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Scared, can't sleep, flying tomorrow from Scotland...

Scared, can't sleep, flying tomorrow from Scotland to Poland for a full tummy tuck. So see title and add 3 full rounds of invasive IVF, 2 failed relationships, both men went with other women. Put on 4 stone - lost 2 1/2 on my way to getting the rest off. This surgery is to help that journey and a present to myself. Finally know my worth and what I want for myself & this surgery is to correct and lay to bed all the past failures. Earsing the wounds & scars of the past. Currently 165lbs and 5f4in.

Day one surgery day, check outy sexy stockings !

So far so good - just had a dressing change. Looks horrendous but thanks to you ladies sharing your pics I sort of new what to expect . I can see a huge difference, appeared very flat. No bruising yet and just darting to swell, but again thanks to you all I knew that would happen. Very grateful to be alive and in one peice with that horrible peice gone. The difference in colour on my legs is the Iodine. So relived to have the actual op over - the recovery journey begins now. All the staff bar one have been fantastic ! The nurse who put those sticky things on to monitor your heart was very rough and seemed uncaring, baring in mind I was probably at my most terrified at this point so I would have been super sensitive. All good now - hope I can get some sleep tonight. Wish me luck !

First peak at new tummy

Well here it is - it looks and feels quite bumpy and the scar is particularly raised right in the centre - does this die down or should I question my surgeon about it before I leave the clinic on a few hours

Day 3 drains out new girdle

Spoke to doc this morning - he said he removed 4.3 kg during liposuction - wow - that's almost 10lbs can that be right ? From abdomen lower & upper and hips. Shocked ! Very swollen ! Also had drains out and got a new girdle (voe) six extra large £60 at clinic. I can't see any difference apart from thre pouch has gone - actually that's a big difference ! And I certainly don't feel any smaller but it's only day 3 since surgery. Pain wise it's managable but immobility driving me crackers ! Got the go ahead to shower so will enjoy that yay. I know it's gonna take time and patience - and practicing patience is something I'm equipped to do so I've got this ! Thanks so much for taking an interest and commenting it helps so much xxx

Day 5

I'm stuff and uncomfortable but can't say in real pain - certainly not like the first few days -
I'm taking it as easy as possible as back home to Scotland tomo where it will be a bit more difficult to rest as much bit I'm determined to try. Lol yes effort required to rest. I'm
So glad I read so many of the Reviews here warning about found to much those first few weeks after surgery. Im very much looking forward to going home and watch my new shape develop - I know it's going to take time for the swelling to go down and am so delighted my pouch is gone but I must admit I am excited to see what my new shape will
lol and feel like eventually. At the moment I still feel huge, my tummy is quite numb and my hips are quite tender from the bruising. All in all though given this part of the journey is coming to and end - (Poland) Id say over all my experience with Adam & Martha the surgeons has been fantastic. The majority of the nursing staff also have been super professional and the service I have had has been without a doubt second to none. I would highly recommend the team & Poland as a destination without a doubt.

Ps A large freshly squeezed carrot juice is just over £1

Day 6

Back home in Scotland and in swell hell ! Measured myself this afternoon only an inch smaller than before I left :( know it's the swelling though ! Swelling quite painful - doing too much ? Determined to rest ! But oh do nice to be back home. Will weight and measure myself in the morning. Wonder if those pounds Adam says he removed will show up on the scale. We will see - !!!
Not sure if indigestion is a side effect of surgery or part and parcel of the procedure but having never sufferered from IT before - I am now. Hope it's just temporary !

Day 11

Everything going well, quick update, I have a deep crease either side from my new belly button - not to sure if I should be worried about this ? what do you think - has anyone else had this? Also got some yellowness inside belly button that I clean out with each daily shower and new dressing, so not sure if its an infection or not ? is it always an infection when its yellow? Any how lots of questions sorry. Feeling really good Im sure down to lots and lots of rest. Im not doing anywhere near what I normally would physically - thank goodness for friends and the ability to ask for help. measurement wise when not swollen I have lost two inches on hips & two inches across widest part od belly. Also according to the scales 3lbs down (not the 9lbs down) the surgeon supposedly removed - but maybe its not showing because of the swelling still - who knows. As aIls well - fingers crossed my recovery continues to go so well.

Day 14

Saw doc and nurse today - no infection but they took a swab of belly button just to be sure. Both were fascinated having never seen anyone do through a TT before. Gone is my long scar dressing the nurse advising it doesn't need any dressing now as the scabs have crusted over but she did put a dressing plaster on the belly button, apparently a type of dressing that will draw any liquid to the top. She also advised to leave it on for 3 or 4 days and wrote a prescription for more plaster dressings and some antiseptic spray ! God bless the NHS especially here in Scotland where prescriptions are free too.
So all still going well let's hope it continues. Pain when I stand up just under my bra line in the centre of my chest - a burning like sensation that only lasts about 20 seconds, I'm thinking nerves knitting together ? Anyone experience this ? Tummy, Hips and back feel numb and hard to the touch and swelling I think creating the crease either side of my belly button, at least I think it's cause by swelling. All quite normal I believe. So although I'm a little stir crazy in determined to stay really relaxed and rested for another week at least as I have read countless reviews where folk feel better and bump activity up a notch after week 2 & into week 3 only to severely regret it. Rest recover rest recover rest recovery is my mantra. Getting excited about the general election on Thursday hence he sarcy pic.

30 days post op

Healing very well - still swollen and more so in the evening but starting to see and feel the results. Here are some recent pics and some taken in the clinic by doc.

6 weeks post op

All healing well - no infections - no problems really at all - felling more normal every day - think most of the swelling has now gone and am probably seeing my results although happy if it's going to get a little smaller too.

9 weeks post op

all going well - much more active now but still swelling as the day goes on by 1 or 2 inches. Also still calorie counting and a total of 8lbs lost since surgery - almost 3 stone in total. Still feel bruised an tingley on hips at the back.

12 weeks post op

Getting more &s'more active now. Managing to sustain the weight loss but ideally would like to lose another 10/14 pounds. Have dropped a bra & cup size and can't believe I'm buying size 12 clothes. Not much differences since 9 week photos but thought I would log them any way.
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