I'm 46, I Have Had Four Children , One Birth Was Twins, One 8lb and One at 5 Lbs - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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I have fantasized about o tummy tuck since my...

I have fantasized about o tummy tuck since my first child, he weighed 11lbs. I was 17 years old.... After having twins I longed for even more for repair on my tummy. Now it's staring me in the face and I am scared to death.
Regardless, LORD willing, I'm moving forward and will accept the outcome as it is, long recovery, no promises with a desired result, but can count on the frankin tummy look for quite a while.
I am 9 days pre-op

Postponed surgery today

Just received a phone all from the plastic surgeon, they are delaying the procedure to May 31st ..,? I preparing and doing all I am supposed to be doing and now being told it's going to be postponed a week argh, I wanted to hr this apprehension part behind me. Now I will be woken up more nights from anticipating thoughts that interupt my sleep????
My husbands being positive about it, however he is not the one having the surgery ????
Maybe Ian going to start my period soon and my feelings are being influenced by that as well, I could cry ????

Shopping for post op compression garment

Went with hubby today to purchase a compression garment for when I ditch the doctors wrap . For some updated gross pics of why I am doing this after 29 years of morherhood

At Universals Islands of Adventure with my husband and the kids

Enjoying a day with the family before my TT in three days. My twin girls birthday happens to be a week after my surgery date, didn't really want it to work out that way but we're making the best of it. Hubby's idea, he's so sweet!

I'm goin in

On my way to the PS for my TT, all is well, I have peace like a river at the moment , HIS grace us sufficient in my weakness...

Well I'm home!

I made it, piece of cake lol..., no seriously once I was taken back to the surgery room the anesthesiologist told me he was going to extend out me arm that had the IV in it and give me some oxygen, all I remember is 3 breaths and that's it, woke up in recovery!
I have been told by others how strong I am, wheather in trials or how I train but let me tell you, it's truly humbling to be at the mercy of everyone else.
I had a great overnight nurse who also had a tummy tuck. I told her about this site and how I had totally informed Nd tries to prepare myself for the TT and the only thing that was troubling me was the scar. I asked about scar revision, she asked me why would I inquire about that, that is only if you get a bad tummy tuck. She showed me her scar, well more like what scar, practically invisible !
I asked about sutures popping that I learned about on this site and she said she's only seen that twice in her years working in this field and each time it was a smoker...
Needless to say, I have been comforted and affirmed, all is well!

Walking every hour

I've set my iPhone to go off every hour for my movement session called "the hunched trot". Trying to apply the rules they set ,to comply, and prayerfully recover faster...

My sweet husband

He's been so helpful and tender through this process, I am so thankful for him. It's a lot to deal with having to care for an invalid wife upkeep with the house and taxiing two teenagers to their jobs at Chickfila and making my meals all with a humble countenance.

I peeked

We just unwrapped the binder for the first time to change the dressing and put ointment on the drain sights and belly button. I did NOT faint!
Feels funny him putting ointment on my belly button and I can't feel it just pressure, from being numb.
Another day behind me....

Questions regarding numbness

My husband and I were just discussing reasons for my numbness and what will remain. Two people listening to the same doctor hearing different things...
I said that I felt the numbness due to the Exparel and the surgery itself causing nerve severing... That needs to repair itself...

He said that it's not going to repair itself ! Now that I didn't hear..., I thought I heard it would repair to some degree but there will always be some numbness in the abdominal area?
Any comments from you post op women would be very much appreciated at this point! If I'm on my forth day post op and have this numbness I'm feeling long term, that's going to take some getting used to !

The testing is begining

This morning the attitudes from one of my twin 17 year olds and her father escalated . I had hoped that they could pull together and for the cause of the family. Please pray for us today. The last thing I want to do is to be forced down but this gives them opportunity to learn to work together and exercise forgiveness and humility.

Got both drains removed today

Went for my first post op this morning, I wasn't prepared for this, well didn't expect it , but they removed both of my drains!!!!!! praise the LORD !!!!
The nurse remarked after taking some stitches from the BB removing the drains and taking off the surgical tape to clean and replace with other tape said...., on a scale of one to ten, with how well my TT looked and everything she said it's a big 10. Said I have healthy skin that's heaing nicely, the incision line is remarkably perfect . I asked my husband is that what she tells everyone LOL!!!
But seriously, I praise the LORD there too.
Just in time to go to dinner for my twinn girls 17th birthday dinner tonight .
I go back in two days,Friday to get the rest of the bb stitches removed.

Finally got my response to the numbness

She told me.....
You will have some degree of numbness for the rest of your life. But over the next year you will gradually get some sensation and feeling back. The majority of the numbness is usually in the very center of the abdomen below the belly button.

I'm an idiot

Must have over done it today, going to the doctor today, getting both drains out, walked around , thought it would be good for me, the Town Center to get a Starbucks coffee, home to rest before daughters birthday dinner at Maggianos. I think it's because I wast used to sitting up straight for that long, all the walking, ended up walking to the car in fighting back tears! Okay, some came out, I was in such pain!!!!!
In laying in my bed, recliner with my feet propped up, vowing to never do that AGAIN!!!

8 days post op appt today

Got back from my 8 day post op appt, they are very pleased with my George's thus far, where the drains were taken out on day six had closed nicely she said and only had dried drainage from the first days removal on the bandage. I was told I could get rid of my binder and move into a comfortable "compression garment, like a generic spanx". They said they want me comfortable and LORD knows those compression wraps after surgery are like shields and uncomfortable.
Stopped at Target and got two, one to wear and one to wash. I was told gentle compression that you can wear all day, she warned me that a lot of the "SpAnks" are so tight and uncomfortable they are meant to be worn for a few hours under an outfit for an occasion not all day! So I'm adjusting to my new garment, nice not to get scratched by the Velcro from the surgical wrap!!!
I'll try to post a picture of my 8 day post op tummy....
Was also told at week 2 I can start doing cardio, walking or eliptical and can lift up to 20lbs, meaning 10lb DB in each hand..., wow! Really????!!!@@@. I imagine that won't be HIIT LOL!!! I can't imagine working out in 6 more days, yikes, they're the specialists.....

Tummy tuck recovery timeline in detail found


Tummy tuck recovery timeline in detail..., impressive website, check it out!!!!!!

Please advise , I'm 12 days post op

Okay, my turn, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel so I take everything as normal just need endurance to persevere.
I am day 12 post op almost 2 weeks. We are still supposed to be swollen from sun up til sun down this point correct? I feel that is what hinders me from standing straight up? It's so tight from the puffiness , swelling, 4 inches above and below my incision line, not to mention the weight from that pulling at me, does that sound right?

Does my incision line look normal for this stage, day 13postop

Just took my surgical tape of to change it for the first time since my plastic surgeon changed it on day 6, now I am day 13. Does my incision line look okay , when I zoomed I couldn't tell if that was separation or if I'm okay and just paranoid?
I am not scheduled to see my doctor until 3 months....

Can anyone relate here?

Rant session..... I feel fatter since my TT......, tummy is bigger, I always feel like I'm full can't wear my normal clothes.... I guess it's just the swelling. I'm so bloated and full all the time...
I sooooo look forward to some normalcy ..... Geez!
I felt like someone could relate , I'm starting to feel like it's never going to come????

13day post op hunch

My 13 day post op hunch, the best I can do.....

Comparison posture then and now

PO Tummy tuck incision regimes

You know what I've been thinking a lot about lately......, the different ways plastic surgeons chose to close a tummy tuck and their post op regimens .....
I personal was told to ONLY use the paper surgical tape for 6 weeks, then if I'd like to, do scar "therapy"....
Someone else was told from the beginning to use neosporin daily and apply fresh gauze.....
Another was stitched and had no tape and after stitches were removed, did scar "therapy".....
I guess there comes a point where one has to just trust their surgeon.

4 weeks post op today

Still can't wear my normal clothes????, makes me feel fatter. Go figure ...I've been rehabbing one the stationary bike, @75 percent what I feel like I can do for 30-45 minutes and then proceed to the treadmill for 15 minutes posture session walking with a lightweight pole behind my back resting in the bend of my elbows. That I would say has been a huge help with the post op posture hunch in helping straighten me up.
Still swollen all day, of course worse accumulated at night, to be expected, right.....
Wearing my compression garment in the gym definitely, and have been wearing 1/2 the day on 1/2 off trying to wean myself off completely to only gym time.

Scar guard va Bioderm

Any thoughts or experience using the Bioderm, doctor grade, silicone scar tape verses the OTC Scar Guard

5 weeks post op incision line

Wow! I can't believe it....

5 weeks post op Thursday

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I am glad I did not search around, I knew a woman who had a TT here some years ago, the day of my appointment ran into a neighbor who was coming here for treatment and then my overnight nurse , the night of my TT, shares with me her experience here and even showed me her scar when I questioned about it...., you REALLY had to look for one ..... She said the only reason people need a revision is if the get a bad TT and that hasn't happened here. PRAISE GOD, calmed all what concerned me about getting a TT, afraid of having a grotesque scar instead of a grotesque tummy. She was an angel, taking care of me, affirming me and sharing her TT story which was fabulous. I am only two weeks postop but look forward to my year mark and look back and say it was worth it The post op nurse is always an email or call away and reruns your question and or concerns promptly and she's a peach too, kind, professional, through and excellent patient relations as well❤️❤️❤️. The whole office staff is very friendly and there to serve you....love them all!!!

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