34DDD to a 34C - Plymouth, MN

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I have wanted to do this since I was 12 when my...

I have wanted to do this since I was 12 when my mom would cover my breasts. In college, my nickname was "tits". I'm 42, I've nursed 3 children. I'm an athlete. I've always struggled with my breasts, from clothes I couldn't wear to sports I couldn't do. I love to run, but, the girls get in the way. I love to be active, but, ALWAYS needed to have the right bra, often 2 of them. I also remembered my Grandma and how in her 70s & 80s, her breasts sat on her thighs and she was hunched over. A bad visual, but, this was the future I was headed towards!

When I was pregnant and nursing, my breasts were often 1.5-2x the size of my babies heads! Nursing in public was difficult and I'm not a shy person and believe every woman deserves this right. For right sized women, the baby’s head covers their breast, this was not the case with me.

Was I scared? You bet, very scared! Having a breast reduction is a huge personal choice. It's something I've wanted for so long; I didn't even think it would ever be possible. The insurance process was surprisingly easy, and I was ready with my documentation. After years of on/off back pain, chiro visits, massages for neck and shoulders, I had documentation and people willing to write letters. Turns out, I didn't need it. My 5'2" frame combined with 138lbs and 34DDD breasts was enough to qualify me for a reduction. I also have excellent insurance, which is not always the case. I met with Dr. K and had insurance approval in under 2 weeks, I was left stunned, my dream was going to become reality. The reason on the insurance approval letter - "large breasts". I scheduled surgery. Was I really going to be able to do this? I've waited so long!

Now the real questions began....along with being nervous! What will I look like with small breasts? Will people finally notice my smile instead of my rack? Will that seem strange to me? Then some fun questions: What kind of clothes, dresses and swimsuits will I get to wear with smaller breasts? Will I really be able to purchase bras at any store instead of the specialty stores where bras start at $80? Will my husband still like them? Will I run faster?

5/1 - The night before surgery! My doctor called me to see if I had any last minute questions. She was so reassuring and kind. I am strangely at peace with my decision and pending procedure and looking forward to tomorrow morning! I'm going to have right sized "girls"!!!

5/2 - Checked into the surgery center at 6:30am. Dr. K was there to meet with us, everything went so smoothly. Using a sharpie, she drew out her plan, where to cut, where to move things. My nipples were going to be 4" higher! Wow!

I was very loopy at discharge; the anesthesia really knocked me out. During my rest at home, a friend stayed with me that afternoon. She was helping empty the tubes, one breast was draining quite a bit, it was hard & hot. I had a complication, the doctor was meeting us at the hospital, an OR room already booked. I had a Hemotosis and was oozing blood in my left breast. She cauterized me and stitched me back up....I was back home a few hours later. Despite this hiccup, I would do the procedure again in a heartbeat! Dr K handled the complication with such calmness and grace. That's the test of a true surgeon! All surgeons will have a complication at some point in their career, how they handle the complication is what sets them apart. Dr. K, hands down, a true professional! The end results, beautiful! Like giving birth, this will fade into my memory and I'll only remember the small perky girls! There are risks with any surgery, being a runner, I have a great vascular system & extra blood was my risk.

5/3 - Got my first look at the girls today when Dr. K took out the drains. Wow. They're so high, they're small & round and I can see my feet without having to bend over! I am left speechless. There's swelling around the bottom of the breast, but, the backache and neckache are gone. I put on a 34D sports bra to wear (due to the swelling).

5/8 - It's been a week. I'm now in a 34C sports bra. I still can't move a lot and am wearing shirts that zip up (being a larger girl all of my life, I don't own button downs). It's now hotter in MN, so, I put on a tank top feet first and very carefully put it on with a cardigan. There's so much room in my clothes! I can't wait to see what happens when I can lift my arms & wear tshirts. It's still a shock to look down and see smaller breasts. They're still taped up and will be for the next month, a reminder of the surgery, but, their shape is coming along nicely. I like that mine are taped, that's better than seeing the line as it heals. I will post pictures through the recovery process.

Here are a few pics from pre surgery, the markings...

Here are a few pics from pre surgery, the markings pre-op and 5 days post surgery.

A few before and after pictures

A few before and after pictures

5/10- I went to the doctor today & the healing is...

5/10- I went to the doctor today & the healing is coming along nicely! I did have lipo around the armpit area & the bruising from that is going down. The girls are still numb, Dr. K assured me that's normal, it just takes time. She also told me I could wear just a tank top with a shelf in it if I want. I've always wondered shat the shelves were for, theyoften just got in the way, so I guessI need to find some new tank tops to wear!

I'm still in shock at their size, perkiness & how my clothes fit! I have weeks of healing left, but the biggest changes were immediate: neck pain-gone, shoulder pain-gone, bra grooves in my shoulder-gone! One more week & I can move my arms above my head! At the 4 week appointment, she'll remove the tape! Why did I wait so long to do this????

1 month update

I met w/Dr K Friday. Everything is healing nicely. I do have one spot, shown in pictures where the cut line is lower. Dr K said at my next appointment in 2 months, she'd take me down to the OR for a correction to move the line under the crease.

I ran to/from the car this weekend....what an amazing feeling! I felt so light !

This has been such a great experience! Overall recovery's been fairly easy. I've now started with the scar treatment. Applying gel 2x/day. This is recommended for 6 months. 2 more weeks and I can go back to running. Looking forward to it!
Dr. K

Dr. K is a fantastic surgeon! Her bedside manner is incredible, she takes a real interest in her patients and is empathetic. Best of all, she does BEAUTIFUL work! She handled the minor complication with grace and reassurance. I highly recommend her!

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