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Hi ladies, I have been on here reading everyone's...

Hi ladies, I have been on here reading everyone's reviews for months now and been wanting a reduction for 30 years. I have had big boobs from the age of 14, I am 5' 3" and always been very petite (I am carrying an extra stone at the moment, too much cake and not enough exercise plus menopause!) I have always had a love/hate relationship with my boobs, hated the attention they brought, especially when young, the difficulty in finding clothes to fit and avoiding looking inappropriate in a lot of clothes!! Funnily the men I have had relationships with have always been very positive about my boobs but I Have never really felt comfortable being a very busty girl and have struggled with low self-esteem all of my life. Over the past few years I have experienced all the usual physical pains and discomforts and knew I needed to do something about it as things will not ever get better, only worse with age. So I have seen my GP who is happy to refer me on the NHS but it means applying for exceptional funding as breast reduction is not funded here anymore. My GP says apparently this is always turned down, you have to prove you have an exceptional clinical need above anyone else with this 'condition'. I don't feel my need is greater than anyone else's and I can't face having to jump through hoops only to be turned down, it could take several years and still be turned down. I'm not prepared to put myself through the emotional stress and so I am having to go private. I have just had my first consultation with James McDiarmid-Hall who has his own clinic here in Plymouth, he is lovely , a softly spoken and confidence-inspiring man. He says I am a perfect candidate for a successful reduction as I don't smoke, am not clinically overweight and have no health conditions, this has allayed a lot of my fears. Apparently I have a lot of breast tissue and very little fat in my breasts and he says this is a lot easier to work with and usually means a better post surgery breast shape. I am a 30 HH at the moment, if I lose weight I need a 28 J which is almost impossible to find and they seem to just be made with wider wires, and not more cup material, which end up half way around my back and are so uncomfortable . He says I will probably be about a DD after surgery (I was thinking a C cup so was rather alarmed) but he explained why smaller would not work for me and it did make sense. I have since looked at 30 DD bras and they seem so small compared to the 'air socks' I'm wearing at the moment haha and they are so pretty! I buy all my bras from Bravissimo and although I have lots of pretty ones they just don't look the same in such a big size. I avoid looking at normal sized underwear as it makes me feel sad. I came out of my consultation feeling really positive and excited. My partner is right behind me with this, he wasn't to begin with (he has always loved my boobs) but he has seen the discomfort I suffer daily and how it has affected my self-esteem over the years, so now he is as excited as me. I have to speak to my manager about time off, I work for the NHS and they don't pay sick for elected cosmetic surgery but James has said this is functional surgery not cosmetic so fingers crossed I can go on sick leave. I will then be able to book my surgery date! We are thinking end of March as we move house in March and I want time to get everything ready for after the surgery. I have chosen to go to Duchy hospital in Cornwall, as we are having to pay paying privately we have had the choice of three and this one looks the nicest and I get to stay for 2 nights which I find reassuring as was worried about going home after one night, especially as we will be living an hour away from a hospital. I do worry about dying and complications but I AM going to do this! I've been looking at bras, tape, creams etc and bought a second-hand electric recliner yesterday in preparation after reading so many of you have used them. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on best bras to buy, James recommends Macom. Sorry for long post but wanted to get started on my review as everyone else's have been so helpful in giving me the confidence to start this journey. Thank you so much for sharing ladies. Exciting times ahead????????

Surgery date requested

I've requested the 25th of April at the Duchy hospital in Cornwall and just waiting for contact from them. Will then have to pay a 10% deposit. Sooo excited after I put the phone down but seem to have come down with a bang from my high since yesterday. Guess this is going to be a roller coaster ride emotionally. Got really irrationally upset when my partner looked at a glamour model on the AOL news site!!!! I've been showing him boobs constantly for the past few months lol. Wish the surgery was sooner but we are moving house (from Plymouth to Cornwall so a big move) in March. Spoke to my boss and she says I just need a sick note from the GP and will be on fully paid sick leave. That's a big relief as I was worried I would have to use annual leave and go unpaid if necessary. Loving reading all the review updates. Thank you ladies!

A few photos

As I am on day off work today thought I would take some photos. Find it really hard to look at the photos and actually feel really nervous and emotional to the point of tears posting them. I've been so unhappy with how I look for so long, other people have no idea of how difficult and emotional this journey is for us big-boobied ladies. Will take some better ones as these were with my iPad so not that clear.

House move complete and 7 weeks until new boobies!

We have now moved house, been living in a building site as front of house was knocked out but new Windows now in! I'm looking forward to sitting in my recliner looking at the view after surgery, find the sea very calming. I haven't thought about boobs for two whole weeks but back to obsessing again now haha I've ordered 3 new bras from Macom so got 4 now, 3 sets of front opening pyjamas for hospital and a v-pillow. Think I'm going to get a wedge and neck support as seen on others reviews, I am a lousy sleeper anyway so want to be as prepared as possible. GP has prescribed me sleeping tablets for when I am desperate but will have to check if they hinder healing. I so want to heal well, a friend has prescribed me homeopathic treatment for immediately after surgery so hoping that will help, she says it can cut recovery time by up to a third so got to be worth a go. Thank you so much to everyone for posting their updates, this site really feels like a lifeline to me. My friends, family and colleagues have all been interested and supportive but nobody can really understand how all encompassing this is emotionally unless going through it.

4 weeks today!

Hi everyone, hope you are all recovering well. My surgery is 4 weeks today and the nerves are building. I've had a pre-op phone consultation with my patient co-ordinator and have to go to the hospital on the 15th April for full blood count and MRSA swabs. I could have had this done at my GPs but am happy to travel to the hospital (it's about 70 minutes away) to familiarise ourselves With where we're going on surgery day. I've just ordered a foam wedge for sleeping upright in bed just in case I can't get on with the recliner. I would prefer to sleep in my own bed with my other half if possible. Also ordered a grabber to pick things up with. I'm seriously concerned about managing toileting in the early days post surgery as my partner keeps saying in a jokey way that he will do anything but wipe my bum and he'll call my daughter (she lives 50 minutes away and has 2 young children) if I can't manage. I so don't want him to have to anyway but also don't want to hurt myself and I know although he laughs he so doesn't like that kind of thing even though he is a plumber! This is my biggest stress at the moment lol I am back to work tomorrow and got my step-daughter staying and my 2 grandsons next weekend so sure the time will fly.

More bras

I've just received these bras and thought I'd share with you lovelies. They feel really soft, are seamless and just about contain my big boobies now so should be ideal for post surgery. Only downside is the straps are not adjustable but isn't a problem for me as they fit well and have a lot of stretch, not as firm as a compression bra but firm enough, thinking probably good for sleeping in or when you've had enough of the compression ones. From Zodee, £49 for two with 10% off and free delivery.

10 days to go!

Drove to Duchy hospital today so know where we are going on surgery day, nice dual carriageway nearly all the way so not many bumps. Had pre-op bloods done and MRSA swabs, praying I'm not anaemic, I have been taking iron for a few months. Hadn't had a period for 4 months and then 3 weeks ago had a really heavy one and am usually on the low side iron-wise so fingers crossed. The two nurses(!) were really lovely, they thought my grandson was my son and couldn't believe I was 52, compliments are obviously part of the package when you are paying privately haha. Also had my hands X-rayed today, at an NHS hospital as dr thinks I may have osteoarthritis/gout or a fracture on my big thumb joint, GP has prescribed Naproxen but not taking it as don't want to be taking any more medication before surgery. Can't believe I'll be joining the ittybitty committee in 10 days, Sooo excited now.

Tomorrow's the day!

So tomorrow is surgery day, it has come around quickly and I'm feeling ok. We have had a chilled weekend with no visitors and mainly stayed at home enjoying the sunshine together. I'm looking forward to it actually happening now, my massive fear of dying seems to have diminished as I accept there is nothing I can do about it anyway. I will update as soon as able to, take care lovely ladies xx

I'm on the other side

Hi ladies, so we arrived at the hospital at 7.45 was shown to my room and a lovely lady took my order for post op sandwich. She said I could have dinner if I was up to it later. The menu is lush so was planning what to have. My aneathetist came in and reminded me of the risks (thanks lol) then my surgeon came and marked me up and said the magic words "you want to be as small as possible?" Oh yes please. He said I was second on the list so would be going down around 11 am. Nope it was 12.45 (I think) so I spent the wait pacing and Dancing around the room as didn't want to be sitting still. Put my own stockings on and peed about 10 times lol. Aneathetist team lady came and wheeled me down in my her, jumped onto another he3r and they wrapped me up with a warm air machine which was lovely. Heart monitors were taped to my back and a sharp scratch and before i knew it the anaesthetic was being injected
Fast forward to waking up in recovery. Warm air still blowing and wrapped in a heat blanket. Now I have to admit my pain level was off the scale, I am pretty stoic (walked around with a broken wrist for 2 days before going to the minor injuries unit) but it was awful so morphine given and then more morphine, nothing coming out of my drains and shelling was was rapid. My nurse called my surgeon and he came straight in to take a look, he said the op went beautifully and he had taken 1 kilo, woohoo double what he said at consultation. I took a look and they look so much smaller ????I couldn't help smiling. My allocated room nurse called in to see me as my partner was worrying as Mr McDiarmid had said it would take about 2 hours and I had been gone for over 4, the op took 2 1/2 plus prep etc and I eventually got back to my room at 6.15 as they didn't want me to leave recovery until they had stabilised my pain etc. I had oxygen prongs in my nose, a drip and inflating pressure cuffs on my legs. it was lovely to see my partner and spent the next few hours talking and being regularly checked by the nurse. I was still having trouble with pain management, nurse got the duty Dr to check my swelling and he was happy it wasn't a haematoa. My drains were still not draining much but I have had a lot of leakage from the sites so frequent dressing changes required. I am on bed rest so not allowed to get up, moving in the bed has been very difficult and very painful. I eventually needed a wee at 11pm and had to use a bedpan which again was not easy and terribly painful. I've had very frequent swelling checks and a lot of oramorph alongside anti-sickness drugs. Eventually around 1ish this morning I tried to sleep but found it impossible sitting so upright and the leg cuffs inflating/deflating constantly. I didn't get my sandwich or dinner but have eaten a ginger biscuit and had two cups of tea and lots of water, cough sweets have been great so throat not really sore. Eventually felt myself starting to doze and suddenly felt terribly unwell, hot and nauseous, as I have a fear of vomiting I think I panicked which probably didn't help. Rang the nurse-call and they stripped the bedding off and gave me a bowl etc and left me to it with my door open! Lots of slow deep breathing and the feeling subsided as suddenly as it had started, very strange. The nurse gave me an anti-sickness injection and changed my drain site dressings again then brought another nurse in to check my swelling once more. I have been sat up with no bed covers on and the window open ever since writing this review on my phone. My surgeon is coming to see me tomorrow morning with a view to taking the drains out and he said I may possibly be up to going home. This was obviously before all the pain/swelling issues, I really don't want to go home so soon as its been a very rough time for me, my other half also wants me to stay another night and the fact we are over an hour from the nearest hospital and have 29 steep steps to our front door makes me think it would be safer. As my partner says we have paid for 2 nights care so may as well use it. I'm sorry this has been quite negative and waffling but wanted to be as factual possible, I actually feel ok at the moment and hope it will get easier from now on. i have had several bouts of tears and feeling overwhelmed but I'm looking forward to breakfast in the morning so isn't all bad lol my bum is sore from sitting upright for so long so be good to get up on my feet tomorrow. Take care everyone and please ask any questions you have xx

Day 4 update

So got home yesterday and spent most of the afternoon in my recliner, as someone who struggles to sleep at night and never during the day it has been strange to keep falling asleep and for up to two hours at a time! I slept ok sat upright in my bed last night, managed a 4 hour block but have a very sore bum as I'm usually a side sleeper. My partner is being great, he is going to give me a good wash in a while, the hospital used bed bath wipes that you heat in the microwave and are lovely and soft and scented. We brought two packs home with us and I would definitely recommend them as easier than a flannel etc. Think I've had a leakage (bloody looking) under my left breast, if it gets worse I will phone and ask the clinic if it's ok. Pain wise I went from 9.30 last night to 6.30 this morning without meds, I've had a few sharp stabbing pains but otherwise pretty comfortable. I'm taking one 30mg codeine and two paracetamols regularly. I have to keep stopping myself from reaching for things as I'm terrified I'm going to rip something. My breasts are still very tense and swollen, just the journey home and walking up the 29 steps had them swelling up so definitely going to lie low this week and do as little as possible. I'm going to have to think about bras as my surgeon has said not to use compression bras (great I have 5, three I've washed and two still have tags on so hoping they will take those back) I've got two soft stretchy front openers but will need to get some soft sports bras, it's difficult to get 30inch bands so will probably men a trip to M&S to be fitted, something I wanted to avoid really.
I think the journey so far has been pretty ok, it's a little daunting being at home and left to your own devices, I liked the security of being in hospital and having someone check you every few hours. The hospital have given me a sick note for four weeks off work so will see how things go in that time.
All in all I would say I am delighted with my results and just wish I'd done it years ago.

Day 3 photos

Visit to the clinic

Hi ladies, hope you are feeling well. I had a day resting in the recliner yesterday, my partner gives me a wash over with the bed bath wipes and puts my stockings on for me and then it's in the recliner only getting up for toilet runs and regular walks around the house. My son came to see me, he declined to see the new girls haha but was interested in the surgery experience. Had been feeling pretty bloated and quite uncomfortable so took Lactulose morning and evening and thankfully had first bowel movement since Sunday, what a relief!! I started to feel hot and out of sorts as the evening progressed and had a moderate temperature, what with having a bit of bloody leakage on my dressings was a little concerned about infection so emailed some photos to my surgeon. He replied saying the leakage was normal and expected but to come to his clinic today for a dressing change and review. The nurse removed my dressings and said all was looking fine and James McDiarmid came in to look and was happy with all of the incisions. I now only have light dressings over my under breast incisions and tape around my nipples which are nice and pink, I have sensation in the right nipple and a numb feeling in the left one so fingers crossed there. The clinic nurse was lovely and chatted away with me, Mr McDiarmid is brilliant he even spoke to my partner (who was waiting outside as he didn't want to see bruises/incisions etc as it upsets him, bless) after seeing me and reassured him all was well. These dressings are not as comfortable as the originals which is a shame but only on until Wednesday when I get my stitches out. I wore my Bella bra for the first time, it is lovely and soft and comfortable but by the time we got home (3+ hours) I couldn't wait to get it off as my drain sites and sites of a couple of moles that James removed for me were stinging. You don't realise just how bumpy our roads are until your travelling with a chest full of stitches!!! I am truly elated that the Bella bra, which looks tiny and I would never ever have imagined getting into, actually fits, what a good feeling. At the moment I'm not caring what my eventual cup size will be I just know I am so much smaller than I was before ???? and it feels great.

Day 6 photos

Day 6 photos

Day 6 post surgery

Hi lovely ladies, I hope you are all resting and having pretty uneventful recoveries. I have added some photos today, my breasts are still very swollen but there is a slight movement when I walk around now, I'm gently cupping them if I haven't got my bra on haha habit I think from having to carry them when they were huge! Pain wise I haven't taken any meds for 42 hours and although I am sore along the incisions there has only been a few shooting pains and a little throbbing. I have had leakage since the dressing change but nothing since yesterday lunchtime so hopefully that has stopped now. I had a day of complete rest yesterday after my trip out the day before, my partner showered me down in the bath tub, it was quite funny both naked and me holding my boobs telling him to be careful not to get my dressings wet. He worries and is quite firm with me about moving, bending over etc but have to say he has been a complete star with doing everything. I am ignoring the things he hasn't done and find this easier than I thought I would. My daughter is coming tomorrow to wash my hair and do the jobs he hasn't noticed need doing haha. We seem to have got into a routine of breakfast in bed (for me, he's got to much to do haha) several cups of tea, water etc and I'm getting up around 12ish and washing, changing and moving downstairs to the recliner. I do feel as if I've done a days work when I get there and realise that when the ladies before us say you have to really rest they were telling the truth. I've had quite a few anaesthetics and smaller procedures before but never felt anything like this level of fatigue, so rest, rest, rest it is for as long as it takes. I put the pink vest top on and apart from the pregnant belly, which I am not at all bothered about as know it will go in time, I cannot believe how small my chest looks, my partner says its like looking at a different person. I cried happy tears as have spent my whole adult life feeling like a freak and now I just look normal and normal is SO good! I've started to miss physical contact sleeping in my pillow castle, been having gentle cuddles (with him freaking he's going to hurt me!) and discovered the pregnant belly actually acts like a buffer so he can't get close enough to hurt my boobs, natures pretty clever hey lol happy healing everyone X

Day 9 - sutures out

Up and out early today to get my stitches removed. The nurse cut four knots on each breast, I didn't feel the t-junction/inner breast or nipple ones but the outer incisions did sting quite badly. I had taken 30 mg of codeine on the way in case it was very painful but probably would have been ok without. Funny once the knots were cut I could feel my breasts relax a little, a slightly unsettling feeling but not uncomfortable. All dressings and tape were removed and the incisions swabbed with saline, the nurse was happy and my consultant came in to have a look and said everything was healing nicely. I have 2 moist points, 1 on each vertical incision so going to keep dressings on those and the rest has been taped with micropore which I will change when it loses it's stickiness for the next 6 weeks. A little gutted as having the dressings means I can't shower and was so looking forward to a lovely shower. The nurse suggested I shower the day I'm changing my dressings and just shallow bathe the other days. Guess it's not the end of the world especially as I'm off work and doing very little. I am desperate to heal well without complications so will do whatever that takes. My surgeon said he would see me in 3 months, my partner and I looked at each other in alarm as that seems too long without medical review. The nurse obviously felt the same as she asked if we would prefer to come back in 4 weeks, so we made anappointment for then. We were given some tape and dressings to take home. I walked around Sainsburys while waiting for a presciption and it felt strange to be out and about with my new boobies, I did feel a little lightheaded after 20 minutes and was glad to get back in the car but feel it's a small step towards getting back to normal. I haven't slept at all well the past 4 nights (hence the prescription) and haven't been able to sleep in the day either so am feeling very tired but am also definately feeling more human. My partner is still being really kind and supportive which I am so thankful for, he finished the swinging chair he has been making today so we have sat in the sunshine watching the tide come in together. Tomorrow will be my first day home alone so will have to try to resist doing too much. Hope everyone is ok and doing well?

Looking better, I think

Day 12 - had a rough day yesterday, lots of pain and burning incisions, felt low and by bedtime I was cold, shivery, tearful and exhausted. Thought it was possibly the start of infection as I had a lot of leakage on my dressings but woke up feeling ok. I think it's my bodies way of telling me to stop, I'm not sleeping well and think it catches up with me, also my son visited with his girlfriend and new puppy so hadn't rested all day. Had a bath/shower this morning (my other half washed my hair and back) and removed the dressings which were not pretty but didn't smell as I'd feared. Just let the warm water run over my breasts (no soap etc allowed) and then dried the moist areas with sterile gauze and the hairdryer, I laid on the bed and aired them before applying the new dressings. Am pleased to say there is definately an improvement since Wednesday so feel much happier. My partner is so sweet, he has such confidence that they are going to be ok and thinks they look great. I have to say they are pretty impressive laying down from my view looking down, I can't remember being that small and pert EVER! I showed my friend and her daughter today and like she reminded me this is only day 12 and it is major surgery, its so easy to forget and do too much when your not actually ill. Happy healing everyone, this is some journey but definately worth it.

A little positivity

I've been struggling with tiredness and feeling low the past few days as I am just not sleeping well. I've tried taking pain meds and also a sleeping tablet but just lay wide awake while my partners snores away beside me. I'm worrying that the lack of sleep could be affecting my healing and that's why I still have leakage. I've also been home alone this week which is getting to me a bit so thought I would try to cheer myself up by trying on some clothes. I am delighted to say that dresses and tunics that were bursting at the seems are now hanging properly on me, I tried on a Freya push up bra 30HH that I used to spill out of and it's huge on me!! And that's with the swelling, woohoo instant mood lift. I've also bought a Bodren swimsuit and it fits, something I could never have contemplated getting into ever before, so ladies this surgery is definately worth it. Shopping is going to be a whole new experience from now on!


3 weeks and a little setback

So three weeks post op already. I felt like I had really turned a corner recovery wise and then on Sunday I had lots of leakage from both under incisions and a little from my right nipple. The dressings didn't contain it and it collected under the taping and smelt a bit cheesey. I removed all tape and dressings in the shower and was mortified to see the left t-junction wound was all mucky looking and the right incision was red/raw looking and my nipple had broken open a little. I emailed pictures to my surgeon who advised to stop taping, shower twice daily, remove the debris with liquid soap and cover with small dressings. He also said a course of strong antibiotics should clear things up. I did this and again in the morning but felt awful, dizzy, nauseous, had palpitations and couldn't stop crying so went to the GP and got antibiotics and sleeping pills as I have been unable to sleep for days again. GP said he is not surprised I am feeling awful and have been ovetdoing it, which made me feel better as assumed I was being a complete wimp! my nurse friend visited yesterday and examined my wounds and said I definately shouldn't be removing the debris or showering/changing dressings that frequently. She put paraffin dressings right into the incisions and covered them with melonin dressings just taped at the edges. We drove to a chemists but were unable to buy the necessary dressings so I phoned my surgery and requested a wound assessment with the nurse this morning. I am so glad I did, the nurse was so kind and reassuring she cleaned my wounds and put an iodine dressing on the open wound with a large cushioned low adhesive absorbent dressing on top. She also covered the other two areas with absorbent dressings. I have got a prescription for more dressings and go back on Friday for dressing change and GP review. She was surprised I'd been left to manage this by myself so guess I should have asked for help earlier. I also started my period which explained the tears and not being able to sleep. Had friends visit last night complete with flowers/cards and a lovely buffet meal. We gossiped and giggled and they thought the girls are looking brilliant, it was just what I needed to cheer me up. so sat here resting and hoping its happier healing from now on.

4 weeks today

So four weeks post op today, I went to see the nurse practitioner this afternoon for dressing change. Saw a different nurse, just as lovely as the first, and she said my right side is looking dry and she cannot see any open spots! Yay no dressing, it feels a little strange to be dressing free I feel a little naked haha. My nipple has healed back together and she says my vertical incisions are healed and starting to fade already. Great news! My left wound is no longer inflamed but is still mucky so she's prescribed another week of antibiotics, little disappointed as took what I thought was my last one before driving to the surgery. Better safe than sorry though, I have to go back Wednesday and Friday but she is hoping to stop the iodine dressing by Wednesday and start using a paraffin one to prevent irritation of the new tissue that is growing. She asked if I thought the procedure was worth it, especially considering the complications, and I said a definite yes. I would do this again tomorrow if I had to, I can't stop lifting my bra and looking at the rightie and flashed my partner as he came in the door much to his delight. He says he is looking forward to me walking around topless and not hiding myself away as I have always done in the past. Energy wise I am feeling a lot better, had a busy day today and have only just crashed, a massive improvement on last week. So one step at a time but much, much happier. Happy healing everyone ????

5 week update

5 weeks yesterday, I've finished 2 courses of amoxi-clav 625 mg and am feeling well again. Been seeing the practise nurse every other day and she said today my wound is healing well with very little mucky stuff so hoping it will be closed by next week. I see my surgeon on Thursday and will be asking questions about my nipple (the right) that had broken open, it is puffy and looks like it has been stuck on compared to the right. I think this is probably due to not being able to use tape because of the infection. I'm hoping that not using tape hasn't jeopardized the end results of my scars. I feel I am several weeks behind in my healing but am feeling positive, my partner loves my new boobs although he was shocked at how hard they are, he liked my soft pillowy boobies lol i reassured him they will soften in time.

Week 5 photos

6 week update

Another week has flown by. Feeling good, still not sleeping well, I get around 4-5 hours a night so still tired most of the time. My wound is scabbing over, I have to reapply a dressing daily after showering and today noticed my skin is red and irritated from the adhesive part so have used a non adhesive dressing with a little micropore tape over the tape around my nipple and on my ribcage. The skin from nipple to t-junction definately looks very thin and vulnerable so worried it will split if damaged. I am resigned to having a funny shaped scar as I can't see the skin growing back in a neat line after 6 weeks. i am taking a photo each day so I can see the progress. At least it is under the breast and won't be visible and thankfully my other half isnt phased by it and he will be the only one seeing it. I went to a wedding today, only for 2 hours as it was a Jehovah wedding but was out all day as looking after my 8 year old grandson as well and my incisions are now burning and I am shattered. Felt good to be out doing normal things again though. Back to work next week but hopefully on phased return for at least the first week as feel it will be a bit of a shock to do 3 full days in a row and the long drive each way.

7 week update

Seven weeks yesterday and have been feeling good, little dizzy/spacey still (anaemia I presume) but was out and about last week pretty much as normal. Took my dressing off yesterday morning and was gutted to see there was a little yellow discharge from a new open spot and when I wiped it gently with wet gauze a hard green/black lump of something came away! Also where the tape covering my areola incisions was on normal skin my skin had split /blistered and wept slightly. I was not happy as expected to see the scabbed area looking better so went to the surgery and got the nurse to take a look. She said the split was my skin not tolerating the tape but nothing to worry about,she squeezed the open spot to see if gunk came out (ouch it hurt) but was happy it is not infected. She also knocked off the original scab when cleaning it and I have a small opening there as well. I asked if she thought it could be a stitch causing the opening (and the bogie looking thing) and she said no that's not likely, explained lots of women have experienced spitting sutures and she was surprised. Back to work today, it's strange going back after 7 weeks but everyone was lovely and only worked until 1.30. I am tired now so resting up for a few hours. I'm not going to use tape again as the skin on my bad boob is definately thin looking and very easily damaged. New bruising still coming out on different areas and the area above my infection is hard and deeply bruised. Fingers crossed the little spots will close quickly. Noticed a lot more swelling in the evenings being active again but have used breastfeeding iced gel pads and they have helped. It does appear to be 2 steps forward 1 back for me on my recovery but thankful to be feeling well and infection free. Tried on some bras in M&S and ended up buying 32e feeding bras and one normal nonwired one, I'm not worrying about the size as also got my step-daughter bras in 30a and she is only 11 and measures as under a 28 chest. It's a shame the brand names like Freya, fantasie and Bravissimo don't do nonwired ones apart from maternity/sports bras as they have always been a good fit for me and better quality. also some of us ladies may still need a dd/e/f cup but don't need the same level of support as 'non modified' boobies.

2 months already

I'm 2 months post surgery now and feeling good. I have a couple of small scabs under my left breast but the rest of my incisions are closed and most are smoothing out. They do burn by the end of the day, especially work days, and I can't wait to get my bra off when I get home. I usually spend an hour or so bra free or topless. I am sleeping on my right side with a pillow underneath me, it's so good not to have to sleep on my back all night anymore. It's still not very comfortable on my left side yet though. I still feel that my breasts are bigger than I wanted and I don't like the way my breasts touch at the cleavage. I am hoping they will bottom out a bit more and separate so I'll have a little gap at my cleavage. My partner thinks they look how they should but I'd prefer less boxy and smaller. I'm using coconut oil to massage my scars and on the dry patches. My boobs are much softer and normal feeling now although I still have a hard lumpy area above my infection site, I'm hoping this will soften in time. I am going to a wedding next weekend and have tried my dress on with a soft bra and bra less. Both look ok and braless is the most comfortable so may be brave and go braless as it's only the evening do! I haven't been braless since I was a child so it feels rather risqué!


I'm almost 11 weeks post surgery now and pretty much my life is back to normal. My breasts are softening nicely and scars are looking pretty good especially considering I had an open wound and infection for several weeks. My only concern is I have a large lumpy area just above my under breast incision on my "bad" boob that doesn't appear to be getting any smaller. The whole underside of this breast was solid post surgery but around the lumps has softened nicely. Has anyone else been left with lumps?

12 weeks tomorrow

Here are some 12 week photos. I think I am starting to quite like my boobs now, still wish they were smaller but they are pretty normal feeling apart from the pesky lumpy area on the left one. That does appear to be getting smaller but it is slow progress. The shape is definitely improving, I would prefer a bigger gap at my cleavage as i think this would make them look smaller but my partner likes the way they look now. He has struggled with how they feel (too firm lol i thought men craved firm pert breasts!) and says he misses the old ones. I wasn't expecting him to feel like that as I don't miss them at all. I'm still sleeping in a support bra but am wearing normal soft bras during the day and don't feel the need to rip it off as soon as I walk in the door most days. I'm looking forward to wearing underwires again but am in no hurry as definately would be uncomfortable/painful at the moment. Still get the odd times of overwhelming tiredness, usually at the end of the working week but otherwise feeling great. Hope everyone is doing well on their journeys to full recovery.

having a hissy fit

Oh my God where has my positive attitude gone?? I am 15 weeks post surgery and have been feeling great so decided to order some normal underwired bras as fed up with the soft ones. Begrudgingly ordered 30ff as judged that's where I am as my breasts are wide. They arrived yesterday and although they look small I am freaking out that they are going to be too small and I CANNOT face ordering a G cup. Im too stressed to even try them on. I know my boobs are a lot smaller and neater than they were but seriously have I gone through all this just to go down 3/4 cup sizes? I was happy with DD but Ff/G means specialist bras/swimwear again. I could cry. Seeing my surgeon 2nd Sept but my partner is adament I'm having no more surgery and gets angry when I talk about it. Anyone else felt like this?

The quest for a comfortable bra

Hi ladies, I have come across a brilliant Facebook group that blows apart the whole bra/cup sizing we are used to. It's called boob or bust and there is an online calculator using different measurements to get your true bra size. Most of us know we have probably worn the wrong size in the past but apparently very few women are bigger than a 36 back and very few are actually an a-d cup. It's brilliant and really explains what your bra should fit like, also there are admin who will give advice and do fit checks for you (through photos you upload). It puts into perspective for me that possibly being a 30gg doesn't mean I have huge boobies anymore. I'm converting everyone at work lol

11 month update

Hi everyone. I am almost 11 months post op now, the time has flown and I have just had an appointment with my surgeon. My breasts have settled and look pretty natural, the scars have faded and are white now. I have a thick scar on my right side but as it is in the crease I am not worried about it. I also have a small dog ear at the end of my left outer incision but it's so small I'm not going to have anything done about it.
Unfortunately I have a lump in my left breast which my surgeon is confident is fat necrosis, it is hard and tenders so I am having it removed on 17th May. I'm really nervous about this as it will be done under local anaesthetic at my surgeons clinic, seems crazy to be nervous after all I've been through but think I'm worried as he will go in the old incision and my left breast was the one I had an infection in and delayed healing. He says it should only be around a 3cm incision and need a few stitches.
So far positive results of surgery are:
Tension/stiffness in neck and back has gone.
Constant discomfort has gone.
Breasts are a good shape.
Psychologically I feel much happier and more confident. I feel more in proportion.
I'm happy to be naked in front of my partner!! (a big one for me).
Clothes are fitting properly.
I don't constantly think about my boobs ????
I can wear soft bra tops or go braless (only do this at home).
I still think my breasts are too large and would genuinely have been happy to be much smaller.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! I only wish I'd had the surgery when I was younger. I recently showered in a changing room and saw myself in bright daylight for the first time since surgery (our ensuite doesn't have a window) and yes there is a lot of scaring but nothing that can't be hidden with underwear/swimwear. The scars honestly don't bother me or my partner at all.
I'd say to anyone contemplating this surgery to research it thoroughly, it is a BIG surgery and it does take a long time to fully recover and see the final results.
I will post some photos soon.


11 month photos

Great Britain Plastic Surgeon

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