Duran Doll May 2016!

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Hi! I thought I should start this, since I have...

Hi! I thought I should start this, since I have made the first contact with the clinic I wish to use.
I have wanted a tummy tuck for over 10 years, since I had my first child young.
I've been browsing real self for around 2 years now!
After scouring the internet for months to find anything to do with the surgeon Adam Kalecinski, I finally felt confident that he was the one to do it!

The surgery is £8,000 here in England, He will only charge £2550 for a full tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo!
He has worked as a plastic surgeon here in Britain, as well as other countries before and is registered to practice as a plastic surgery, as expected and has done so for decades. As everyone knows Poland is substantially cheaper than Britain for living expenses, hence low price relatively.

My BMI Is currently over 30. I struggle with my digestive system so feel sick a lot, but after trying to diet for months I have decided do just book a month with Dietchef, who pretty much send everything you need to eat to your door.
I lost over a stone (17 pounds) in 4 weeks with them last time!

Not only will some weightless make surgery safer for me, but my fat cells will shrink and so I hope this means they will actually get more of the little buggers out during lipo!
I need lipo on my back mainly, yes I have a fat back, weird right! It makes my waist a fair bit getter.

I have seen a physio therapists and she said I have hypermobility and so should have had physio after every child birth! but none knew, so I didn't.
She said my tummy muscles are separation and my muscles are all lax, hence wide waist. She gave me excersizes to do, just to try as she has to, and said if they don't work THEN we'll talk about a tummy tuck.
A few months later, physio had discharged, I told two separate GPs than I need a tummy tuck for muscle repair and I was met with raised eyebrows.
Then I just thought rather than fighting and waiting on an NHS waiting list for years if I did get it, I'd rather just get it done myself, with the benefit of being able to tell a surgeon exactly how I want it (I want a low scar for example) whereas I think the NHS would have told me to get what I was given.
And I can also have lipo when going private! woohoo

Okay this is all for now.

i have had contact with Dr. Kalecinski's medical team

They gave me more information and before and after pictures.
Unfortunately the tummy tuck + lipo deal means tummy tuck and lip of the tummy.
I'm confused because I'd read that lipo of the tummy during tummy tuck should be avoided since it further reduces blood supply to that area.
I wanted lipo of my back and sides.
Theres also a tt and hips lipo deal, but I need all the hip I can get, my waist is what needs tackeling.
It looks like I may just get tunmy tuck now and I'll save my fat for the BBL I was to get this coming summer.
I have requested the first if July for my TT, hopefully it will be available :)

weight loss befote TT

I'm thinking of going raw vegan for a month to lose weight and try to get into optimal health for the surgery.
I would have Christmas day off.
Also I'm going to begin my multivitamins again to strenghen up x

I am officially booked in!

I am now booked in for surgery on the 17th of February. So just over two months away!
I need to apply for my passport!
I am a little excited, but it just doesnt seem real either.
Because ive been planning on having this since i was a teenager, since i haf a child young and put on loads of weight suring the pregnancy. My body has never looked especially "normal" shaped for all of my adult life. Ive always had a pot belly.
I can't quite believe that in a few months I may no longer look pregnant??
The comments have really hurt me. People asking when I'm due and offering their seats to me when in public, when i was not pregnant, strangers telling me i shouldnt be drinking on the occasion i went out to a party, all of these humiliating things. Its destroyed my confidence a lot.
When i go shopping i just know i wont look good in anything. I go to the maternity section, i'm not even joking. Ive missed out on so much, the excitement of new clothes that other young people would have. I've never really had that much.
And now this could all change?
As you can see I'm having an emotional moment, lol
I will post more when I have more to say ;p

Wondering if I don't manage to lose much weight..

if I don't lose much weight before the surgery, could extensive lipo and tummy tuck make a great difference?

I can do this

I will lose weight!


Diet is going well today :)
Healthy pre surgery eating :)

My tummy has deflated

after just 3 days of dieting well.
I'm also breathing in :p

But seriously, it would be impossible not to at least get an improvement from a tummy tuck wouldn't it.. look at the sag!

It's looks like I've had drastic weightless, but I haven't, I'm only 7 pounds lighter right now than my heaviest weight ever was.
That hangover of skin happened after I had a caesarian section, but even when I was 9 months pregnant then, I was lighter than I am now..
How does that make sense?

Anyway, this is going!

Ive been looking at tummy tuck horror stories on here

Ewww. I've seen a lot of tummy tucks split back open again.
I realised this seems to be in cases where the person still have a fair bit of excess weight.
I think it I definately get down to a lower weight where my abdonimal wall fat will be thinner than a few inches thick, as i saw in the horrow pictures, then thete'll be less chance of this happening?
It males sense doesnt it? That less weight would be better....
I'm trying...

Lost 10lbs since I booked the surgery.

Berry tea is great!
Only 6 weeks to go until my tummy tuck! Hope to lose more.

Look at that sag!
It has to go :D

I've lost 17 pounds now, this is so exciting! One month to go until surgery


Very poor communication with this doctor's clinic. I will find someone else.

I'm now booked in with Dra Duran!

May 30th
Aggressive lip, tummy tick and BBL!

Let the preparations begin!

My hemo is only 11
I had lived with it at around 9 for a few years when I was having babies and breastfeeding.
I am amazed I got it up to 11, yet the surgeon wants it to be 13. Argh!
Taking iron twice a day currently. Although I would like a stronger one that this 14mg, if anyone knows where I can buy some online.

Google plus seems like the only easily available collection of before and after pictures (where on here you click on many reviews and many didn't end up even having the operation).

Here is a before and after that may be an obtainable result for me! Although I think my waist is a bit wider than her before photo.

What do you think?

I would be happy with that result!

I actually lost 30lbs since the beginning of this review. But have put back on 10lbs now. Trying to lose another 20lbs ideally, but don't know if I will be able to.

Vitamins I'm taking

So, Dr. Duran had her assistant forward me an email listing all the vitamins I should begin taking now. Well I found these multivitamins that seem to pretty much cover everything she suggested. (Please any fellow Duran dolls correct me if I'm wrong). So I'm taking in the morning on an empty stomach (as is best with iron) 2× 14mg of iron and 1000mg of vitamin c. Then in the evening there vitamins in the photo with an added 14mg iron tablet. My hemo is only at 11 which is actually high for me, as I have a history of iron deciency Anemia. I will have it rechecked by the doctor soon and if it's not going up I will request stronger prescribed iron medication to take 3 times a day. This is my one big thing I need to do! Get my iron levels up and ideally lose some weight. Hoping!

It feels impossible

I still wanted to lose another 45 pounds in under 3 months. But I'm gaining! I can't stop eating.
I still need to order high strenth iron as my hemo is only 11. I also still need to get a passport! Ahhh
And book flights.
And recovery house.

It doesn't feel acheivable

I'll try

I joined instagram

To follow dra Duran.

Her before and after pics are more than you could ever imagine is possible
And with over a thousand reveiws on here and not one death I'm fairly confident. Compared to the European surgeons I know a lot more about Duran already. She seems lovely and talented.

exchange date with doctor Duran

I'm booked with Dra Duran on the 31st May 2016.
I cannot make it, if anyone wants this date and wants to swap it for one in the future, please let me know

surgery postoned until 2017

I am having it next year instead
Dr. Adam Kalecinski

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