tommorrow in miami and gonna do it!! lost 7 lbs. and only smoking 2 cigs. a day for 4 days got alittle time to be completely 4 wks. clean before surgery. god i sound like a crack head!! lol in all honesty it proberly is the same feeling. im a nervious reck because i never thought i would go under the knive by my own choose!and after all my surgerys,16 from hit and run accident and 5 c-sections,i hope im not pushing my luck on what some would call vanity. we,ll good luck to ever body and ill post soon.by the way im just nervious cause i dont think god himself could talk me out of this one!!!!
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