Dysport Ruined my Health and Life. Poland, PO

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Hello everyone, Over 6 months ago I have done the...

Hello everyone,
Over 6 months ago I have done the bigest mistake of my life. I was healthy, happy, pretty, full of life mum. Im only 36 and now my life is a nightmare.
I went to the Clinic only for a little bit of hyaluronic accid between my brows, my
mistake I never read about it before..
Dermatologist told me she need to block my muscles first with botox. She said it is absolutely safe and I have nothing to worry about. She said after botox wear off I will look like before.
Well ok - i thought and fiew minutes after I was injected in my whole forehead. Yes the WHOLE FOREHEAD.
I thought - thats a bit weird but she is a Doctor, she must know what she's doing.

My life ended that day...

First night post injection I woke up with head exploding, I went to the toilet and saw terrible huge swollen temporal veins on both sides down to my eyes.
In tge morning I have called my injector but she was already away for a week. Next day veins were back to normal and I had only headache for the next fiew days.

4 days post injection I start feeling horrible pulling on my forehead, it became completely flat, I looked like an idiot but I thought - ok then, done, dont like it, never again, only need to wait fiew months...

But then one week after I start feeling pain in my right eye and my hair around face start falling out.
2 weeks after skin on my face , neck, chest and one hand (whole arm) start burning and red rash appear. Doctors tried creams, steroids, tablets, nothing helped.
3 days after rash my whole jaw start hurting badly, right from one ear to another, I was in agony for 3 months every single day. Again nothing helped. The same time (3 weeks post injection) I was very sick, vomiting, diarrhea, extremely dry mouth, sweating like mad, my hands, feet, body wet day and night. I had blurry vission, the right eye double vission. Some days I could not get up from bed.
My heart rate was 130 even in bed.
I was active full of energy preson before and after injection I was barely walking!
I could feel my legs, arms geting weak, pins and needles all over body but I was too stupid trusting my injector that it cant be toxin injection as she was doing it for 12 years. She told me to start looking for some other reason, so I did...
For last 6 months I was going from one specialist to another, some of them did not even know what Dysport is. I have done all possible tests, scans, nothing found.
3 months post injection my jaw pain was gone and I start being happy everything will be coming back to normal... It did not.
The real hell was only starting..

I start loosing weight day by day like someone suck the life out of me.
I start feeling weaker and weaker, weird itching stains appear all over my body in many places, they appear - gone red- itches- then redness gone and white circle stays. Some appear small and some biger, it looks like something coming out of my body, its now everywhere, my whole face, my lips, my eyelids, my nose, even my fingers and toes. Them stains geting tight and have no feeling sensation now almost everywhere. My scalp skin also. My ears too. All I can feel now is very dry, plastic, pulling and itching skin. Im loosing feeling sensation everywhere on my face and body . My eyes sunken in and the right one hurts badly. I am barely walking, have neurologic problems.Muscles are very tight and have lost all fat under my skin on my face, neck, chest, arms. Have tight chest, breathing problems, swallowing problems, asymmetry on my lower face, tight lips on the left side what makes me speak weird and hard. Have no feeling sensation on my tongue and sometimes it gets stiff making me speak faintly. My face muscles feels very tight and then sagging again, my skin look white and dead. It look like there is no circulation in blood vessels. All this is now happening on my body too. My ears feel blocked. My hair, brows, eyelashes fell out.
Every single morning my face look different, swollen and ugly. Then 10 mins later its flat and saggy again. Looks like some damage is done to my blood vessels, sensory nerves, connective tissue, my lymphatic and blood flow is blocked and I have no idea if there is anything that can help it. All doctors I have seen have no idea too .This is so traumatic when you look in the mirror and cant see ur own face. I cry every single day and loosing hope if I will ever recover. Since my injection I have 12 kg muscles and fat loss. My whole body gets stiff and plastic feeling. I have pain in muscles and Im sure it also done some damage to my organs as this toxin spread in blood stream.

My health, face, life is completely ruined and what hurts me the most is that not only mine as I my daughter has only me. I am terrified about my life and no one seem to know how to help in complications like this.
This stuff should be banned for cosmetic use because fiew wrinkles is not worth risking someones life!! But everyone who inject this poison for wrinkles care only about huge money they make and nothing else! And when complications occur they have no idea how to help so they simply lie in our faces that this is not from botox, dysport or any other name of this deadly poison!

I am writing this now with my last energy and stiff fingers to all of you that think about having botulinum toxin treatment THINK TWICE please before you ruin your life !
It might be good effect with no complications but also might go terribly wrong and nobody will help you.

I cry and only pray now every single day for me and my child because thats all I can do. And I cant forgive myself I took the risk before I found Realself , it would safe my life. I also pray for all other people who suffer from this poison. God bless you all.


I want everyone to see how Dysport can poison you and make your live hell! Here's a proof, pic from "before" and "now", think TWICE BEFORE YOU LET SOMEONE RUIN YOU LIFE

some hope!

Hi ,Time for some update I think..
Well its week 32 post injection of the most dadly poison which absolutely made my life hell.
At the moment I have symptoms :
Blurry vission, jaw pain, ear ringing, migraine, breathing difficulties, swallowing problems, muscle weakness, neck pain and weaknes, stiff hands- mostly left one which was covered in rashes in the begining, dry skin- face, scalp and body in many places, muscles atrophy, fat loss, eyes burn and pain, sunken in eyes, hair around my face still falling out, muscles pain,muscles weird spasm especialy on the face then after fiew hours back to sag again, edema- mostly after bed rest, probably lymphatic and blood flow problems, nystagmus -thank God not all the time! Pins and needles- still! Dandruff, Daaamn it is a nightmare... Some days are better tho but some are so difficult and really upseting, I have really weird and painful muscles spasm especialy on the face, it makes my face stiff and so ugly, my eyes look like squeezed in the scull and terribly hurts, I then dont look like me at all, it makes me scared,so upset and hopeless. I have asymmetry on my lower face, my lips, even my nose is completely different, I really hope it will come back to more normal because I look really bad and have speaking problems, my tongue is affected too. This toxin has gone through my entire face and down to my body, I still cant even put any weight back on, look like fighting anorexia, my bones hurts when I sleep and awful cramps in my hands wakes me up, sometimes my breath stops when I sleep and this wakes me up too, I have to sit up to catch a breath, all my scans, tests are normal, have NO ANY MEDICAL ILNESSES so DEAR DOCTORS ESPECIALY ON THIS SITE- PLEASE STOP BLAMING ANYTHING ELSE THAN BOTULINUM TOXIN!!!
Now listen everyone who suffer from it,if you have any chance to do your blood test for botulinum toxin do it asap, even if it is already months after injection! Toxin circulate in the blood for long and it still can be found after months! Dont let anyone tell you that it is gone after fiew days IT IS NOT TRUE! i have been injected 7 months ago and 2 weeks ago poor mouse has gone paralised from my blood shot in the lab that did mouse assay for me ! Im waiting for results to come back in writing, also I hired a lawyer and I wont let this woman to ruin my health and life with no consequences.
I wish you all to recover from this terrible damage and those who want to get injected PLEASE DONT DO THAT! FIEW WRINKLES ARE NOT WORTH THIS HELL!!

truth about Dysport!

People dont get Dysport! This toxin stays in your system for very long and thats what we already know but u wont get any information from doctors that it stays in a blood for ages! This is how we get relapses! I know everywhere we go nobody wants to test us for botulism saying this bullshit that its out of our system already or that it is not in blood anymore, this is not true! My blood was tested 7 months post injection and mouse bioassay was positive both times!Dysport company simply dont want people to know as it is huge money they get for harming people for many medical conditions but people must know what it really is and how REALLY works! I am still suffering badly and I know there is lots of people out there suffering for years! But no one believes them its from this poison or they simply prefere to stay quiet. No more silence, please try to find the lab that will do ur test no matter how much it will cost, ask even Vet labs , this is how I did my test, I could not get it done in any hospital of course.
My symptoms at the moment:
Untolerance to any chemicals
Muscles stiffness
Muscles spasms
Dry skin
Hair, brows, eyelashes loss
Eyes pain,eyes poked inside, headache, ears ringing, pressure,stains on the skin,
Tongue stiffness, tongue swelling, lips swelling, asymmetry, puffiness, face is just completely disffigured
circulation problem, tight chest, tremors,nystagmus a little bit improved but still comes back, pain in legs, arms, back, neck,stiff hands, muscles tightness, fat loss, teeth problems, dandruff, skin burnings again, rashes,some symptoms improved but then some new appeared, I still have panic attacks , memory loss, terrible anxiety this is never ending torture, I would give anything to turn the time back but If I cant - I will at least try my best not to let it happen for nothing, I did sign release form but not for ruining my life and be lied about side effects! This just cant be ignored! People do ur best to get tested and lets stop this Dysport nightmare, we can save many lifes too! I pray for all of us so one day we can recover one day , keep strong and dont give up no matter how hard sometime is and DONT LET DOCTORS TELL YOU ITS NOT FROM TOXIN!


For anyone suffering from Botox or Dysport I would like to give you an advise, especially in early stage after shot of this poison, ones u start having ANY BAD REACTION GO STRAIGHT TO THE HOSPITAL AND DONT EVEN MENTION ABOUT BEING INJECTED IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET HELP! I was as silly as many others here suffering for months and even years from toxin, everytime I was in agony I was beging for help and for botulism test but I have been ignored and lied to that it is not toxin ruining my health and face. It is not true that its in the blood for a short time and I have a proof ! It can circulate for months in your blood stream causing more and more damage! For anyone interested I have full documentation about mouse Bioassay done 7 months aftet injection of Dysport. I am still very sick , some of my symptoms improved but other started, also my face is completely
damaged. Toxin has gone through my entire face. My life will never be the same.
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