I Haven't Shrunk One Single Cup-size!

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I have lost an admirable amout of weight lately,...

I have lost an admirable amout of weight lately, and there wasnt much breast to brag about after that.
I started to develop what I always have called my "Bazooka breasts" when I was about ten years old. When I was 14 they were huuuge, and my stupid mother refused to buy me bigger bras. "You are too youn to have big bras" she said, so I always had like C cups and my poor breasts always were hanging out, peeping out, sticking out. I started to hate the size.

When I was 15, my mother told me she wanted me to have a breast reduction. I agreed. My doctor however told me I should wait until I was "grown up". Not because he though it was a rash decision, but because he though my breasts probably wasn't done yet.

When I was 15,5 I got my first boy friend, and he loved the size. When my mother told me to go back to the doctor at 16, I told her I wanted to wait.

Thank GOD

At 20, I had my first baby. He was nursed for three moths. Even though I had these large breasts, I failed to produce milk, and my breast didn't grow in cup size at all during my pregnancy or breast feeding.

I went to a plastic surgeon again to talk about breast reduction. He recommended it, and suggested an operation, costing about 6000$, since we were planning a wedding, we decided to wait.

At 22, the next little darling came to this world. I nursed her for 6 months before I dried up, then I started to work on my weight.

Then I realized that I love big boobs. Especially on me. I could never have been happy with the ugly, snipped of-looking, flat, square boob that I see about 70% of the breast-reduction patients get.

I was adamant about that I wanted an US surgeon. Norwegian surgeons were newbs in my eyes. They are not allowed to post their before/after on-line either, and travelling to all the surgeons in my area and pay a ridiculously high fee to see them was unthinkable.

I was in contact with dr. Ary Krau's assistant, since he had the finest before/after gallery that I could find on line (thank you, Realself!), but the suggested price of 10,000$ was a bit shocking. Also, I needed to cover flight and hotel. That would be very expensive! Also, I was very irritated at the tedious long wait for his office to respond to my mails. It always took several weeks!

When I posted on Realself about my tummy tuck, another Norwegian patient responded. She told me that I should reconsider going to the US, because I would be so sick after the operation. I could see her point, so I booked a consultation with the closes clinic possible.

When I plotted in the adress for the clinic on Google Maps for directions, another hospital came up. I didn't pay much attntion though, and found my coordinates instead.

When I arrived a Teres clinic, with Nils Lykke, I had a horrible experience. He just swept me of.

Breast lift with implants. Bad idea. Also, he didn't like big boobs. Anyway, I would need two operations, no way he would do lift and implants at once. He showed me his before and after gallery. I asked why some of the patients still had hanging breasts, and also, why some of the nipples where so weird (the nipple was not in the middle of the areola), he blatantly told me that I had unrealistic expectations. "If you want any better than this, it is hands up for my sake!" was the exact words. Also, he insisted on the dreaded anchor scar that I truly did NOT want after watching Ary Krau's youtube channel.

When I came home, I looked up the other hospital that had appeared when I used Google maps.

I noticed that the doctor was from Bosnia Herzegovina, which meant that he wouldn't be so... Norwegian. I called them and spoke with the most wonderful secretary ever. I booked the first consultation they had.

This doctor is probably one of the best ones I have ever met. He didn't tell me what I should accept, he asked me what I wanted. When I told him, he drew for me how to receive the results I wanted. I showed him Ary Krau's gallery, and asked if I could have the same results. "Oh yes, of course" was his response. He also complimented the outcomes of Krau. He then told me that he hardly ever used the anchor anymore, but only the latest, most careful lollipop/vertical lift. Also, he suggested keeping as much breast tissue as possible, and only choose small implants.

We landed on 250cc High profile from Mentor; which was the ONLY brand I wanted. At Teres, Mentor implants would be and extra expense, they used Euro-silicone.

I remember very little from my operation date. I was placed on the table, and was given the anaesthetics, when I woke up, I had very much discomfort, but no pain. My ex-boyfriend (the one who saved me from having a reduction when I was 16) picked me up since my husband was working. He told me I was quite drugged, so he just drove me home and took me to bed.

NOW, when my implants have set and my breasts are almost fully healed, I feel FAB! I still have a K-cup (European K that is) but it is NOT hanging down to my navel anymore! YAY. I cannot express HOW much I LOVE my breasts now. I want to walk naked all the time. I cant wait for the beach, I am ecstatic.

A little crack in my joy is that I have a wound that wont grow, but that also showed up to be great; because my doctor will now sew it up, so my breasts will look completely even again.

I will post more pictures later.

Reoperation today

Today I went back to my doctor. Because I had no time to recover, the scar didn't close as it should, and the perfect result was threatened. Thankfully, my doctor re-operated today. It hurts a bit, but I cannot take any pain meds, as this makes me feel even worse without taking away my pain.

Because of the gaping, the right boob didn't get the same "push"/strut. My doctor insists this will be fixed with this re-operation.

Another before picture

I have heard doctors call my breasts deformed. I have always loved them though, my husband was really reluctant to let them go; however he haven't missed them!
Anadi Begic

One of Scandinavia's leading experts on breast reconstruction after mastectomy, very updated on the newest and best techniques, and so skilled it is almost unbelievable. VERY good personality, friendly and warm. I felt that he really took his time with my questions, his staff is more than amazing, and the payment process was pain less. Also, all the follow ups, bandages and corrections needed is free. He uses Mentor only, and together with that, the Mentor Lifetime Guarantee, so I am very happy with my choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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