Walk in the Park(Lucky Maybe?)

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I don't know if it was the exercise and wieght...

I don't know if it was the exercise and wieght lifting I'd been doing for four months or the expertise of my wonderful doctor or both. Night of surgery experienced mostly gas pains. No pains at incision site. I had the drainless procedure done. Day one post op, walked out of the clinic upright. Day two, three very minimal assistance needed. Even rearranged my rehab room to my liking when I got bored. Been on Tramadol q4, but I think it's time to discontinue. The only consistent pain is the dull ache of the liposuction on my upper chest, stomach and love handles. Totally doable, tho. Oh, and I hate this fucking compression garment. It's more of a nuisance than the surgery. Seriously

Day 2 post op

Had to see the results once I finally managed to get that annoying suit off!

Five Days....

Sleeping on and off like a baby. Guess this is a part of the recovery process. I'm not complaining. Listening to my body. Getting around pretty well still but I'm thinking I'm having one of the "percentage" days where my body decides it needs ample rest. I feel I'm about 30 percent. Less pain in the side and upper abdomen area where I was lipoed and I found a way to make my Michael Phelps compression suit way more comfortable. I put sanitary napkins where the zippers and closures come in contact with my skin. The suit would bunch up on my side areas dig into my skin causing intolerable pain and made it difficult for me to sleep. I'm sleeping in a recliner I found on Craigslist for $30 bucks. I suggest looking for one on there first. Best and most comfortable decision I ever made. I hope the san. napkin thing helps. Took my first hot shower last night. I've been showering since I has my surgery at my doctors recommendation. It's funny. I've read so many different advice from doctors about not showering for at least a week. Maybe it's because I had the drainless procedure? But it felt so damn good because in Mexico the water was lukewarm at best and I preferred to just sponge bath myself. Can't wait for the end of week two. I have a feeling I'll be fully recovering sooner than later :-)

Day 11 post op

I feel almost normal except for the muscle spasms every now and again. I'm still sleeping in my recliner, wearing a binder. I've switched pain meds to Tylenol when needed but I took one dose yesterday and woke up pain free this morning. I'm amazed. I thought this surgery would be more debilitating. It almost feels too good to be true insofar as how im healing. Still a bot swollen. Part of me is actually anticipating some kind of setback. It can't be this easy. My doctor told me he only removed 375cc of fat and tissue so maybe I was just a good candidate. I want to go "play" but I'm giving my self until week 3 to really start getting out. It's driving me crazy making myself bedridden(i do get up to clean or cook and get some sun) when I feel at least 65% normal at this point and it's only 10 days out. Thank God for such and easy recovery. :-)

5 weeks out!

I have a small seroma on my upper right quadrant. Talked to my doc and got imaging and he says it's small enough to absorb on its own and it going down day by day. Had 14cc drained on left side but Doc said even that was unnecessary and it looks like I'm healing well.

Bikini Time!

Never been so excited to start buying bikinis again. Almost 7 weeks out. Next week I can start working out again! Still a little swollen at 7 weeks but not by much. Very happy!

3 months Out, Feeling Great!

I'm binder-less now. I had a small seroma in my upper abdomen that has gone down significantly. My doctor said it should absorb in about 2-4 months. My incision has pretty much stayed narrow. I wear the silicone scar sheets pretty much 24/7. It's easy to do since its winter and my incision is low to the point where even if i wear normal low-rise jeans the pads dont show. There's a scant amount of swelling in my lower abdomen and sensation has not completely returned but every now and then I can feel my incision line itching. I absolutely love my belly button. It was one of my biggest concerns because I've seen so many awful, fake looking ones. I love the placement of my incision. It's low enough to cover with low rise panties with some space to spare. Overall, I'm LOVING my results. My scar has a bit of hyperpigmentation but in knowing my skin this will probably resolve itself in a year's time. I've never been more excited to shop. :-)
Dr Fernando Flores-Sosa

He did my tittays perfectly. Of course I became a return client. Patient, listens, offers his advice(which is spot on) and has the hands of an artist. Personally accompanied me to the rehab center(what doctor does that?) and visited me and made sure I was comfortable daily. :-) His correspondence is insane. He gets back to you so quickly he has to have a twin somewhere. :-)

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