BA 3 Weeks Ago but Already Want an Explant

I actually really liked my boobs before but wanted...

I actually really liked my boobs before but wanted them fuller.Had my BA 3 weeks ago and my surgeon done an amazing job but from day 1 I knew i want them out.its just not me,doesn't feel good in my body and in my case it was a huge mistake.any of you ladies felt of feels the same?im 31, 5'9, 330cc tear drops under muscle

Explant booked!!

Omg I feel such a relief ! I've spoken to my doctor who is amazing I must say and he assures me that I'm not crazy feeling like this,that it does happen to some ladies that they just don't tolerate it in their body even though they're happy with the way new boobs look. I've explain that all my girls who had it done are so happy from the day one and they well confident after and I'm the total opposite, I feel down everyday since the surgery and I don't even want to touch them or look at them, and I don't know why and I REALLY don't want to feel this way:/ I was soooo much better before.he reassured me that it CAN happen to some girls, not to panic, I just don't tolerate it and he will remove it for me in January.

Explant booked!!

It's all booked ! I can't explain how excited I am! 9 of January come quick please..,
So I'm flying that morning and have the procedure done straight away after I arrive. Have to stay total 3 nights in Poland (one in the clinic 2 in the hotel)
I feel like I'm having out of body experience.... like I'm not's so bizarre

Really amazing doctor Adam Kalecinski! Very professional and friendly

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