An Upper Lip Lift

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I decided to get an upper lip lift because of...

I decided to get an upper lip lift because of excessive amount of skin (20 mm) that caused my lip to drop and look like a thin, floppy line. I also wanted my upper lip to appear wider and fuller.

My Doctor removed skin only (3,5 mm), no muscle hemming was involved. He used dissolvable stitches underneath my skin to prevent the scar from stretching, and finished it off with some removable ones on top to assure better healing.
The procedure itself lasted around 20 minutes. I somehow lost my sense of time, but as far as I can tell from an amazingly relaxing Modern Talking record playing in the background, it must have been around this time :) (As he told me, the last patient he operated on was really anxious before the surgery and demanded that Monern Talking record played as it put her at ease :) )
I only got some local anesthesia and it didn't hurt at all. I did a couple of hours ago, when the numbing wore off.

The pain wasn't too bad though, if a little annoying. My scar was itchy and felt uncomfortable, I couldn't eat or brush my teeth for 2 days. Yup, nasty - but it's good to know all the bad sides, and a not-so-fresh breath is one of them! I advise you use a really strong mouthwash not to neglect the teeth. It's barely possible to open your mouth wide enough to fit in with a brush, unless you buy an abnormally tiny one :)

I stuck to eating mixed soups, milkshakes and runny yougurts for 6-7 days, then I was finally able to chew... mashed potatoes :) I could go back to eating normal food after I got the stiches removed, but it may be just because of my newly developed obsessive-compulsive habit of not making my mouth move, which is to prevent the scar from stretching and falling apart :)

I still try not to smile wide and warn everyone against making me laugh :) It hurts just a bit, if not at all, but I'm overly cautious about the scar :) I think I'll smile in a month, now I'll just use smileys as a poor substitute of a grin :) At least they don't have to deal with a scar under their noses!

That's it for now, I hope you find it helpful :)

it's a miracle!

I don't know how that's possible, but I just measured my upper lip and to my surprise, it's 1.2 cm long on both sides of my lips, measuring from the outer border of the scar just beneath the nostril to the highest edge of my lip, whereas before the procedure it was sligthly over 2 cm! That means 8 mm of skin miraculously disappeared when only 3.5 mm was excised.

How did that happen? :)
Is my Doctor a wizard?

I was really happy to discover this and decided to let you know :)
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