Laser Q-Switch SINON - my Journey with my Colorful Tattoo Removal on my Wrist - Poland, EU

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Hello all of you! I have been reading all your...

Hello all of you!
I have been reading all your posts about your tattoo removal processes and I decided to give it a try myself. I have a wrist tattoo which is blue, green and yellow and of course black. The rose is not bad looking I just really hate having anything on my skin, especially in such a visible place. The rose tattoo is on a scar after removing my previous tattoo (which was in the same place-poor skin ;( ) with laser CO2 -worst laser for tattoo removal ever! I was left with a scar in a shape of a tattoo ;( I really hated it so I decided two years after that I need to cover this scar with another tattoo...- again worst mistake ever! Turns out I hate tattoos on myself although I love it on other people.
In Poland there is no Picosure laser yet, so I decided to do the procedure with laser Q-Switch SINON, which is only one in Poland in WROCLAW and I live 5 hours away from this place ;( But yesterday with my girlfriend we drove there 5 hours and I had my first treatment with an experienced doctor. They have 20 years of experience with tattoo removal with Sinon laser and they combine the treatments with laser Fraxel eCO2 and with a spacial Lamp that regenerates the skin quicker. So I basically had 3 treatments on a one place.
Fist of all, It was sooooooooooo painful with laer tattoo removal that the doctor had to make a break every 10 seconds! The treatment was really fast about 2-3 minutes (because of my pain!) It is really painful procedure and for the next time my doctor gave me a special cream which will ease the pain-hopefully ;)
After that I had a treatment with laser eCO2 fraxel which helps skin rebuilt and unfortunatelly leaves small spots (which are visible on my pictures) in red like small holes in skin. It lasted for about 1 minute
Then I had a treatment (which was no pain at all) with a lamp, I lied down with my wrist under this lamp and i stayed like this for about 10 minutes.
Later on, the nurse came and applied on the place of removal sea buckthorn oil, and made a wound dressing. It was all.
I was advised to make such a dressing every day with this oil after bath for about two weeks as the place will be completely cured. And the most important thing to ALL OF YOU! The bigger the space between treatments the better and after your tattoo is healed you need to massage this place every day with a scratchy sponge- the doc. said that it helps to remove ink in much more amount! Did you guys know about it? She said it from her experience... wow! I will definiatelly do it!
Next appointment I will have in two months so now I need to take care of this place.
But today I can see big change in blue! and in some places the ink is completelly gone! ;)
I am really glad about it but we will see I am trying to stay not too overwhealmed so than I can't be disappointed. But I hope it will disappear.
It's a long process and takes much time and patience!

I want to thank you all guys for your bravery and reviews which made me really positive and strong about my decision!
My tat is still hot as hell when I touch it!
I add some pictures and the blue has reacted amazing! What do you think?
And the cost was 300 PLN which is approximately 100 $
I was actually late for the visit almost an hour but hopefully I made it and had a visit ;)

One week after first treatment with Q-Switch Sinon...I am IMPRESSED!

It's been a week since I had my first treatment with laser on my tattoo and the results are amazing. I can see a big difference in blue but also in black, green and yellow.
I hope it will be fading as quick as it has been fading so far... ;)

Second Treatment! With Sinon Ruby Laser Q-Switch

Sorry for the delay, but I had soooo much on my head! I didn't have time to post a review.....
Two weeks ago I had my second treatment, it hurt like hell and now it's fine ;)
Some pictures I've made yesterday (there are some spots without ink already)

Second Treatment with Sinon Ruby Laser Q-Switch

Sorry for the delay! I was really busy and didn't have time to make an update. It's been three weeks since I have had my second treatment.
There are some pictures what do you think guys?


HI everyone!
So, I was here registered, because I regretted my tattoo, but after two years and two laser treatments I have decided to stay with a tat, cause I think it is not as bad. I eventually came up with the idea of adding a new rose on the wrist so it will look much better because as on the one side of my wrist it was not looking nice so I wanted to make it somehow ''complete'' in a way that tat would cover my whole inside wrist part.
I choose the studio and artist and made a little change to the blue rose and added a new one; pinky rose. I post a picure of it, I really like it very much now! What do you think?
I think the reason why I decided to do that was that under the blue rose I have a scar that i hate, so even if in the future I would lasered the tat fully, the scar will reveal and I definiatelly prefer having a tattoo than a scar.

I am having second thoughts...

So I did my cover up a week ago and I am already having second thoughts....God, I feel so hopeless about all the tattoo thing....I do not know what to do anymore...If I will try to remove the tattoo the scar will appear....if I leave the tattoo I will regrett it in the near future...a cirlce that never ends....maybe there will be a chance to remove the scar...? I do not know what to do...I like the tattoo just don't think i like tattoos on me anyway....I would prefer to have nothing on my skin...
Picosure is in poland now as well but it costs my month salary! Just one procedure! :O
I regrett having any tattoo at a first place....
What is more, I am moving to another country in two months so I will not be able to removing tattoo so will take me 10 hours journey to get here....What do you guys think?
Should I start removing tattoo again? I know the clinic that I was removing previous tat will remove the dark ink completelly and make lighter colour parts (Q-Switch SINON). Should I go with it? What do you guys think?

getting used to my tattoo :)

Hello you guys!
I have not written here anything recently, so a little update now...I have decided to keep a tat. The process of removal is really frustrating-you never know what will be the final outcome...I was there myself and i was positive but taking into consideration the pain, time and money...I decided to keep my tattoo and get used to it. If after some time, I will still be unhappy with it, I will start the big journey of removal. For us (all the people from tatoo removal community) tattoo removal is not a treatment - it is a journey.
A real one - the mental journey; to accept what you have done to yourself, to come to the point that you need to accept things as the are and to convince yourself that you need to be patient and stay positive because this is sth. that does not change who you are as a person.
Secondly, it is a journey of pain and constant hope; the pain is unbearable on wrist (from my experience), what I know in the parts of the body, like backs or arms the pain is more tolerable; the more thick the skin - the bigger pain from what I have read. The pain is during the treatment but after it you still have a feeling of burning in the area of tat - this one is bearable. You hope for the results to come after each treatment, you look everyday at your tat and pray for the fade!
The last one is a journey of time and money - a lot of people here are in a position where they need to travel to another city to get a treatment (like I did) I have travelled over 3 hours to get to the laser treatment and it was a whole day trip. Some of you travel as I did and it consumes a lot of preparations, energy and really makes you feel devastated. What is more, they money is the case as well. I paid not much for my treatments but considering my salary was like 400-500 $ I paid 100$ for a treatment - it was much for me. Not mentioning the costs of the trip itself. So the moeny can be a real journey of frustration for most of us here.

All in all, tattoo removal is a real journey, the challenging one! - but this journey has a happy ending, and eventually you get rid of your regret and are able to start over. What I want to say, is that this journey no matter how devastating and painful - is worth its price!
Laser Clinic

My doctor is a surgeon with 20 years of experience with tattoo removal with SINON Q-Sqitch laser and she has been amazing! She decided to take a 2 months break after the first treatment and at least two months after any other further treatment. She said that after the first treatment she will tell me if it possible to remove the tat completelly because she need to see how deep it is and if the colours react well - as you know colours are the worst to be removed ;( Black and grey tattoos are the easiest ones.

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