Rhinoplasty travelling from UK to Poland Wroclaw, with Adam kaleckinski

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The same as many of us, I have long disliked (to...

The same as many of us, I have long disliked (to put it mildly) my nose. I have always said that one day I would 'get it done'. June 12th 2015 is that day.
I have been to see a plastic surgeon local to me who told me that my nose is too complex for him and I should seek out a surgeon who does many rhinolastys. As I need grafts and correction of cartilage, he would not be confident with doing. He was really lovely, he took his time with me and I very much appreciated his honesty.
So I seeked out rhinoplasty specialists in London and the cost is just absurd, at 7-10k it means it simply not feasible for me.
I have chosen to go with Dr Adam kalecinski in Poland- he seems to do rhinoplastys most days and after sending/phoning his team with questions and pics he feels confident that he can correct my multiple issues. His Europe surgery facebook page is full of happy clients and pics. And at a cost of 2k it's affordable.
The issues with my nose that I would like correcting are
Too long (over projected)
Tip and columella have split in them (bi-fid)
Hanging columella
Nose seems to droop when smiling.
Dorsal hump
Off centre nose
Dents in the nasal side wall making my nose appear pinched. (I really hate this)
Nostrils narrow- interfering with breathing.

Finding it hard to find similar looking noses or problems seems post people have the pinched tip after rhinoplasty, so I am slightly apprehensive! Also worried because my nose is thin as is the skin so any irregularities after the surgery will show up more easily. Will have a face to face consultation in the morning of the 12th. If Adam doesn't feel that enough of an improvement can be made I'm happy to walk away. Cannot see much point in just reducing the hump and still having other issues as I will still hate my nose!

Better pics of dents in side of nose.

These pics show the pinching of the nose caused by the dents that are in the sides of nostrils. They feel like really hard, concaved lumps, they affect my breathing where they pinch my nose in. Some sort of misshaped cartilage I think.

3 days till surgery!! Eeek

I've got just a few days before I'm due to say goodbye to this nose. I'm feeling very nervous. Communication with the surgeon has not been easy but his team have been superb. I've spoken with a couple of dissatisfied patients recently and lots of happy ones too. But it's made me a bit worried. I really hope he doesn't rush me through my consultation as I have a lot to discus and need to know that we are at least on the same page. If that doesn't happen I guess it will just be a few days in Wroclaw without the surgery x

Did it!! 1 day post op.

Adam made me feel very comfortable at the clinic and went through each part of my nose in detail with me. I found him very personable and did not feel rushed at all. Had the op yesterday morning, spent the night before throwing up because I was so nervous!! I think I was operated on for around 2-2.5 hours. Came round phoned my other half and cried with relief, was just grateful to be alive!! Some bruising around my eyes has appeared today. I'm totally unable to breathe through my nose it's more frustrating and uncomfortable than I ever thought It would be. On the bright side there is not much pain at all. Just a little soreness. Can already see my nostrils are much nicer shape and more even than before.

3 days post op

So over yesterday and today my bruising has started to go down and the swelling is travelling down my face. I'm now rocking the chipmunk look! My top lip is quite numb and I can only manage a very odd looking smile. My surgeon said I have my old smile back in a few weeks.

My nose isn't painful, just frustratingly congested. Although that's improved because yesterday I had my packing/tampon things removed. OUCH that was a painful few seconds of my life. But I'm so grateful as I could breathe immediately! Although all the congestion built up again and now can only breathe a little. At least I know once the congestion is gone I will be able to breathe better than before the surgery.

I have the worst sore throat, probably caused by the intubation tube and not helped by all the mouth breathing. Feels like I've got razor blades in the right side of my throat. Got some lozengers and throat spray today. Hopefully will be able to sleep a little better tonight as its really keeping me awake.

Surgeon said he might take my cast off tomorrow as he is curious to see the result. (Not sure that fills me with confidence :/) he said he's never done a nose like mine before and it was quite difficult, he's really glad that I was already able to breathe as that was his main concern. Apparently my collapsed nasal valves and having a septem deviate in all directions doesn't make for easy surgery. I think I was in there for 3 hours.

Decided to stay in our apartment today, mainly due to my horrendous sore throat. Yesterday we went on a tour of Wroclaw it's such a beautiful city. I'm so glad I chose to come here. Got a few odd looks from passers by but it's worth it for the views of the city and some seriously cheap shopping.

5 days post- cast off

I had my cast off yesterday and stiches removed. It was a bit uncomfortable but nothing to worry about. at first I was like AARRHHH my nose so fat and swollen!! I had a lot of work done and was expecting it to be very swollen, but still it was such a shock!! anyway I think I just needed a bit of reassurance from my surgeon that It's just swelling. I like my profile and my columella looks great. The split in the tip has gone, my nostrils are even, the bump is gone it's been de projected. So that all looks brilliant. It's just so wide at the momment! I know I have to patient. I must not forget to mention that as of this morning I can breathe great! Much better than ever before I'm over the moon about that. I didn't get a chance to snap my own pics before it was taped but here's some that Adam took.

3 weeks post op.

I'm 3 weeks post op now. I can breathe so much better a lot of swelling from the bridge is now gone but I can still feel there is quite a bit in the tip. So far I'm very happy with my result, it's still slightly bigger than I would like but I think that is a good thing as there is still quite a lot of swelling going on. Since having my daughter Ive had lot of trouble with nasal allergies (dust, hayfever) I was taking daily allergy meds and still having a symptoms. Since the surgery I no longer have the allergy problems. I'm wondering if this is temporary or if it will last. I would just love it if it lasted! Has made such a difference to my life. Also seems like swelling had gone down more on my right than my left. I've put a few pics up. I've got a little spot on my nose, try to ignore that! Haha
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