31 Yr Old, 5'8", 154lb, 2 Kids, Deflated Boobies - Plymouth, MN

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Ever since being pregnant, my boobs have lost...

Ever since being pregnant, my boobs have lost volume. I've been wanting implants for a few years now and did not want a lift due to the scars. The first dr I had a consultation with I did not like. He literally looked at me for 2 seconds and then said I would need a lift. He didn't even ask what result I was looking for. I continued to look for doctors in the Minneapolis area even with it being a 2-hour drive from me. I stumbled upon Dr. Harrington. She has fantastic credentials and great reviews. I just had my consultation with her earlier this week and I absolutely loved her and her staff. I even had to bring along my 3 yr old son and they didn't seem to mind at all. Dr. H did a thorough exam and explained that she could give me the results I was looking for without a lift. They did not pressure me into scheduling while I was there. I went home and discussed it with my husband and I called back the same day to schedule my surgery. Since I'm from out of town, we will be discussing size the day of surgery. I did decide on silicone implants. Now I'm anxiously awaiting for June to come around. So excited!!

Wish boobies and before pictures

Not the best before pictures, but the best I could do by myself. I'm wanting a more natural look. I will not be getting a lift at this point. Just wanting a lot more volume.

My sad attempt at sizers

I was bored today and tried doing some sizers. I had no rice so I used oatmeal. They were approximately 470cc. They gave me a good idea, but I will most likely want bigger.


I cannot believe my time is almost here! It's gone by so quick. I talked to the patient care coordinator at my surgeon's office. She was super nice and answered all my questions. We got my two post-op appointments scheduled and will still be deciding on size the day of my surgery. I do know I'll be getting silicone and over the muscle. I'm adding some more before pictures and wish pictures.

24 hours!!!

I seriously cannot believe my time is almost here. My mom flew in yesterday to help out with my boys. I have my bag packed. My hubby and I will be driving to Minneapolis around 7:30 tomorrow morning and surgery is at 11:30. We'll stay at a hotel that night, go to my post-op appointment Tuesday morning and then head back home. So ready! Been wanting new boobies for years!!

I'm here!

We made it to my surgeon's office. Anxiously awaiting for a room. I can tell my husband is super nervous. I'm still just really excited. My surgeon called me last night to see if I had any last minute questions. I thought that was very nice. One more hour to go! I'll update when I'm on the other side!! :)

I made it!

Surgery is done, I'm in recovery now. Hubby is down in the pharmacy getting my meds. My surgeon said they will look snoopy-ish in the beginning due to the slight sagging I had. I will definitely need support to no freak out when I first see them. She chose 520 cc's. I'm feeling pretty good, just sore.

Couple hours post-op

You guys I can't believe how good I feel. Maybe it's the anesthesia still in me, but I just feel a little sore as if I did a huge chest workout. I'm at the hotel laying in bed. Just took a pain pill and muscle relaxer to try to beat the pain before it gets worse. I'm starting to get a little sleepy. I can't wait to see the new ta-tas tomorrow. I think hubby and I will be shocked by the size haha. Hopefully I can get a good sleep tonight and we go back tomorrow morning for my first post-op appointment.

Post-op Day 1

Post-op insomnia is real! I've been able to sleep for 2-3 hour stretches all night. It's currently 4:40 AM and I'm wide awake. In a hotel room so I can't do much like watch TV since hubby is sleeping. My soreness has increased slightly so I've been setting an alarm to take my meds. That helps tremendously. I've noticed the more I lay back, the more painful it is to sit up, so I've been trying to sleep sitting up for the most part. That is making my tail bone super sore. My surgeon called me last night to make sure I was feeling okay and to see if I had any questions. I love her!! I'm so nervous to see them in a few hours. Maybe I can catch a couple hours of sleep before we have to leave. I hope everyone is doing well!!

Day 2 post-op!

I can't believe I've already had my new additions for 2 days. I went to bed early last night and woke up around midnight to take my meds. Woke up at 7, took more meds and removed my bandage. I'm very happy with how they look. I know they still need to drop. My surgeon also do a little bit of liposuction around my armpits, so I'm assuming that's why I'm super sore in that area. I am having sharp shooting pains near the crease/incision. Totally normal right? I'm loving the size. :)

Post-op Day 3

Each day I'm feeling better. I woke up sore, so I took a muscle relaxer and pain pill. I've noticed I'm getting more stabbing pains near the incision on my left side. I really don't have any other discomfort other than those pains near the incisions. My surgeon wants me to stay wrapped up in the bandage until my next post-op appointment on Tuesday. I'll probably unwrap them tomorrow and take another peek. I wish the constipation/bloating was over. It is ridiculous. I'm so thankful my mom and hubby are home to help with my boys. I don't know what I would have done without them. We have two more weeks here and then we begin our big move to Florida!! I hope everyone is doing well! :)

Post-op Day 5

I'm feeling fantastic! My PS did an awesome job. I've been off Percocet since day 4. I still take a muscle relaxer here and there for some sharp pains near my left incision. My boobies are looking better each day as they drop. Sleep has been pretty good, just tired of sleeping on my back. My incisions look great. I've had minimal bruising. I'm able to move my arms pretty well even with the under arm lipo. Bloating is still there but not nearly as bad as it was in the beginning. Can't complain so far. Super happy with my results! Hope everyone is doing well!!

One week post-op

It's been one week with my new additions. I still love them. I'm getting impatient waiting for them to drop, but they're getting there. I slept without the bandage on last night. I felt except my nipples were super sensitive anytime the blanket touched them. No more pain for the most part, just some achiness. I haven't had anymore stabbing pains, yay! Bloating is getting under control. Lemon water is my best friend right now. I'm driving the two hours today to see my PS for my post-op appointment. She wanted me to wear the bandage for the first week which I have, do you think she'd get mad if I came in wearing a sports bra haha? It's just so much more comfortable. I will be getting the stitches out of my armpits, thank the Lord! Shaving is nearly impossible. Overall I can't complain. This has gone much smoother than I imagined. My mom leaves Thursday, so I'll be on my own with my boys while hubby is at work. I'm just a little worried about my 15 month old. I will have to be picking him up to go in/out of his crib and car seat. Hopefully I'll be okay. :)

Quick little update

I'm back from my post-op appointment and everything is going well. She wants me to be mostly braless. I need to get some nipple covers because they're super sensitive. I did verify which implants I got....520cc silicone smooth, round, full profile. I was confused by the paperwork they gave me. I'll post a picture. I'm kinda sad since this was the last time I'll probably see my PS since we're moving next week. She is a phenomenal surgeon and I wish I could bring her to Florida with me hahaha! Here's a couple pictures in a sports bra.

3 weeks post-op

These last three weeks have flown by. Boobies are healing nicely. I feel like they've dropped a little, still a ways to go. They've been more sore the past couple days. I'm guessing that's from dropping, it's just a sore/achy feeling, no pain. Wearing a bra is still uncomfortable on my lower breast area. Hoping that goes away soon. I'm also getting sharp zaps in my left side which I'm assuming is nerves regenerating. Overall, I'm doing pretty well and still love my new additions. Hope everyone is doing well! <3

One month post-op

Well, I've been super busy lately. I am in the process of moving from Wisconsin to Florida. We spend a couple weeks in Illinois and are now in Texas. My youngest son was diagnosed with viral meningitis this past weekend and had multiple febrile seizures. Talk about scary having to witness that! He's much better now and was discharged today. Boobs are slightly sore from holding/carrying him around. Other than that, they are doing fantastic. The sides and bottom are somewhat numb still, nothing I'm worried about. They're still dropping nice and slow. My scars look amazing! I've been wearing silicone strips for about 2 weeks. I have no complaints and I'm completely happy with my results so far!

2 months post-op! (Almost)

4 days shy of 2 months post-op and I am so happy with my new boobies. I went to the beach yesterday and I felt amazing in my two-piece! I'm so happy I decided to go through with it. There is still some numbness around the bottom, but I'm not too worried about that. My scars look flawless. It's been so nice not wearing padded bras! Hooray!! Here's some pics. And I highly recommend Dr. Harrington to anyone in the Minneapolis area! She was AMAZING!!
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