47 Yr Old Mum of 5, Breast Implants, Lipo Abdominoplasty - Plymouth, GB

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Hi, I'll give a bit of background info and share...

Hi, I'll give a bit of background info and share my reasons for getting the surgery. I am a 47 year old mum of five with ages ranging from 8yrs old up to 25yrs old. That's a lot of time being pregnant and an even longer time breastfeeding my babies. I've also spent many years yo yo'ing up and down with my weight, at my heaviest 14 years ago I was 15 1/2 stone. Today I'm 10 1/2 stone (147lbs) and have pretty much maintained for the last 3 years, give or take a few pounds gained during holidays. I measure 5' 7" tall, currently wear a 34c bra and size 10-12 clothes. I'm perfectly happy with how I look fully clothed (though Spanx are my best friend!) but in a bikini or naked it's a whole different story . I feel fortunate that I managed to avoid stretch marks but I hate my wobbly tummy and deflated breasts and have been promising myself that for my 50th birthday I would do something about them. Well, my partner suggested I go and get a consultation and and very generously has paid for my surgery. I don't have to wait till I'm 50.....yippeeee!

I've done so much research and I have great confidence that I've picked the right surgeon. At my consultation we discussed my options. I am dead set against an uplift, the thought of having my nipples repositioned freaks me out, so my first question was whether I was able to get implants without an uplift. Apparently I'm borderline, but James is confident he can get great results without the lift, but they won't be quite as perky as they were 20 years ago. That's fine with me, I just want the upper fullness restored. I have a lot of loose skin. I had no dead set idea of size and after doing a few measurements he thinks 360, 390 or 420cc under the muscle (I have very little fat on my upper chest and he feels the edge of the implants would be visible) I am leaving the final decision to him once I'm in theatre.

As well as my abdominoplasty, I will also get some lipo sculpting done to give me more shape. I have stubborn fat in my upper abdomen which I'm looking forward to getting sucked out before the skin is pulled down. I can't wait to be able to wear my bikini with confidence and I have a holiday to Dubai booked for 7 weeks after my surgery date so I'm really hoping and praying for rapid healing !

Only 2 more sleeps, I'm nervous but very excited and will update as often as I can!

Today's the day!

Well it's 6am on the morning of my surgery. I've been watching the clock all night, hardly a wink of sleep. I'm just having a breakfast of banana, kiwi (Vit C for my scar healing!) and a high protein yoghurt (protein good for recovery) I might try and eat a couple of soft boiled eggs before my nil by mouth cut off of 7.30. I'm feeling nervous and keep worrying that I've not prepared for this in terms of supplies etc, but I guess my partner will be sent on a shopping spree if there's anything I've missed. I'll try update once I'm admitted to hospital x


I've just seen the anaesthetist and my surgeon and I'm ready to go as soon as he's finished a small procedure before me. I'm marked up and I'm shocked at how much skin will actually be removed. We've also talked about my implants, if we should go under or over the muscle and if he thinks it will work for me he will sit them over the muscle as it will be quicker healing and less discomfort but he's assured me he won't compromise on my results. If they will work better under then so be it.

11 hours post op!

Out of recovery and back in my room by 7.30 last night. Pain from TT was much worse than expected. Pain relief didn't seem to work (oramorph, codeine and IV paracetamol) I did get easier through the night and hardly any discomfort this morning (7am) unless I move or laugh! I need a wee desperately so took more pain relief 30 minutes ago and I'm going to try and get to the bathroom for the first time. I wasn't catheterised when I came out of surgery but not sure if I was during. Breast pain has been non existent, slight tightness in my chest if I breath too deeply. My surgeon decided on 420cc over muscle. From my angle they don't look big but my OH said they look massive ????

2 days post op!

Much better sleep last night. Only woke once for the bathroom and only had 2 paracetamol at 10pm as pain relief for the night. My abdomen feels more swollen this morning and I'm more achey in general, arms, rib cage etc. not sure what areas were lipo' and if it's that causing my aching or if it's my implants. Desperately need to pee but not even attempting to get up until I've had my pain relief this morning. I'll try and post some more boobie pictures this morning but here's one from immediately after surgery. They're looking good but quite wide apart but naturally my breasts were wide set anyway. My surgeon did say pre surgery that I'd need a bra still to give good cleavage.

Don't think much of my new handbags!

Drains are coming out today. The first morning following surgery there was only 15ml of fluid collected. It's been 24hrs since they were emptied and there's probably only about 20ml in there now which is apparently great! Can't wait to get them out, though I'm hoping it's not too uncomfortable when they remove them x

Not much to update.

Not a lot to update really, 3 days post op. TT still uncomfortable when I move but no discomfort when I'm lying or sitting still. Breasts absolutely fine, no pain just slight swelling and discomfort under my arms where bra band sits. I've only taken 2 lots of paracetamol for pain relief today. I've decided to stop the codeine due to feeling very bunged up. Still awaiting a BM, going to take Dulcolax tonight as I really need to go!

I thought I'd try on a bikini top today to see how my boobs fit. Obviously with swelling and feeling a bit stiff it didn't fit perfectly but omg I have cleavage. Real cleavage! They are bigger than I'd imagined and I'm assuming once they settle they won't feel quite as big but I love them! It was the right decision to have implants without a lift and I couldn't be any happier with the outcome. Still not removed my CG, still not showered. I will be brave and do it tomorrow!

First shower Day 4 PO

I removed my CG this morning for the first time since surgery. I'd been scared to remove the 'security blanket' and I'd imagined all sorts happening, my scars splitting open, pain etc. in reality it's fine. It's quite a relief not to be bound so tight. Anyway it's had a quick wash and dry and will be back on very shortly. I braved the shower. 4 days of not washing my hair and I was feeling yuck. I tried very hard not to wet my dressings but even with no direct spray going on them, they are still wet. Should I be concerned? I've tried to absorb as much moisture as I can on the towel and used cool hairdryer but they're still quite damp.

Apologies in advance! Bowels.....TMI!

Today has been spent mostly in bed or on the toilet. I'm terribly constipated, despite the urges and tummy spasms to 'go', when I'm sat there I can't pass anything. It's just stuck. Ive been in so much discomfort. In tears I resorted to ringing my GP surgery and had a promise of a call back from the on call Dr. 2 hours later she finally called and prescribed suppositories for me to administer myself (not nice!) and stool softener for me to take orally. Neither have worked as yet and I'm still in a lot if discomfort. My CG has been off and on more times than a prostitutes knickers (I don't find it comfortable to sit on the loo wearing it) I'm exhausted from all the effort today has taken. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day. I just want to curl up in bed and snuggle my OH but of course it will be the usual position propped up on my back pillows under my legs. Pity party anyone? ????

5 days PO

More bruising is coming out today and I decided to try an old 34c bikini on. Loving how my tummy is, even now. Hoping boobies go down a bit as they still seem huge! I reckon a full 34D or DD at the moment! The c cup was too big before.

1 whole week post op!

Well this time last week I was on my way to the hospital for surgery. Today I'll soon be on my way to get my sutures removed! I'll try and get photos of wounds when I'm at the clinic, I've not seen them yet and very apprehensive about the dressings coming off!

What a week it's been. In many respects, much tougher than I anticipated but as I sit here looking at the results (even after only 7 days healing) I'm amazed. Yes I'm still tender, still hunched over a little, still swollen I think, though nothing too obvious. Our bodies (and our surgeons!) can do miraculous things!

Pre surgery, in fact most of my life, I've been pre occupied with how much I weigh. Having finally got to a weight range I've felt happy with it's still a constant battle not to revert back to unhealthy eating habits. I step on the bathroom scales EVERY DAY. it's my way of keeping things in check. Surgery day I weighed 10st 7lbs. 2 days post op I weighed 10st 13lbs. I've been careful to stick to healthy choices, eaten loads of fruit plus chosen high protein, low carb foods. In fairness my appetite isn't back to normal yet but I'm delighted to have stepped on the scales this morning and they show 10st 6lbs. I figured out that with the weight of the implants going in, minus the skin and lipo fat removed during surgery, that there should be a negative of about 2lbs. Happy days, I'm guessing this means I'm not carrying too much excess fluid or have too much swelling.

I've posted a photo of me sitting this morning. Boobies are hoisted up in my new 34DD (go me!) non padded, non wired, lacy bra I got in M&S yesterday. My tummy isn't spilling out everywhere as it previously would have done, I've washed my hair (and conditioned for the first time since surgery!), put make up on. Fingers and toes were gel polished yesterday. I'm beginning to feel like the old me. I can do this!

I'll update again later when I'm back from the clinic x

Sutures out, first glimpse of my incisions!

yayyyyy! My sutures, or rather the outside knots that were securing the inside sutures, have been snipped and removed. A total of 5, 1 in each breast incision, 1 in my new tummy button and one either end of my tummy incision. All very straight forward and pain free, except the ones on each hip at the end of the tummy incision. I'm not numb there and it felt like burning needles being inserted. Everywhere else I'm feeling numb so it wasn't a problem.

I am so impressed with my wounds. All much neater and less angry than I'd anticipated. My breast incisions are so fine and barely visible. I don't know if it's a psychological thing but I feel much better already. My scars are now taped, I need to replace the tape when it's lost it's stickiness and keep tape on for 6 weeks. I've been given the all clear to shower or bath freely. There is still swelling which is marked by the orange peel skin on my tummy apparently, hoping that that goes down soon.

My 6 week appointment has been booked, and unless I have problems that's the next time I'll see my surgeon. Onwards and upwards!

Overdid things ????

Should have listened to my other half! Due to some work commitments I've had 2 bad days, on my feet all day, stressing over work. Went to bed last night really worrying myself about potential damage I've done to my healing so I'm spending today on the sofa catching up with rest.

Took a couple of photos after my shower this morning, apologies for my mismatched undies, nothing fits anymore ???? The bra is a 34DD non wired from M&S. I think it's slightly too small in the cup but hoping once my swelling goes down a 34DD will be the perfect size. I'm still really swollen from my tummy button down to below my scar too. Hoping it disappears soon, can't wait to wear trousers again and it's just not possible at the moment.

14 days post op

Well it's been a while since I updated. Not much has been happening to be honest. I started driving again on day 8, I honestly feel I could have driven sooner but I didn't need to as I had my OH running round for me. Everyday I am feeling better and more like my usual self. Mornings start off great, I am raring to go, walking normally, stood fully upright. As the day goes by I find my tummy getting tighter, I get more hunched and I'm walking slower.

My micro pore tape that the nurse applied on day 7 is still stuck like glue, apart from the patch over my tummy button which I replaced this morning. I'm not to remove it whilst it's still sticky as they don't want the nicely healed cells being disturbed. It's a waiting game, I've bathed, showered and still it's stuck like glue. I'd really like to change it now and have another peak at my incisions. MUST BE PATIENT!

I've still got a little mound of swelling below my tummy button to below my incision. Not really noticable from front of side view but I can see a little protrusion when I look down and I can feel the little mound. Also some swelling still under my boobs and there's a ridge where my old boob crease was. Hoping I'm not getting problems with double bubble! Early days I guess and they are still dropping but I can't help but worry.

I'm off on holiday to Dubai in 5 weeks and I ordered 4 new bikinis in 34DD as my old 34C are way too small. Out of 4, I have one that fits. How can manufacturers sizing vary so much! Anyway I did a side by side with my old bikini shot and new bikini shot. I'm thrilled and still can't believe that this is my new body!

I'll update again hopefully soon when my tape has loosened and I can get another look at my healing X

Incisions 15 days PO

This morning the tape over my incisions was loose enough to be removed and replaced (as per ps instructions) They were taped with micropore tape 8 days ago by the nurse and the last few days I've been dying to see what's going on underneath the tape. I'm absolutely amazed that even 15 days PO they are looking so good. They're taped back up again now (and will be continually for 6 weeks) and then I'm going to start with bio oil. There's one tiny little bit in the centre of my abdomen scar that hasn't healed as well as the rest, but even that is looking good now.

What a difference a week makes

I love the side by side pictures for comparison. There's 8 days between these 2 images and a huge amount of healing as happened in those 8 days. Can't wait to see what the next week brings!

Super sensitive boobs!

Immediately post op I was amazed at the lack of pain/discomfort in my boobs. Hardly any soreness, full movement in my arms etc. This is easy I thought. Fast forward to 2 weeks post op. I've had incredible soreness in my nipples, in fact the whole breast. Even my bra and the shower spray on them makes me feel uncomfortable. It's like all my nerve endings are tingling. I've searched on here and it's common apparently and is caused by the nerves being stretch. I'm hoping it resolves itself soon.

Tomorrow I'll be 21 days post op. It seems like ages ago that I had my surgery, not just 3 weeks. Hardly any soreness in my tummy now, everything is still tight but I'm finding day to day stuff is getting easier. The micropore tape currently covering my incisions will be a week old tomorrow so I'll be doing some new photos as I change it. I've got a little sore area right in the centre of my incision that was a little red last time I changed my tape and I think the redness is still there, there seems to be a tiny amount of discharge of some sort on the tape. Hoping it's healing!

3 week PO update

Changed my tape over my incisions this morning and I was slightly disappointed as there doesn't seem to be much difference from last week. I've still got a little tender scabby patch in the centre of the incision that I'm keeping my eye on.

I've bought 4 new bikinis, after much deliberation on size, and having to return several and try different sizes I've come to the conclusion that I'm a 34E. Slightly bigger than I'd hoped but I do love my new boobs! (Just wishing they weren't so tender/sensitive at the moment)

4 weeks PO. Double bubble worry!

It's been a pretty uneventful week since my last update. Things are less sensitive in the booby department though still some soreness at times. I am concerned about my left breast. I have a weird crease and think it's 'double bubble'. It looks like my implant is below my original breast crease. Not sure if things will change naturally or what it means in terms of needing a revision but I'm worried.

My incisions continue yo heal really well. I'm no longer taping my breast incisions, I'm just massaging bio oil in twice a day. My tummy incision is still being taped and every couple of days I'm rubbing in bio oil too. I've also been adding frankincense, lavender and neroli essential oils to my bath as these are all great oils for scar healing (I'm a qualified aromatherapist)

I've bought lots of new bras, can't wait to start wearing underwire bras again.

5 weeks PO

Updated pictures of my scar. I've left the tape off for a couple of days this week and instead I was massaging it with bio oil or an aromatherapy mx I've blended for myself, however I think the tape is more beneficial so for the last 3 days it's been back on.

Not much change in my double bubble boob but only 10 days until I see my ps so I'm not worrying myself. I've started wearing normal bras this week. It feels so nice to have a good shape after wearing sports bras for 5 weeks. I love how natural they look, and I keep catching a view of myself in the mirror and think my boobs look massive! I'm so happy!

6 weeks PO

Scar is getting better everyday but I still have a little swollen patch that's only really visible when I look down. I'm hoping it's just regular swelling that will go eventually I feel 99% back to normal now, at times I forget I've even had surgery. Officially I can ditch the compression garment and micropore tape on my incision but I'm keeping both for the time being. The tape is definitely helping the scar.

7 more sleeps until I can wear my bikini with confidence on the beach in Dubai!
Great Britain Plastic Surgeon

Not 100% happy with my outcome. I have a double bubble in one breast which James has quoted over £5000 to correct. I also have a swelling above my scar which James has told me is nothing to worry about but to me it doesn't feel right. I spent a lot of money and feel like I'm being fobbed off.

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