3 Weeks Today Till my Rhinoplasty - Travelling from UK to Poland

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3 weeks today till my rhinoplasty with Dr. Adam...

3 weeks today till my rhinoplasty with Dr. Adam kalecinski, I have seen so many amazing reviews! Was so nervous about going but flights and accommodation are all booked now and I am more excited than anything now!

Ever since a teen I was always insecure about my nose, I actually don't mind it from the front but side profile I hate! I have a bump and it seems so long from the side!

I never thought I could afford it in England as I was quoted £4,700!!!! I came across procedures in Poland and dr adam. His reviews are amazing and the clinic itself is spotless! I've always been a bit unsure of travelling countries to under go surgery, but I feel reassured that I've made the right choice! Every question has been answered promptly and in detail by David.

If anybody has any more reviews or experience.ps they would share please feel free!

2 weeks to go..

So it's 2 weeks today until I fly out, for the past week all I have done is obsessed over dr Adams Facebook page, reviews, before and after pictures. Still not come across anything bad that would put me off! It's going so quickly i just can't wait to get there now. I'm going to feel so emotional leaving my children behind for the week - I imagine the journey there will just be tears. Happiness, nerves, excitement, dread, sadness of the fact that I'll never see/feel this nose again... I know I've waited for like 10 years for this and I do not have a clue why I feel this way! Please tell me this is normal!!?

5 days until I travel!..

Oh my god I am so overwhelmed how fast it's come around! I am a bit annoyed at how people feel the need to warn you about what could go wrong... In detail!.. I know they are just trying to make sure I know what I'm doing but it's a bit deflating! I just want people to be excited with me instead of lecturing me! I am excited though regardless of what people say.
I'm also trying to ignore the "whyyyy? You don't need it, your nose isn't that bad" hahaha! I'm sure everyone in my position gets comments like this so take it with a pinch of salt!

Going to start packing this weekend but have no clue what I'll need or where to start! I've got arnica cream but can't find the tablet form and it's too late to order online. Just don't want to forget anything so I have a million lists and checklists!

All done! What a relief!

So I landed last night and got to my apartment at midnight,

I forgot to change my clock which resulted in me waking up an hour late! The clinic arranged for a taxi to pick me up and take me there.

When I had my consultation the surgeon said I would have Marta - a different surgeon. I know she is amazing and she has good reviews. I said yes that's fine and began to fill all my forms out and wait for the psychiatrist. I had such a bad feeling that I've come all the way here and settled for something that I wasn't entirely happy with and felt that it was my own fault for being late!! I thought no way! I've done so much research on Adam he is what I've come here for!... So sheepishly I told them I wanted Adam. They were fine with that I don't know what I was scared of!

I had a bit of a wait as I was last so I asked if I could go for a walk. They said yes but be back for 12 so I went for a walk around the shopping mall next door.

I got back in to the clinic and then said my goodbyes to my boyfriend.
The nurse put covers on my shoes and led me to the room I'd be staying, she said not to touch the bed until I've showered which is good because it shows how clean they are.
I had a shower and got my gown on ready. Dr Adam came in and took some photos of my nose and explained exactly what he was going to do, that was it! It was time to go! I lay on the bed in the operating room and the nurses prepared me. Before I knew it I was awake and all finished!! No pain just discomfort. I did have the driest mouth ever and wasn't allowed to drink for 2 hours!

It's now 5 hours since the surgery and I'm lay in bed feeling fine!
Tomorrow will be a different story but I've put some pics on anyway x

I got in the shower and was led down to theatre!

The morning after surgery

I had quite a bad sleep last night, I couldn't breathe out of my nose obviously so I had a very dry mouth all night, I haven't felt any pain at all which has shocked me, I just feel bunged up and like I've got a cold, I'm so so happy that I went with Adam he is a very intelligent man and is very straight forward with answers. If he doesn't like what you are wanting or if he thinks it wouldn't look right he just says no. I like that he doesn't just do anything. I've been discharged now so I'm all tucked up in my apartment. Taxis to the apartment are only 20pnl which works out around £3.50 which is very cheap because it is a bit of a way away.. I've posted some pics as my eyes are swollen and black now x

2 days after surgery

Yesterday my eyes swelled up so bad I couldn't even see out of my left eye! I've been taking arnica tablets for the last week or so and my eyes have totally gone down!

Today I had the plaster from under my nostrils removed, my lips and cheeks are swollen so I resemble a hamster, I cried my eyes out because I just felt so ugly and everyone just stares!
I can see how neat the scar is and see how small my nostrils now are, I'm able to breathe a little now out of my nose. My top is still really swelled and I know that how it looks now is not the end result but up to now I am happy.
I can't stress enough how much I recommend Adam as a surgeon!

Day 3

Today I haven't had any pain relief! I feel fine, the bottom half of my face is still swollen so I have hamster cheeks and no top lip haha! But I do feel a lot better, I can breathe a bit out of my nose too.
I have been to a spa all day today with a couple of my surgery buddies I've met while being here, it's so nice to meet others going through the same thing. I had a pedicure and it was something I needed to make me relax a bit and enjoy what time i have left here!
Posted some pics so you can see the difference x

2 weeks post op, absolutely in love!!

I am now 2 weeks post op,
The day I went to get my cast took off people warned me and said

"don't worry if you don't like it.. Only 1 in 10 people like it straight away"

I was so nervous this is what I was more nervous about than anything.. The result!

Adam came in and started to remove the stitches, they didn't actually hurt! Just a really uncomfortable tugging!

The most painful part of the whole thing from start to finish was the cast removal for me.. A lot of people say that it's just uncomfortable but it really hurt me and I have a very high pain threshold! Once he took the cast off he said to look in the mirror...

I WAS SO HAPPY!!! Oh my god I looked totally different! Still really swelled and hamster like but my nose I absolutely loved!
He put plasters on to tape it down and said to remove in 3 days

Over the next week my nose had swelled more and started to go down.. I still liked it and knew that it was going to keep on changing.

Now 2 weeks post op I am still really happy with it! It's smaller all in all, shorter, no hump and my nostrils are smaller.. It is still swelled but nobody would ever notice anything had been "done" if they didn't know me. The tip is going to take the longest to go down which I cannot wait to see the final result but it doesn't look bad even swelled up!!

I have posted a few pics for you to see from the last couple of weeks xxx

Just a couple of more pics x

Couple of progress pics

Just a couple of pics to show how it looks a few weeks on. I have my feeling back in my tip, still a little numb but not as sensitive any more x

Couple of after pics x

7 months post op

Hey everyone I just thought I would give you all an update on how I am 7 months on.

I have noticed a big change in my nose looking back on pictures then to now but the change is slowed right down now, I am more than happy with my results and still recommend Adam to everyone!! I have attached pics for you to see x

15 months on fully healed and settled

Hi everyone! So it's been 15 months since I've had my rhinoplasty and I have a 4 month old baby! Haha I fell pregnant a couple of months after my surgery! Good timing cause if have had to wait another year!! I'm fully healed all the swelling has gone and I am still so pleased about my results and still tell anyone who will listen about how successful my surgery abroad was!! I've left more pics so you can see xxx
Dr adam kalecinski

Adam is a very straight talking surgeon and is not willing to cut any corners, if he doesn't think what you want is realistic he will tell you no and give an alternative.. The clinic is absolutely beautiful and clean. flights/accommodation is cheap. I would never go anywhere else for surgery he is amazing at what he does

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