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I wish i would have believed some of the reviews i...

i wish i would have believed some of the reviews i read on here prior to my deep fx/active fx laser resurfacing procedure i had done last week.

my acne scars are unchanged - no better. my crows feet appear to be gone - however they are replaced by weird swelling around my eyes resulting from an allergic reaction to the super-oily moisturizer they gave me to slather on my crusted face daily. that agony x 3-4 days almost made me crazy. the moisturizer and fact that i could not wash my face/exfoliate for 4 days while using such a heavy product caused me to break out in many areas, and also created "milia" around my eyes. i am not using that moisturizer anymore and am now slathering on benadryl and taking benadryl pills every 4 hours to try to get rid of the reaction, which makes my eyes look like im 100.

i actually look worse than i did before the procedure, and see no benefit from it other than the disappearance of my crows feet. i guess maybe that makes it worth it....but its a tough call. if i had it to do again, i wouldn't.

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