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Hello My name is Elaine, I am 45, I am a mother to...

Hello My name is Elaine, I am 45, I am a mother to 4 girls and one step daughter my daughters are aged between 18 and 4, I have had Cesarian sections with my 4 girls, 2 emergency and 2 elective. This has left me with a large hanging tummy. I would always think wouldn't it be lovely to lose the tummy but it was a pipe dream I used to say to my ex husband that I could not justify the money as it would be more than the cost of a great family holiday.

I remarried in 2007 and had my last little girl now aged 4 and we considered the op a little more seriously, I have found a surgeon in Poland and it will cost me £2,550 for a Tummy tuck with MR and Lipo. It would be at least double in the UK. I am going tomorrow and am really excited about it.

I am 5ft 7" tall and weigh 177lbs, i go to the gym 6 times a week and am using a circuit training and vibration plates. I have been going to the Gym for 11 months and am really hooked which is so odd for me, I was scared stiff when i first went but i now hate to miss a day. I realise i could still do with losing a bit of weight but it really does not seem to want to shift, i lost 30lbs and have kept that off comfortably for the last year but the rest doesnt seem to want to move.

I will upload my horrid pictures, and will hopefully have some great ones to inspire people in a few weeks. well fingers crossed.


Well I am day 2 of my tummy tuck with muscle...

Well I am day 2 of my tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo, I am seeing my surgeon daily and am managing to move about quite well. I have come to Poland for my op as I found a dr I was happy to use and the cost is far cheaper than in the uk. I could not have afforded to have the procedure any other way.

The last couple of days have been uncomfortable and I had a problem with my drains yesterday, they kept popping open and the contents would gush out. Not great when you staying in an apartment in another country and can't move quickly to clean it up. Saw surgeon this morning and drains fixed so no leaked thus far ( fingers crossed )! I am finding sleeping difficult but have been so happy with the brief glimpses so far it's a small price to pay. I was given 3 painkillers after the op but had bought some ibuprofen and paracetamol with me so have been using them. I am hoping to have drains removed on wednesday 1 st aug and to get a proper look at my tummy. I can not show any pictures yet as A did not pack a camera ( I have come here on my own and only wanted minimal luggage to lug around ) and B because have not seen full results myself yet.

Good luck everyone will keep you posted.

Hi everyone, day 4 for me today post op. ...

Hi everyone, day 4 for me today post op. Feeling great, I had my wounds dressed today at the clinic and my surgeon is not happy with one of my drains it's still giving off loads of fluid 100 ml today and still very dark red but I am not too worried I still have a few days before I go home and I have been very active. Lots of great shopping in Poland and lovely weather so not been in bed resting much. Had a good 6 hours uninterrupted sleep last night which was wonderful and am feeling really good.

No regrets for the op wish I had done is sooner ( but could not really as had another baby 4 years ago ).

Well good luck everyone


Hello ladies, well I am back home from Poland and...

Hello ladies, well I am back home from Poland and am happy with my surgery, it's 8 days post op so am bruised and swollen but drains out yesterday and I am happy. Adding new pictures taken today.

Hello everyone here I am 23 days post op, here are...

Hello everyone here I am 23 days post op, here are a couple more photos taken today, I am still swollen on my right side and am still wearing the binder day and night. I can get around fine now and am itching to get back to the gym. When I take the binder off to oil the scars I can't believe that this tummy is mine, it looks so great I am so happy. Really worth having done. Went out in a pretty dress yesterday without having to wear old lady support knickers. Hurray!

Hi all 29 days post op and back to the gym, but...

Hi all 29 days post op and back to the gym, but only doing cardio not lifting yet and no ab exercises. Feeling good still have some swellling on my right side but am wearing the binder all day and night so it isn't getting any worse. So glad I had it done, and so is hubby now ( finally got some nice undies on, he had never seen my tummy flat as he is 2nd hubby after I had already had 3 Caesarian sections ), good luck to everyone whose ops are due.


Hello everyone, well its about 3 months since...

Hello everyone,

well its about 3 months since my op and I am back to the gym and glad I have had it done. I do have a bulge on one side and have emailed my surgeon today, as both my GP and I feel that it is a bulge of fat which was not contoured to the same extent as my other side.

I have been to 2 fancy dos and have managed to wear dresses that I could only have dreamed of wearing which felt wonderful, nothing revealing but nice straight / wiggle dresses that didnt look awful over my flappy skin.

I will upload a picture of my bulge, but please note I am still happy :) well you can the before pictures so you can see why.

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