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Ok so my surgery date is on wednesday(april 6th) 4...

Ok so my surgery date is on wednesday(april 6th) 4 DAYS TILL MY SURGERY!!!!! and I'm getting super anxious! I wish it's like literally tomorrow. I've decided to go with 335cc-345cc srf because of assymetrical, but my surgeon (he's super fabulous) said he might either just put the same size since there isn't much difference. But I still don't know if I'm happy with that size. He said it might give me a full B to a small C. I was kind of expecting it to be full C. Thats my ideal size. Pre-op size i wear 32 A - 32B(barely fills my "adds 2 cup sizes" VS bra). My bwd is 12in i think and before deciding on 335cc-345cc srf, we were actually set on 365cc-385ccsrf. But for some reason I felt that it's going to be too big, but what if it's not? I just don't want to be one of those girls that said, I wish I've gone bigger. I guess we'll find out on wednesday....

Day of surgery

So I got the girls!!!!! The surgery went well and all I can remember was being in the op room getting all the monitors set-up and then I woke up to my bfs voice..... I ended up with 345cc:) was still contemplating about the 365cc-385cc srf but I think the 345cc is perfect for my body frame. Preop- I was a 32a/b and on the B size, it barely filled it. So hoping I'll end up with a 32C.
So far so good....
I feel great... pain is about level 2-3. I feel heavy pressure and very tight. My chest feel very heavy. Suprisingly, I was not nauseous and i was able to eat fruits and and yogurt....

I feel like a million dollar baby:)

Will definitely keep u posted on pictures :)

Day 6 post-op 25yr old 5ft4 115lbs 345cc srf natrelle

So I went to go see my ps today in their southside office (omg i swear, every office I've been to is like super fabulous and fancy) and he said everything looks great. He said if I want to go joggy, I certainly can as long as it's light workout and light jogging. He also said that since my implants are not super hugd and my skin is really tight, he doesnt want me wearing a bra so that gravity can help these puppies to drop:) but like the super perkiness and full look. But I don't think it's going to drop a lot.

So yeah I went out last saturday, I didn't tell him I had one too many cocktails and omg, even with just a tank top, I was asked who I went to and how pretty they look and how much were they... he did such an amazing job. He can totally touch them, play with them... I don't care. He made them super pretty!!!

So yeah, I totally didn't update but,
Day 3 after the surgery, i tried driving and that was a bad idea. So I just stayed home and pretended to be a domesticated house wife. Swept, cleaned, and did dishes... I was still a little weak and in and out of sleep.... oh i bought a new bralette. Oooh bra shopping was super exciting. I bought 1 large pink bralette and a 32C sports bra that I haven't even tried on yet because I still feel a little weak up top....
Day 4- i went out with my hunnie and a couple of our friends... had a few drinks, I felt like such a trooper... my friend said that when she got hers done, she was in bed for two weeks. And I was out and about at day 4:)
Day 5 I returned to work.... that wasn't so bad. There were some parts of the day when I felt like i was running out of breath but i felt fine ...

Today i was able to drive about an hour away for the post-op. This is great! I love my new boobs. They make me feel good, prettier, sexier.... devilious-red(hint:urban dictionary) lol :)

I'm actually thinking about bringing my mom to see my PS, so she can get her eyelids done.

Yes! He is that FABULOUS!!

Before and after

I was cleaning out my closet and found this old bikini top.

My before and after pic:) i love both of them even my baby boobies

My boobies are 3 weeks old :)

Got sized today at VS, depending on how much coverage either a 32C/32D... super excited... kinda went crazy shopping for bralettes...

3 weeks post op

My left boob is dropping faster than the other one and you can see that my right is wider than the left and the left projects more....

Almost 4 weeks post op

So I'm almost at 4 weeks or maybe I'm already at 4 weeks. I swear I get confused. But I feel great! I feel so fortunate that my recovery has been sooo great! I am finally able to lightly jog and have been lifting weights. Light weights though like 8lbs each. Some squats and girly push-ups trying to get my old body back. The recovery and me stuffing my face with food resulted in a 6lbs gain in less than a month!!!! And i know maybe a lb and half is from the implants but its not an excuse. I went to a wedding last weekend and the boobs got tons of attention. Sometimes I wish i went 50-100ccs more but then I would try to convince myself that maybe that would be tooo big, and would make me look top heavy. My breast still havn't fully dropped. I'm kind of anxious to see how they will look in 6-12months but I like that I have the "fake boobs cleavage" or what my doctor calls "fake look" . Although everything is going great, I'm still suffering from hypersensitivity in my nipples, worst on the right. I can't wait till that goes away! Whether i have a shirt or a bra on, it hurts regarless and I don't want to wear a bra when I go to sleep because it hurts my boobs ....

Boobs obsession

They look great, still wanting bigger though! Why?!?!?! Will I ever be content?!?!?!? They look amazing and very proportion to my body and they look natural but why do I want it bigger????

Still super high

5 weeks in

Went to the beach today, totally wanted to jump in the water but still can't... don't want to mess with an infection....

Felt really good today....
Felt that my boobs are big enough and totally proportionate with my body .... :)
I swear the boob greed comes and go, i just hate when I really really wish them bigger because it drives me insane .....

Soo, having boobs is totally new for me, is bikini too small? 32C is a small, I feel like there isn't enough coverage....

Quick update

So it's been a little over 2 months since I got the girls... they're definitely a lot softer and they no longer look like I have pecs! Lol. I went a little crazy when I went bra shopping at VS semi annual sale... when I got sized, the lady said that I'm a 32D/DD depending on the bra and if I want little coverage, i can even go down to 32C, but some bra's are super tight and they hurt, specially sports bras. I guess VS sizes are bigger than other brands, although, trying other bra brands, I found 32C/D is the most comfortable ones...

There are times when I feel boob greed like intensely to the point that I've called my PS and left a message, really considering of getting them redone. But, i love how they look super natural. People who doesn't know me think they're real and the ones who knew I got them done say its super proportionate to my small frame...

Just hoping the girls wont shrink 12months later ...

Boob update

I dont know if it's the way im standing or if its the angle of the camera but my left boobs looks heavier? The kind of look uneven?
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

He's totally AMAZING. Professional, good bedside manner. Funny. He's very comforting. I'm totally one of those patients that is very indecisive and a nervous wreck at times but he comforted me! I bet he knew what I wanted even before I did. He made me look and feel FABULOUS!

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