27 Year Old, Rhinoplasty, London - Poland!

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So I finally bit the bullet and booked a nose job...

So I finally bit the bullet and booked a nose job with Adam Kaleciski in Poland.
I have wanted rhinoplasty for about 12 years now. I was quoted £3700 by The Harley Medical Group, but I could not really find much stuff about the surgeon, any stuff I did find about the practice was bad. So I decided against it.
I had my boobs done this time last year by Dr Jan Stanek, who was amazing, however the cost was just under 9k, I assumed that a nose job with him would be way out of my price range.
I stumbled across Adams website (Europe Surgery) and sent them an email requesting a quote.
After doing some investigation I discovered I actually already knew about 4 people who had been to him for various ops, as well as several friends of friends who had been to him.
I have not heard a bad word about Adam or the surgery. I have read one review on here by a woman who disliked her nose, however judging by the pictures, I would say her nose is perfect!

I have booked my surgery for May, it is quite daunting as I will have to fly to Poland..
I have to stay there for five nights, with check ups every day...
I am nervous about flying as I had an incident when I was a lot younger involving my ears and nearly losing my hearing... However I am so desperate to get my nose done that I am just braving it.

I'm not going to post a profile picture of my nose yet as I hate it SO much I don't want anyone to see!!!
I'm sure I will in time.
Adam has recommended an open, full rhinoplasty, I have a crooked nose so I image he will straighten it out, remove the hump on the bridge, shave it down, reduce the size of the tip and the nostrils.
The thing I am most nervous about is the swelling, and the possibility that he doesnt reduce the tip enough.
I have seen a lot of before & afters on here (not by Adam) of people a month down the line who still have quite a prominent tip. I really want a cute button nose. As small as the rest of my facial features will allow.

I have sent a list of questions to Adams UK liason and hopefully will hear back soon. I found an article on here suggesting some basic questions to ask the surgeon so I am now waiting for a response!
Will update soon :)

Tick tock

Just wrote a huge update about my emotions and what this nose job means to me and my phone crashed!!
So, to keep t simple; everyday I travel to work i feel everyone is staring at my nose. All day I think about how big my nose is and that I look like a witch from my profile.
Looking over old pics I am
Even convinced the tip of my nose has grown and become more bulbous.
(Here's a recent picture for more of an idea about the tip)

I had a huge financial set back which made me think I would have to cancel the surgery, I felt myself slipping into a depression as I have planned my entire summer around this operation. I am filming for my website / radio show this summer and the thought of doing this without having had my nose done was making me feel sick. To the point I told my partner I wasn't going. Luckily my issues have been resolved, but it just showed me how much this actually means to me . I was devastated!!!
I just really wish it was sooner and I didn't have to wait 4 weeks!


Ok so just a few weeks to go now!
I am counting down the hours! So excited. I have started to get my stuff ready and buy any bits I may need..
I have just ordered -
Power adapters
V shaped pillow
Dry mouth spray

I was reading about arnica, so I emailed David at the surgery to see what they recommend. He said that eating a low fat diet and lots of water is what the recommend and that medical studies have not proven the benefits of arnica.. so.. I am not sure if I should bother?

I also rang David this weekend and ended up having a really long chat with him about SEO and marketing ( I work in marketing ), it really put my mind at ease, because I have had friends constantly TELLING me that I am making a crazy decision by flying to Poland to get this surgery done, asking me if I was 100% sure that it's a real company etc. Despite the fact I personally know people who have been to Adam and had nothing but amazing things to say about him, I was starting to get worried, however after talking to David so candidly I just feel a lot more relaxed about the whole thing, he has been really kind and super helpful.
I keep emailing him with little questions I keep thinking of, like ;
Will there be a freezer in my apartment?! I want to be able to ice my face!
Will I be sharing a room with someone on my night in the clinic?

When I got my boob job I meticulously went over the procedure and everything leading up to it, I wanted to know everything.
Where I would wake up, who would be there, were I would sleep, where the surgery would take place etc etc. I guess I wanted to know what to expect so that I was able to relax more on the day.

After waiting for my surgeon in my room, I was taken to a lift, then to a small room where I was asked to lay down and given my anaesthesia. I could see double doors to the side, and when they opened I could glimpse the operating table.
Somehow I felt more at ease being put to sleep in the small room, the reality of seeing the operating room just made me really nervous. I don’t know why!

Anyway, if anyone reading this has been to Adam recently for Rhino, comments detailing the process would be hugely appreciated!
Also if anyone has any other tips for things I might need!

Oh and here is a picture where you can see the flat bit at the top of my nose.
That's never really bothered me as much as the length and tip though.
Adam Kalecinski

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