Saline Under Muscle, 28 Yr old, 5'5" 125 lbs- Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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I have been waiting for this for years. It's time....

I have been waiting for this for years. It's time. Next week Thursday I will say goodbye to my little
boobies, it was nice knowing you two. I am a small B and wanting a D. I am very particular about how I want them to end up and the anxiety is killing me. I have got to make sure the doctor knows the "look" I'm going for because he goes by a picture, not a cup size or CC. I just bring in some after pictures and we narrow them down the day before surgery! Ahhh next week Wednesday. My mother is flying in for Michigan to take care of me and by two boys. My boyfriend will be here to help as well. Very excited, extremely nervous.

before picture

I wanted to post a before picture and follow up with afters. I will try to post after 1 day, 3 day, 1 week etc to show the changes.

I did it!

My surgery was at 11am. I believe I ended up getting 475 and 500, not sure about the profile. Tomorrow at my post op apt I will find out and post it. I definitely feel pain, pressure isn't a bid deal. The pain is pretty tough, 7 on a scale of 10. I just took pain meds at 5, daladid and it's taking off the edge but that's it. They look flat and small, I'm a little worried but i know they change a lot over the next few weeks. I'll keep everyone posted.

Too small

The doctor said he put into 475 ccs but my boobs look so small. I know they're swollen right now but once the swelling goes down I have a feeling they're going to look different smaller. I wanted to be a D and I think this looks more like a B!

Lots of pain

Pain meds aren't helping. I'm so upset about the size. Who has experienced this and thier boobs got bigger as the week progresses..thanks

Still looking small, still in pain

Sleeping is not working well for me. I'm up every 2 hours sometimes every hour. My butt goes numb. Oh yeah I have no feeling in my right nipple, areola and part of my breast. I am retaining water in my midsection which is adding to my level of discomfort. I have strange pains under my jaw where it meets my neck as well as the back of my neck. Not sure what that's from..that's it for now. All the built up excitement is gone and worry and anxiety is setting in. Boobie blues I suppose.

no cleavage

I specifically asked for cleavage, I have none at all. The doctor said he will make me look like the wish pictures I gave him and said he could get my breasts closer together. Has anyone got cleavage weeks later? I don't know if they will move closer together when they drop and fluff. I hope they don't get any smaller than they are now or I'm going to be very unhappy.

Fever and pain POST OP DAY 4

Yesterday was scary my mom had to run to Walgreens to buy a thermometer, I had a temp of 101. Took Tylenol and called my doctors office they put me through to him and he spoke to me about all my worries on a Sunday! That was wonderful being able to talk to him. Fever went away, tried to only take Tylenol and no pain meds at 9pm, woke up at 130am in tuns of pain. Took my last pain pill, but could go back to sleep. I only have enough pain meds to get through from Thursday to Sunday. My mom drove me to see Dr calloway this morning and he told me to discontinue the antibiotics and dalaudid that I was having an allergic reaction. Also forgot to mention how extremely bloated I've been. My chest and belly are both so swollen but something very scarry and gross happened. It looked like a lot of fluid went from my boob area to my public area and was so swollen omg! It was even hard to pee bc it was so swollen down there. The doctor said that was normal, I just wish I was told everything that I could expect before hand. I went to the bathroom on Sunday I hadn't gone since Thursday so man that was a huge relief. I'm getting alot of muscle spasms now and I think I've been raising my arms too high too soon and lifting a little too much so I've got to keep reminding myself to rest. Go e to take a nap now. I'm so blessed I work with my boyfriend and it's his business that's how I'm able to stay home today. I'm on recovery day 4.

Evening of post opt day 4

Feeling better. Rested for a few hrs couldn't sleep but I did get to lay down to rest. Since switching from dalaudid to percocet I can feel a difference, the percocet are not as strong but I'm not in excruciating pain. Just pretty painful in the middle of the night. So I'll take 1 pain killer and a benedryl to help me sleep. I've only gotten about 3 hrs of sleep each night since Thursday. My breasts are starting to look different. They look a little larger and has the funny lump on the top like most other women's after pictures. So now I'm waiting for the swelling to go down between my breasts so I can see how wide my clevage will be. I'm using bio oil and coco butter lotion to prevent stretch marks. I think the sterile strips will come off on weds that will be 6 days post op. Hoping I'll be a 32 D when all the swelling goes down and the dropping and fluffing happens. Let me know what you think..does it look like I will end up with any clevage or no?

Looking more normal

Feeling exhausted but looking more normal. Have to do some actual work today at least it's from home, then to tackle driving. Hope that goes well. My mom had to leave to fly back to Michigan and it will be my first time driving since surgery.

post op day 6

Stopped taking the pain meds yeaterday, they were making me feel very depressed. Today was a follow up apt. It went great! I love seeing Dr. Calloway and all of his staff, they make me feel so special and take the best care of me, I can't say enough. Here's some pictures I took today.

1 week post op

I am finally feeling more like myself, I seriously can't remember a whole week. I was very constipated only went to the bathroom post op day 3 and 7. I think I slept for a whole week. Sleeping upright sucks, woke up 5x last night. And last the depression caught me off guard, I'm ready to start feeling happy!

8 days post op

I need some tips from you guys I was told to sleep elevated at a 45 degree angle for the first 3 weeks I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time and I'm extremely uncomfortable and in pain all night has anybody else found anything that helps?

Also my stomach has been so messed up at first I couldn't go to the bathroom and now I can't leave the bathroom and I've had no appetite at all this whole week. Ive probably ate just Jello, applesauce, soup and today I had a salad. But I want to know if anybody else found anything that helps.


Incisions and dropping

My right boob is high, left one looks better dropping faster. I know it's early but still I'm anxious for final results. Also my left incision looks rough, doc said I had a blister from the tape on the first or second day. Still looks bad. Should I leave the tape on there? He said it will fall off soon, so should I leave it alone as long as it's still on? I already see rippling when I bend over on one boob. It's funny how they look big from the front but little from the side, guess that's moderate profile for you. Anyways I'm hoping in the end they look proportionate to my body. Once I work out again my booty will get rounder again.

Love the confidence and feeling sexy

Amazing what some new boobies can do, I love feeling sexy for my man. I have always been so self conscious and embarrassed, even though he loved my small boobies. I love this new feeling I have :)

Day 11

Hey Ladies
Just an update, not many changes from my last few posts. I do notice it's pretty tough to get cleavage. Maybe it's still too early on. But I'm hoping it's not because I got moderate profile. I'd assume mod plus or high profile would get better cleavage. Is there any women who have gotten moderate profile and don't have the cleavage they wanted? I don't care that much, they are close enough I suppose. Still wearing the strap, can't wait to say goodbye to that. Oh also my steri-strips are still on, and on the corners they've irritated my skin and made a blister that popped healed and is now pink. I'm hoping that's not going to leave a scar. I'm so anxious to see how the incisions look but my boyfriend is insisting I leave the strips on as long as possible, any thoughts? I finally slept pretty good last night, only 2 good night's so far out of 11! Still sleeping elevated according to Dr's orders. I've been having to take Tylenol pm and sleep on the couch. But whatever works at this point. Can't wait for my 3 week appointment I miss everyone at the Dr's office, I can't wait to hear what they think of the girls and if they are looking better etc. :)

Before and after (day 11)

Old bathing suit/ New boobies!

It's so much fun trying on old clothes and seeing the difference!

14 Days Post Op!! Feeling good

Please forgive my dirty mirror and horrendous bedroom. I haven't found the strength or time to really clean this part of my house yet. I just had a quick second to snap some pics and post this update..

14 days post op now, slight changes in side profile. The right side is slowly loosening up and moving down. That muscle in the armpit area also feels tighter. I want to stretch so bad but I'm worried it may cause damage. Still wearing the band 24/7 I do take a break at night for about an hour and go bra-less, the most wonderful hour of the day, ahhhh. Lol

I get pains here and there but doc assured me that's normal, just the nerves reconnecting etc. I'm suprised I haven't had back issues, having scoliosis already I thought it would worsen, but nope. Still having trouble sleeping, very uncomfortable, since I was a side and belly sleeper. It's a struggle every night to stay asleep.

Steri-strips are still on, they don't seem to be going anywhere soon. I'm anxious to see what the incisions look like. They aren't bother the surrounding skin so much anymore. I suppose I'll wait until my 3 week apt to have them removed. Hoping I can loose this strap too by then, it's very difficult to camouflage under clothing.

Nipples are still very tender, it almost feels like a bad sunburn and bruise when they are touched. :(

That's it for now, I'll keep you girls posted. Xoxo

16 days post op

Yah, I know it's only been 2 days since I posted last. No, not much has changed. I just feel like showing them off, so why not on here? I am really liking how they look. I won't post again until after my 3 week apt on Wednesday, promise :)

Bye bye steri-strips

I was so irritated and itchy from those strips it was driving me nuts! I wanted to itch them so bad but it hurt too much to do that. So I asked my bf and he removed the strips. It's almost been 3 weeks with them on, I'm mean geeze it's about time. We cleaned with alcohol and applied the scar cream. Not too bad...I have the BEST surgeon ever!


Hey girls!
So today was my 3 week post op apt. Unfortunately I still have to wear the band and surgical bra for 3 more weeks, which is fine if it will help my end results. I also received my first laser scar treatment. My ps offers this treatment every 4 weeks after surgery for a year or until they are gone! It did hurt a little, it felt like 5 tiny needle pricks and stung for a few minutes after. It is supposed to help the scar fade in time. I asked about sleeping elevated and he suggested I keep that up as well. At 6 weeks post op you're allowed to pretty much go back to your regular routine. I will follow his instructions to a T and stick with light house work and remind myself not to overdo it. A few concerns I mentioned to him today were, numbness in my left nipple, I can't really feel it much at all but he said it will come back in time. Also I have shooting pains under my breasts down my ribs when I arch my back and stick my chest out, he said that's from the inside sutures pulling on the surrounding muscles. So I have got to be a little more careful. The right breast is a little firmer and higher so i have to squish it down for 30 seconds twice a day and that will help the capsule expand on the bottom of my breast. But besides that I'm very happy with how they look and feel. I told him and the girls at the office I'd be jumping for joy if I was allowed to. :) I love everyone there, my next apt isn't until 3 more weeks, I'm going to miss them all until then. Does anyone suggest what I can give as gifts to the girls at the office and my doctor? They have all been so helpful and amazing to me throughout this process and I want them to know how much I appreciate it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all who have been following my journey and have given me hope, support and compassion when it was most needed. Xoxox

21 day update

I wanted to show you all my scars, I got laser treatment yesterday, it made them a little pinker at first. No visible difference but I'm sure it takes time to notice. I'll receive treatment every 4-6 weeks. Is it strange that the incisions are not in the crease? Also my right breast feels firmer and is higher than my left. I wasn't told to massage yet but do compression for 30 seconds 2x a day. I hope that helps. If you've experienced this and have any in site please let me know. Thanks!

25 Day Post Opt Update

Yay on Thursday I will be 4 weeks post op. Feeling great, only a few concerns.

If I lean back or arch my back a bit I get a really sharp pulling or pinching feeling under my breast. It hurts and feels like a bruise, and continues to hurt like that right under my breath and down under that spot on my rib cage. It is bothering me, the doc said it was the internal stitches and not to do it, to be careful. I do it on accident sometimes. It actually felt my skin raised up with my fingers when I did I on purpose slowly. Has anyone else noticed this and when does it go away? Should I raise my arms or do any type of stretches to loosen this up?

Also I'm still wearing the band, I was told to wear it for 6 weeks, anyone else instructed to wear it that long?

I'm very happy with the scars, in the picture that stuff is the scar cream I was told to put on, it's not my skin. I can't even see where the scars are sometimes to put this cream on. That's a good sign!

I'm finally seeing the cleavage I've been waiting for! I tried on a different sports bra and got instant cleavage! I also purchased a Victoria Secret bra you see in the pictures, it's a 34D, that's the size I was hoping for, I purchased this before my BA. It fits perfectly. Can't wait to get sized but I think I'll wait until my 6 week apt.

Nipples very sensitive still. My left one was numb for weeks, it is coming back slowly, but I feel it now! Right one is great.

One thing I noticed that I don't love is from the side, in clothes, I look very flat still. Maybe when I wear a normal bra it will look better to me, I'm still having to wear my surgical bra. But I also got moderate profile so that's the least amount of projection. Sometimes I look at them and think I went to small. Other times I think they are just perfect.

That's it for now, Goodnight beautiful ladies. I wish you all sweet dreams filled with bouncy squishy boobies. Lol

Day 1 vs day 14

A lot of you girls think you went too small the first post op week of surgery. I felt the SAME way, I was so upset. BUT felt the need to show you all how much your body changes in 2 weeks post op! I'm now 4 weeks po and they look and feel amazing. So if you just got yours done recently and are upset with the outcome, do not be upset. Give your body time to adjust, rest, heal and don't stress. You will be so happy as time goes by. Xoxox

6 week update

Today marks my 6 week anniversary of my BA. I had a consult with the doc yesterday, I'm doing great, all restrictions are lifted! Band is going in the trash! I'm able to do pretty much whatever now as long as I don't feel pain. Had another scar treatment, it didn't hurt as much this time.

I have a cruise next week so I'm very excited to show off the new body, and work on a tan...ha who am I kidding, I'll just burn.

Anyways I go back in 6 more weeks for another treatment. Doc said I am almost at my final results. I have to purchase the lifetime warranty for the extra 200 this week, there's a time limit and I don't want to miss out on that.

I sent the office a really nice Godiva chocolate gift basket, I love everyone there, they feel like family, and are genuinely caring and sweet.

Hope my story helps other women with their BA journey. Talk to you soon!

8 week update/2 months

All is going well, back to a normal life. The only thing that bothers me is under my right breast if I lean back you can see 2 raised bands, I think it's my muscle but it's vertical and about an inch long. It hurts really bad when I stretch or arch my back, that's when it gets raised up and feels almost like a pulled muscle. Has anyone else experienced this, when will it go away? Will I need another surgery to correct it? Besides that I can't find a bra that fits well yet. No luck, a 34 D from Kohles is too small in the cup and my nipple pops out lol. I guess I'll have to go to Victoria Secret, I've put it off this long. I also can feel the ripples of the implant when I touch them, that was a risk I was willing to take when I opted for saline and on the larger side, so I'm sure I'll just get used to it. But loving them still, I feel like they are completely mine and the excitement it at a normal level now. I'm not flashing myself throughout the day anymore lol. Hope everyone else's journey is going well. Xoxo

Victoria Secret Bras

Finally had time to do some bra shopping..the pink one fits the best. I was sized as a 32 DD. But the blue ones a little small and my have to return it.

No more Mondors Cord!

The mondors cord below my right breast had been bothering me for a while. I think I just wrote about it last week bc it was really hurting and I was worried something was wrong. It has disappeared since yesterday!!! I can stretch my arms up as far as they can possibly go and NO PAIN! I'm so happy. My back has been killing me lately (scoliosis) and to be able to really stretch is an amazing feeling!

3 month update

All good here, still happy with them. Doc said I was 1 month advanced in the healing process of my scars. Still doing laser treatments with him every 6 weeks until scars are gone for good. :)

Scar update

Doing laser scar treatment every 6 weeks. Here's pics of scars at 3 months.

Final before and after at 3 mnths 10 days

This is funny!!

Omg, you girls have to try this. Tonight in bed before you go to sleep, grab a bright flashlight or use the one on your phone. Lay down and hold the light up to the bottom of your breast, make sure to cover the light completely with your breast. It's crazy and fascinating!

glowing boob

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Calloway is an absolute artist and gentlemen. His staff is so kind and go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and very well taken care of. I can't say enough about my experience. I will be recommending him to everyone I know. Thank you! Love my results!

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